Chapter 47

But she was soon relieved, he should be worried about her. She was his sister and bears the name of Madam Xu, and Elder Xu who still loves her was there, if something happens to her Elder Xu would never spare him.

Even if Xu Yanwen was not being blamed, he must still ensure she was well, safe and sound.

Thinking about the crux of the matter, Xue Jiayue’s heart calmed down. She also had no psychology burden on Xu Yanwen’s attitude towards her and said.

“I want to drink water.”

“You wait a moment, I’ll go get it.”

Xu Yanwen hurriedly got up and went to get her water.

The ward did not prepare boiled water so Xu Yanwen went to the nurse station and asked for bottled water, the nurse then gave him a mineral water.

Xu Yanwen came back with mineral water and said to Xue Jiayue.

“There is nothing here that you like to drink. If you want drink something, I will buy another later.”

Xue Jiayue looked at the mineral water from Nongfu mountain spring in his hand. She often drank this brand of water before crossing, she was not as pretentious as the original body.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s branded or not, as long as it’s water she could drink it.

“It’s okay, you give it to me. I’m just thirsty for water, that water is drinkable. I don’t really care much what drink it is.”

Xue Jiayue was too straightforward and unaffected, she was completely different form the original body. She reached out to take the mountain spring in Xu Yanwen’s hand, opened the bottle cap and began to drink.

She really did not care as she said, she gobble it down and almost drank the small bottle in half.

This made Xu Yanwen, who was watching her couldn’t help but frown. Since when did Xue Jiayue change? She became different from before?

Xue Jiayue has no idea what was Xu Yanwen had in mind, she drank the water then put the mineral water bottle on the cabinet next to her and reached out her hand to Xu Yanwen while looking at him with her eyes and said,

“I want my phone.”

Xu Yanwen surveyed her with a deep gaze and said with great disapproval.

“You’re going to look at your phone now without getting dizzy?”

Xue Jiayue really wanted to say he has a crow’s beak1, his words just drop to the ground and immediately after she felt a little dizzy again.

She could not help but frown while reaching out trying to get her bag on his hand.

Xu Yanwen who was standing by the hospital bed saw this and quickly reached to pull her hand.

“Don’t touch it.”

Xue Jiayue’s wrist was pulled by Xu Yanwen, he took a look at her and saw that she was also frowning. She shook her head at him.

“I’m a little dizzy.”

Xue Jiayue said, the next second.

“Don’t shake.”

“Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?”

Xu Yanwen asked nervously.

Xue Jiayue closed her eyes and said.

“It’s okay, if you don’t shake your head.”

Xu Yanwen wanted to say he didn’t shook his head but looking at her uncomfortable look, he didn’t say it but instead.

“You lie down well in bed, I’ll call the doctor to check you out.”

Before Xue Jiayue could say yes, Xu Yanwen already push the emergency bell on the wall and soon the doctor came.

Xue Jiayue could only obediently lie on the bed and let the doctor examine her.

“Doctor, am I fine?”

Xue Jiayue asked after she finished cooperating with the doctor’s examination.

The doctor who was writing on her chart, put the pen in the pocket of his white coat and said.

“Concussion, take a good rest in the next few days. Look at the phone less and think less, eat something light and nutritious, also avoid spicy things.”

Since Xue Jiayue was still dizzy she couldn’t remember much of the doctors rambling. The only thing she was able to comprehend was that she couldn’t look at her phone and had to rest more.

Xu Yanwen next to her listened carefully and memorize every words the doctor said, and asked Xue Jiayue to follow the doctor’s instructions.

“What the doctor said was for your own good, don’t play with your phone and wait until you’re okay.”

Xu Yanwen asked Xue Jiayue according to the doctor’s words, afraid that Xue Jiayue dared to have another opinion he added a threat.

“If you don’t listen, I’ll tell grandpa about your injury and have him come over to keep an eye on you.”

Could Xue Jiayue get Elder Xu to come? Definitely not!

Xue Jiayue couldn’t let Elder Xu specifically come from the old mansion to look after her, Xue Jiayue could only retreat and obediently listen to the arrangement of the overbearing Xu Yanwen.

Xue Jiayue gritted her teeth and said.

“I’m going to call and ask for leave from the studio.”

Xu Yanwen took out his phone and said in a serious manner.

“I’ll call them for you.”

Everything was arranged by Xu Yanwen so what else could Xue Jiayue say? She was so angry that she lay back in the hospital bed and turned over to ignore Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen glanced at the figure of her back, previously she was weak and delicate not to mention miserable but now, she was naughty again.

But it’s still better to see being spoiled and capricious than to see her crying and complaining. The corners of Xu Yanwen’s mouth curved as he took his phone and went to the side to call the studio’s General Manager He.

After learning about Xue Jiayue’s injury, Mr. He was very quick to agree to extend Xue Jiayue’s time to go to work,

“There is no rush to report to studio, we can wait for Miss Xue to get well and come back to work.”

Anyway, Mr. He did it all on the face of Xu Yanwen. He was the big boss and his words were always to be followed, he only did as he was told.

“Then thank you Mr. He.”

Xu Yanwen finished the call and walked back, Xue Jiayue still had her back facing him and had no intention of moving so he said to her back.

“Mr. He has promised to extend your day to report for work.”

Xue Jiayue only gave him “hmmmm” and still didn’t move, and had no intention on turning back around.

Xu Yanwen raised his eyebrows, and quietly turned back his attention to his phone to do something and then sat on the sofa next to him, unruffled and calm.



Author has something to say: Mr. Xu is so bad, sneer~

crow’s beak1– fig. person who has made an inauspicious remark

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