RB80’s: VMRHCD 4


Chapter 4- Are you eating or not?

TL: sadaharu

If Jiang Ran knew she would cross over, she would have read the book carefully and reciting the whole text word by word.

Otherwise, what if she accidentally die again?

The taste of death was just too unbearable.

Jiang Ran who has already experience it once does not want to experience it a second time.

Even if she was now fat and ugly, poor and miserable she still wants to live well.

It’s better to live than to die well not to mention the original owner’s death was also so tragic.

Jian Ran was still thinking when she suddenly heard a bang.

The sound was loud and it came suddenly, scaring Jiang Ran. She then felt the bed followed by a tremor.

Jiang Ran: “….”

Jian Ran turned her head towards the door and saw a teenager standing in the doorway.

This teenager also looks like seventeen or eighteen, thin and tall, his skin was a little dark but the feature were still very good.

Looking at the person in front of her and comparing with the memory, Jiang Ran recognized the visitor.

This person was none other than the male lead’s brother, Pei Yang.

Jiang Ran kept on staring at Pei Yang’s face and soon saw that Pei Yang’s brows were furrowed, his face was displeased and his eyes even took a defensive look.

“Why are you keep staring at me for? Are you well yet? Go eat when you’re well, don’t always ask me to bring it to you.”

Jiang Ran blinked and only then did she think about why Pei Yang had come over and said such a thing.

The original owner went to the river yesterday to stroll she didn’t know what happened but she fell into the water.

Fortunately the water was not deep and she did not drown.

But it was a bad fall and due to shock the person passed out.

There was also this paragraph in the original book, after lying in bed for a day the original owner was alive and kicking once again.

But now, she don’t know why the original owner died and crossed over with the original owner’s body.

Thinking about this, Jiang Ran couldn’t help but fall into contemplation again.

Seeing her like this, Pei Yang thinks she was being lazy again.

There was obviously nothing with her but she was lying in bed and not getting up.

Before she could still get up and eat on her own but now she was not willing to get up and eat, and instead want someone to bring it over to her!

At this thought, Pei Yang’s brows furrowed more and more tightly—almost able to kill a fly.

Not wanting to look at Jiang Ran, Pei Yang turned around and walked away in a huff.

When Jiang Ran came back to her senses, she only saw the back of Pei Yang striding away.

Jiang Ran blinked, wondering what happed to Pei Tang but soon did not dwell too much about as she didn’t care, instead she tried to sit up herself.

She tried.

Then still tried again, carefully.

But the original owner was really too fat.

Jiang Ran doesn’t know how the original owner supports such body to freely move, but since she herself was trying to move the body for the first time she was a little anxious.

She turned on the other side and brace her hand on the bed’s headboard and straighten her upper body.

After sitting up straight, she didn’t rush to put on her shoes, she sat for a while to get used to it before putting on her shoes and getting off the bed.

It was also a bit of a struggle to put on the shoes.

Her stomach was so big that she couldn’t even see her heels when she looked down and had to feel her way around.

After putting on her shoes with great difficulty Jiang Ran stood up and walked towards the outside.

With each step, Jiang Ran felt her body was in uncontrollable shaking.

She keep on trembling with each step.

It felt a little like she was playing on a trampoline.

Jiang Ran: “…..”

It was a wonderful and funny feeling.

Before crossing over, Jiang Ran loves delicious food and since she was proficient with traditional Chinese medicine and knows how to cultivate herself, so even if she eat much she don’t get fat. She have a good figure and was not fat.

(End of Chapter)


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