TVREG 59.2


Chapter 59(2)

The music slowly sounded, Li Xin and Wei Chen began to dance on stage. They both have good dance skills and could be said that they were excellent, even the audience shouted that they would vote for Li Xin, and let her be the first.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, support Wei Chen, support Lin Xin…… Li Xin first!”

On the other hand, Zhou Ruo was on a different dilemma. She was wondering why Lu Yunchen helped Shen Yan but she didn’t ask why. She just went directly to where Wang Peng and Zheng Rou was.

Wang Peng didn’t want to help pull the banner Zheng Rou created for Shen Yan so she asked Zhou Ruo for help instead.

“Zheng Rou is helping Shen Yan, if I’m not here pulling the banner Shen Yan might think that I just let Zheng Rou help so I am here to cheer on her.”

Wang Peng: “….”

But deep inside thinking that Lu Yunchen wanted to help Shen Yan, Zhou Ruo thinks that Shen Yan might win making her smile happily.

Looking at her expression Wang Peng doesn’t know what to say so he decided not to haphazardly comment again.

Shen Yan would soon perform, he’d better not talk and just help instead on pulling the banner with Zheng Rou to support Shen Yan.

On the other hand Shen Yan and Lu Yunhen were looking the stage together, the latter whispered.

“I was thinking about you and definitely know that you will not go to my concert so I came to bribe you.”

With a puff of laughter, Shen Yan asked.

“Didn’t you say last time that you wanted me to bribe you?”

“Those who know current affairs are heroes, I will help you later.”

Lu Yunchen had already helped her with the endorsement so she wanted to give Lu Yunchen a better endorsement in the future, and now if Lu Yunchen helps her again in this competition she thinks she would just dragged his feet and there was no way for her to find another resources that could star Lu Yunchen.

After all, Lu Yunchen already have big achievements in the industry and it would take her a long time to give him suitable resources.

“I don’t want to be link with you, you are a judge it is not appropriate.”

Lu Yunchen look at her and asked.

“Are you not touched that I the judge came to help you and compete together? Just think of it as a bribe for you to consider not being my black fan and becoming a fan instead.

At this time, Li Xin and Wei Chen’s dance was over. The cheers and screams from the stage was deafening.

It was Shen Yan’s turn to perform next, so she quickly asked as she was not able to hear Lu Yunchen clearly.

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing, you go up and perform.”

Inside a luxury car, Li Cuiyu applauded.

“This is a good dance, Shen Yan certainly will not win and there are many people who will help vote for Li Xin.”

Li Cuiyu did not know Wei Chen but with the audience shouting Wei Chen’s name Li Cuiyu thinks that this person must be very famous.

With just this she was definitely confident that Shen Yan would not win. Ever.

Auntie Qian on the side said.


“Shut up.”

“Yes Madam.”

Li Cuiyu sat elegantly.

“Hurry up and let Shen Yan withdraw from the competition so I don’t have to push the mahjong play, push my beauty salon day to wait for her to be eliminated.”

“This Li Xin is nice.”

Although Li Cuiyu wanted Meng Yi’an to date Li Xin’s sister that was because she only saw Li Xin’s sister and didn’t know that there was Li Xin.

Moreover, the Li family was much worse than the Meng family. Fact was they barely even compare to the Meng family, the only reason Li Cuiyu wanted Meng Yi’an to date Li Xin’s sister was because her sister was good.

Besides Li Cuiyu did not just choose Meng Yi’an’s blind date blindly, as long as Meng Yi’an agree she could always satisfy Meng Yi’an’s blind date.


A melodic music began to resound the stage as Shen Yang stepped on the stage. Compared to the audience before, her audience now was much quieter.

That was because they wanted to vote for Li Xin—no they were planning to vote for Li Xin was because of Wei Chen.

This time, a clean and clear voice of female rang out and the crows was shaken.

Even Zhou Ruo who was thinking about why Lu Yunchen didn’t appear together with her was shocked.

Is Shen Yan’s voice this always good?

Some of those who wanted to vote for Li Xin were a bit hesitant.

Right away at this time as fueling their hesitation, a familiar and frantic song rang out to the crowd!

“Lu, Lu Yunchen ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It was Lu Yunchen’s song, but how could Lu Yunchen help Shen Yan, how could Lu Yunchen help Shen Yan, how could Lu Yunchen help Shen Yan!

Important things needs to be said thrice,

Wasn’t Lu Yunchen one of the judge of Xianlu?

Some were excited, others said that Lu Yunchen would not come over to help Shen Yan.

When someone in the crowd shouted.

“Recording, recording, Shen Yan recorded with Lu Yunchen!”



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