Chapter 31

In the bathroom while two men were frozen in place a slender body rushed outside once the door was opened.

Her wet white feet stepping on the ground left a water mark.

And her smooth black hair was like a drowned chicken, sticking to her pale face and body making her look more petite and exquisite.

She looked like she was being chased by some kind of monster, panting and pawning at her chest in shock, not to mention she was also shivering with aggression.

“Ooooooo! It sprayed me in the face!”

Li Yun thinks he has seen a lot in the past thirty years of his life but at this moment he became a little uncertain.

What this woman in front of him said, he could not comprehend at all.

But the moment she rushed out he closed his eyes he turned his back in a gentlemanly manner.

But apparently the speed of his eyes was not as fast as she fled out, and his mind was full of just rough glance swept of…. Her body since she was wearing a white shirt was wet and stuck to her body.

The ultimate color of black and white, stabbed his temples were beginning to throb.

He had a mellow voice and considered of leaving the room first.



Before he could take a step, there was a very small sob form a woman behind him.

Li Yun’s temple started to palpitate.

He saw nothing.

So was this one of her tactic?

Hearing him talk to the baby she deliberately screamed in the bathroom lure him in?

Too vulgar.


But Ye Xun’s somewhat panicked voice rang out in due course.

“Uhhh baby….”

Soon Ye Susu’s somewhat screaming but small voice, it sounded and some small whimper.

Li Yun’s face was cloudy and uncertain.

In front of the child, he didn’t want to hear her say anything she shouldn’t.

But the next second, he was about to ask her to calm down and talk to him again when the crying behind him paused.

Soon, the accusation of the delicate voice blared out aggressively and pitifully.

“As soon as I turned on the faucet, ohhh the ceiling above went poof with so much water, all sprayed on my head and face….. so scary…”

“Ooh my fur is sticking to me….”

Huffing and puffing, her voice was still trembling a bit but seemingly feigning some composure.

“Luckily, child, you didn’t go in…it’s so scary inside…..”

Li Yun’s brows and feet pulsate.

What does she mean by that?

That waterfall shower head in the bathroom?

And before he knew it, Ye Susu had huffed and puffed as she choked again while walking back to the bathroom.

“Child, you play a little longer…. I, I’ll go and wash again.”

She drag her feet step by step as reluctantly as if she were going to a torture chamber.

Li Yun closed his eyes and finally couldn’t help it.

“Miss Ye, rotate the middle handle to switch from the waterfall shower to normal shower.”

“…Ah, so cruel that waterfall…”


And between their conversations, the upside-down live phone kept on ringing.

[What is it that sprays your face? Don’t tell me it’s the shower ceiling-mounted rosettes that are available in hotels!]

[This child’s mother, how uneducated is she?]

[No, she seems really scared…..]

[Wait a minute you bunch of sand carvers are missing the point! She was taking a shower and suddenly escaped, then an unknown man with a nice voice (scratch that: not the husband) rushed in and finally the man said sorry… you comment, you comment carefully!]

[Crap at the moment, looking at the black screen I have mixed feelings.]

[At the moment, it seems that I’m a little excited to see the little man. Should I give a reward? Hurry, waiting online for the answer.]

[No one thinks that the heroine of this story is a little too calm. After being seen by a man—what’s her line again ‘I’ll wash again?]

[No ah, she sounded very aggrieved almost crying, did you not hear it?]

[Always feel that something is wrong, I’ll give you a reward first.]

And Ye Xun was a little panic throughout, has forgotten the phone.

He was chagrined at his own stupid mouth, didn’t even know how to comfort Ye Susu as he could only look at her like this and wrapped his arms around his shoulder while trembling back.

Finally, when Ye Susu closed the door he frowned and thought anxiously.

Was his mommy afraid of water? She seems to be afraid of being caught in the water.

But when he turned his head and saw his uncle next to him, he was deflated and did not speak.

It’s still important to save a little face for mommy. Instead, Li Yun wrinkled his brow and thought for a while as he squatted down.

“Little man, your mother is a girl when she is in the bathroom boys can’t push the door impatiently especially… there are other men present.”

Ye Xun froze and in the next second, his lips violently lost its color.

While Li Yun was comfortingly stroked his head.

There were some words that although cruel, but must be told to children.

The live stream on the other hand instantly exploded.



[The mother didn’t scream when she saw the strange man on the spot in order not to make the her child sad? She pretended to be calm, even though she was too ashamed but she didn’t say anything for fear of scaring the child. This mother is really great!]

[What’s the identity of this man? Werewolf or ordinary villager!?]

[Sherlock Holmes goes online: they should meet less than three times, at 8:30 p.m, the man and the woman live together…. it feels like temporary cohabitation but not in a romantic relationship. I bet 800 silver melon seeds, they’re tenant and landlord!]

[A tenant? The child’s mother seems to be poor, the storybook and pencil are old. They must be renting a room and then man probably lives next door to them? I’m just guessing casually.]

[I must mark this live broadcast number. Will the baby be at home or got to school tomorrow? Will he have another live stream at night? I must squat down and squat down have answers to this question otherwise I can’t sleep!]

[Reward 500 gold coins, I hope this live stream will continue streaming…]

On the other hand, Ye Susu who didn’t know she was the center of attention just walked into the bathroom while her legs were shaking and her hands trembling.

She was cat that had her 99 lives but the water sprayed in her face were not as much as tonight.

This is so cruel!

Who would have thought that such a good-looking, perfect house would be filled with such atrocious punishment cat sprayers.

Doesn’t the owner know, cats are afraid of water!

When she used to do something wrong before when she was still a cat, her face would be sprayed with water pistol by shiguan.

There was also a time when she was a wanderer, she almost drowned by mortal in water.. that suffocation sensation—every time she recalled it she couldn’t breathed.

Bathing was the most annoying thing in her 99 lives, nothing more.

But she was a human being now, and couldn’t help but wash.And the biggest aftermath of eating hotpot today was the strong smell on her body.

She was reincarnated as an adult but still retains a keener-than-usual sense of smell, which was very exciting.

“As a genius who is about to become a demon.. sister, well, I’m not afraid…. I’m really not afraid….”

She gulped and finally followed what the man had said earlier, switching the shower and opening the faucet.

This time the current was finally much smaller and no longer rushing down on her head like before.



The water is so annoying…. Oooohh.

Ten minutes later, Ye Susu draped in bath towel, all absent-minded and with red eyes came out of the bathroom listlessly.

She felt like she was already crippled cat.

But just before she was about to fall heavy on the soft and big bed, there was notification sound in her ears.

[Current cub mood is happy–>low.]

[If you can’t improve again before 24 hours ‘Today’s Task 2. Boosting Mood is considered a failure and will be deducted from the Cub Raising Value of 1]




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  1. So…did she wash herself by wiping or with a pail in the previous days?
    Or…did she not wash?
    Well, it is winter so she probably won’t care to wash up if she doesn’t smell.

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  2. California Maki Avatar
    California Maki

    This is so fun! And one of those few CNs where the melon eating club are enjoyable!

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