Chapter 42

The secretary explained.

“The madam doesn’t seem to have a Weibo account so the netizens can’t see the follow up and can only come to your account to gossip.”

Fu Shiyuan guffawed and said rather fashionably.

“So I got my wife’s heat.”

The secretary immediately also smiled and asked while the iron was hot.

“Then do you see the need for a response?”

“Send me the account password later, and let’s see it first.”

Boss is going to personally handle this.

The secretary smiled, he also had to ask President Fu for instructions on such small matter. That’s why it’s better to deal with the matter about his wife in person, no matter how insignificant it was.

At this time, the phone rang saying Cao Cao1. Fu Shiyuan conveniently ended the small talk with the secretary and answered the phone while entering his ofiice.

“… already know ah?”

Jian Ruixi was very happy as Fu Shiyuan teased over the phone on how popular she was now, indicating that he really didn’t care about this kind of things.

Jian Ruixi always has a straightforward character, it’s easier for her not to explain the context.

She then smiled and said.

“Lisa told me to ask the water army to keep the heat, what do you think?”

“There’s no need for water army, if you don’t like it. I’ll let someone deal with it directly.”

President Fu’s tone was light but behind that disguise calmness was someone giving orders without blinking giving people a kind of domineering feeling that the “weibo was just created by his family just to say hello”.

However although President Fu was not cold and overbearing most of the time, he still was still a cold king from time to time.

Jian Ruixi could not help but feel that having money and power was a cold life, she then said.

“I don’t mind, its fun to just brush the weibo for a while but Lisa is worried that it would become too big and can’t explain it to our parents.”

Jian Ruixi used Lisa to express her meaning, Fu Shiyuan also cooperated.

“Lisa is just worrying too much. Mom and Dad have no time to care about such trivial matters.”

In fact Jian Ruixi also thought the same but she had no confidence. She always had to find a shield for herself to feel assured, fortunately she caught Fu Shiyuan. She said smoothly.

“This is what you said, then I won’t care about online things.”

The cheerful tone that could not be blocked even through the phone made Fu Shiyuan unconsciously followed a smile and very indulgently nod.

“Yes, it is what I said.”

Her rich husband was a good person ah, Jian Ruixi labeled President Fu as a good man in her heart which made her even more aggressive.

“By the way, you also said you have a weibo account, is it fun? How about I register one while I’m still popular?”

These days, Jian Ruixi used President Fu’s happy social interaction with her which was mostly refreshing on President Fu’s side.

After the hot search, she missed the days when she was addicted to weibo and eating melons. It was better to muse herself and play with the netizens pleasantly and cheerfully.

That’s why she had a whim and was ready to take this opportunity to return to the weibo circle. It’s best to open the weibo as Madam Fu while eating melons and could also whitewash Old Madam Fu.

It was like hitting two birds with one stone.

If she could get the support of President Fu, then she would have no pressure.

Probably because, Jian Ruixi asked for too many things today that President Fu was no longer unconditionally cooperative as he coldly asked.

“Do you still need my consent to register a weibo account?”

Jian Ruixi opened her mouth and said.

“Because I want you to be the first to follow me and of course I will be the first to follow you.’”

That’s a good reason, right?

Jian Ruixi praised herself for her own wit.

President Fu was indeed speechless for a while and before a clear laugh resounded.

“I agree.”

At one o’clock in the afternoon, President Fu who has no activities on his social media finally posted on his weibo that the netizens were eager to see.

Fu Shiyuan: Why didn’t you take me with you when you eat?@DearAnnie this is the hotpot restaurant you talked about!

@FuShiyuanJianRuixi was a newly registered number even the avatar was not yet change, but with Fu Shiyuan’s mention, the netizens who were following the news about Jian Ruixi followed after and other media outlets also followed suit making the newly created weibo popular—

[Wow the legendary Crown Princess is here?]

[Mr. Fu who only post once every few month goes online for his wife. He really shows his love.]

[They are all talking about food, while the single dogs are already eating the taste of the luxurious dog food, are you happy now?]

Lisa who was ready to start working on suppressing the news anytime checked the weibo, seeing the post she didn’t know what expression to put on.

She thought that the best result was that President Fu would help them suppress the news, unexpectedly President Fu instead posted and promote his wife as “net celebrity”.

For the first time in her life, Lisa wondered if her boss had changed into a cunning fox or dropped her head to President Fu, otherwise how could President Fu let her do whatever she wanted?

But all in all, Jian Ruixi’s goal has been achieved, she has become popular and had more than a million follower in a minute, and happily brush her favor.

At the same time, when she went to pick up Jayce from her rich mother-in-law on Friday, the latter not only did not blame her for her public appearance and high profile but said to her quite firmly, “you and Shiyuan are husband and wife, and it is always right to cooperate with him in some things”.

That’s a silly thing to say.

Was the first reaction of Jian Ruixi but she soon understood after a little thought. President Fu should have whitewash her about the weibo and said it was a “company strategy”.

Now was in the era of fan economy, so it was like strategic move.

Her rich husband really has its ways, their brain circulation was really different from the normal people. Jian Ruixi’s reaction was not move but sigh—

Why didn’t she think of this excuse? It’s a pity that Fu Shiyuan thought of this reason first.



Cao Cao1– is a popular saying. Describes that the other person appears unexpectedly in front of the speaker, which often surprises people.

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  2. This family structure seems so odd to me, husband here, wife there and child somewhere else… I thought that Asian culture was all about family and filial piety🤔 I’m so interested to see how their relationship develops…

    Thanks for the chapter 😉

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    1. Read in most novels that when both parents work and cant take care of their child they send them to their grandparents nanny is expensive and most asian people dont hire them. In previous chapters they explained that ML was also raised by grandoarents so its maybe kind of like a tradition

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      1. chinesefanreader Avatar

        It’s sad that in this case the in laws took the grandson away since birth. I guess that means the MIL also didn’t get to raise her own son, the current CEO Fu. Too bad she doesn’t remember how painful it was and stops that bad tradition. Of course the original FL didn’t care about the child, just wanted to be a free spending rich wife. So now as the new FL she’s trying to have better relationships with the CEO, in laws and her own son 🥴

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      2. Yeah maybe even if the fl was good they still would have taken the kid because of tradition and so she could fulfill the dream of raising a kid.

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