Chapter 8

She first took Chen Chacha who was left alone away and let her daughter Chen Cha take her place and then later pushed Chen Chacha into the lake and let her drown.

Unexpectedly she was rescued and sent to the hospital with a high fever, many days later Chen Chacha woke up but her brain had been burned out. It was not functioning as it used to be and she had forgotten a lot of things.

Seeing that she didn’t remember anything, Wei Siyun took her and used Chen Chacha to keep her daughter’s position at home. But it’s not good at all for this fake daughter.

Chen Chacha’s bad character was due to her family education she was provided by her now new family.

The more she couldn’t get love the more perverse she was and the more she wanted to be noticed.

Moreover Wei Siyun’s biological daughter, Chen Cha, remember this incident, Wei Siyun since then has been asking money from her for a long time. And since she was afraid that Wei Siyun would say their secret, she would always give Wei Siyun money.

In the later stage, when Chen Cha saw Chen Chacha she fought with Chen Cha together with female protagonist for fear of their identity exposure.

But fate was meant to be unraveled. After they were both thrown out of the house later, in order to sustain good life they found a man to adopt Chen Cha, after all what could a fake mother do to help her?

And since Chen Cha was not a good person at all it would not be a loss if she was adopted or not.

And what about Wei Siyun?

Since she has information that could be used against to blackmail Chen Guosheng she could obviously use it. If she splashes dirty water on Chen Guosheng, he obviously has no way out with the scandal she holds against the man.

The Chen family’s was not a small fry like Chen Guosheng, he estimated that he could use this incident to profit himself after all his own daughter was also afraid that the matter would be exposed.

Such a good card, but actually played by Wei Siyun to be driven out of the house and finally the result of a tragic abuse by his own daughter.

“Did you hear me?”

Wei Siyun twisted Chacha’s arm in exasperation.

Chacha took a step back to the side impatiently glanced at her just to tell her to be quiet but the lights suddenly dimmed.

A huge cake tower was pushed over from the entrance with eleven candles stuck on it. The cake tower was pushed in front of Chen Jiamu, Chen Guosheng and Wang Qihui then asked him to make a wish.

They looked seemingly a happy family than the people at the corner where Chen Cha and Wei Siyun was.

After cutting the cake, Chacha casually ate two bites of cake then said she had to go to bed early and she had homework that needs to be done so she need to left early.

When Chen Cha left, Chen Jiamu finally breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to go to his parents and tell them about what really happened but remembered Chen Cha’s warning. He hesitated and hesitated, and the more he hesitated the more his fear increases so he dared not complain instead.

Chacha returned to the rented suite, after taking a bath and washing her hair she wrapped her hair with a towel then took a laptop and lay on the sofa.

She opened her laptop and registered a weibo number.

She intends to be a faceless avatar.

But a little different from the average web star was that she doesn’t intend to use this as her lifelong career. She just plans to use this as a springboard to paddle on the internet.

After all, she was a person who like the internet. Even if she has many fans or no few fans, it was basically no difference at all, it was all for fun.

However, if there were many fans it would be more convenient for her to whatever she does in the later stage and she could bring her own publicity efforts.

And now weibo was going on its prime so wouldn’t it be a loss not to take this shortcut?

A few days ago, she thought about the type of influencer she wanted to be and eventually intended to be fashion influencer.

Because there were too many cosmetics and clothes in one cabinet, not using them would be a waste of the brand premium of those items.

She registered her weibo nickname: Chacha loves to drink tea.

Reason? She was too lazy to bother and think for a new name and just used the previous nickname.

After getting the weibo, she went to find several sets of clothes and planned to take photos tomorrow.

The next morning at six o’clock Chacha woke up and subconsciously looked at the phone and received the transfer information.

Chen Guosheng was not stingy, he transferred 100,000 to her. 100,000 in this period was definitely a huge sum of money for a middle-level rich second-generation high school student.

But Chacha does not particularly care, she throw the phone aside pack up and got up to buy a camera.

Although full screen phones were becoming popular, the pixels were average especially after she tested their cameras and mainly was not satisfied with the pixel. And the phone was not big enough to cover her face.

So it would be more convenient to buy a camera.

Anyway she don’t lack any money.

Chacha took a taxi to go to the nearest digital plaza. She was a novice and did not know what good camera to buy so she was casually strolling and just looking.

The shopkeeper stooped in front of a product then introduced.

“This is the latest version of this year, with 18 megapixel aps-c size cmos sensor and more advance digic5 image processing engine, the output frame has enough mainstream and image quality is also guaranteed.”

Chacha nodded, inwardly thought of each sentence and words, trying to understand it but the composition of the sentence led to a confusion instead.

“Well, I’ll take another look.”

Chacha does not care about the price or anything like that, looking good and working well was what she need.

At that moment, she saw a guy looking at the camera. The camera looked good, she walked in a few steps to take a few glances.

The boy seemed to notice someone around him and glanced at her, and froze when he saw her as if he didn’t expect to see her here.

Chacha looked at him as if she knew him and froze for a moment but she didn’t know him and nodded while smiling at him out of politeness, as a greeting.

Luo Junming did not expect Chen Cha to smile at him.

She was usually arrogant at school and wants to let the world know that she was different from others. Although she was indeed very beautiful, proud of her body, her family was also good and seemed that there was nothing in life that could be used against her.

She was the type of an otaku’s dream girl.

But after Ning’an transferred to this school, Chen Cha like a different person played as the campus bully. Although he didn’t particularly interact with Ning’an but the subtle irony and disdain also made people feel bad.

Luo Junming was also a normal teenager who would also be amazed by her face but not so much especially with her style of dealing with people.

But today in close contact, he found that she actually was not that bad.

“You came to buy a camera?”

Luo Junming asked casually out of courtesy.


Chacha didn’t know who he was, but looking at his natural appearance he might have known Chen Cha before so she said.

“But I don’t know anything about camera, I’m a complete novice. I don’t know which brand to buy.”

Luo Junming had thought that liking someone for a smile would be enough to show that she actually had a good personality.

He also didn’t expect that she was actually quite ordinary to be distressed by things she didn’t know and wouldn’t feel like covering up her lack of understanding and her senses got a lot better.

After such changes he found out that she was actually wearing a simple clothes today and she didn’t wear any jewelry. Her hair was tied behind her, revealing her beautiful face and slender neck. She looked like little weak and very delicate.

He originally intended to say hello casually but now instead a strange feeling arose. He did not want to leave her, and asked instead.

“Will you use it every time after you buy it?”


Chacha saw that he had the intention to introduce the camera himself and said.

“I’m going to take a full-body photo, it will be used often but it shouldn’t be used for long…”

Speaking of this, Chacha suddenly realized. Why should she take picture of herself, if she could just ask someone to take picture of her?

But since she was already at the store, and the camera was not very expensive so even if she buy one it doesn’t hurt to just display it at home.

Luo Junming listened then nodded, and clearly introducing to her several cameras. Chacha finally bought the one introduce to her by the lady shopkeeper which met her preferences and was all to her liking

She was in a good mood after buying new things. She always felt that shopping was a woman’s best friend.

She wanted to go back and try to see how the camera worked so she said goodbye to the boy outside the square.

“Thank you for today, I’ll buy you dinner next time.”

As for when this next time was, Chahcha does not know.

She doesn’t even know his name, and other information was even less known. If she wanted to invite him to dinner, she could only rely on fate.


He smiled and nodded, then said.

“By the way, my name is Luo Junming don’t forget it.”


It turns out that not only did she not this person but the original owner, Chen Cha did not know him either.

Luo Junming looked at her dumbfounded look for a moment and found it particularly cute.

At some point, Chen Cha thought that they had spoken somewhere before but she forgot him and was embarrassed to speak so she went the slope and talk to him.

But when she heard him introduce himself, she understood that they really hadn’t spoken to each other before.

It was no incomprehensible, after all she was the goddess of the school and a lot of people wanted to approach her. She may have oversight even if she wanted to remember them one by one.

On the other hand..

It’s quite cute.

Luo Junming intends to wait for Monday and go to Chen Cha to ask her to treat him for a meal.

Just after thinking about it, he remembered that Chen Cha said she was a novice and do not even know how to press the shutter. He should follow up and teach her, it could also increase the time they spend together.

Luo Junming regretted his past deeds and optimistically thought.

“Let’s talk about this on Monday.”

Chacha went back, then searched on the internet on how to use the camera before trying it for a while. She was able to learned basic operation before putting the camera aside.

She took out the clothes she plans to wear to take pictures and changed into a first set then moved the full body mirror to took then take a picture.

She looked at the mirror and couldn’t help but sigh, she herself was already beautiful but after crossing over her skin was much better.

The same style as the male and female protagonist with their own soft light effect.

After all, in the book she was a goddess-level figure from elementary school, middle school, high school and then college until she went to mix with the entertainment industry.

Pores? Pimples? Blackheads? Acnes? Unnecessary moles that do not reflect beauty?

It does not exist.

Seriously with her skin and bones if she wanted to keep small fresh meat and small wolf dogs in the future, she would send a large number of them to the door without spending money.

It’s very possible and wonderful.



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