Chapter 21(2)

It was better to have an assistant follow him, so as to not get into gossip when anyone saw them so Yu Ran took his assistant out with him and soon caught with Jiang Mian.

“Xiao Jiang.”

Yu Ran said.

“It’s just so happens that I can’t sleep either so I’ll take a walk with you.”

Jiang Mian looks back and saw two people behind her, seeing them she couldn’t hold back and held her forehead. Although she and Yu Ran shot a scenes for several days now they were still not familiar enough to catch up with her strolling.

Once Assistant Shituo saw Jiang Mian, he looked at his boss. Surprised, he thought that the boss going out at night was because something happened but it turned out?


Jiang Mian really did not expect Yu Ran to be so kind-hearted. After thinking about it, she playfully lowered her eyes.

“Teacher Yu, it’s too easy to spread gossip when we go together during the night. I’m transparent now but I can’t afford offending your fans.”

Although Yu Ran was not that popular but since he debuted for many years now he has still a group of die-hard fans.

“I’ll just walk around to get some fresh air and see the night scenery in the mountains.”

Jiang Mian said.

“I’ll go this way, you help yourself ah.”

Yu Ran: “…”

He hesitated, Jiang Mian already told him this so it would be really not good if he insisted on following her.

“Shitou, you go follow.”

Yu Ran quickly thought of a new approach, anyway it was just to ensure that Jiang Mian won’t be in danger.

“Huh? Me?”

Shitou was confused for a moment.

Yu Ran: “Xiao Jiang is right, it’s really inappropriate for me to walk with her but she’s girl. It’s not safe at night, you follow up and watch over her.”

Shitou followed honestly and not long after, he came back with a look of awe on his face.

Yu Ran had already laid back on the bed but was still awake, he asked.

“Xiao Jiang went back?”

Shitou hesitated but saw Yu Ran frowned so he had no choice but to say.

“Miss Jiang has gone to the puddle.”


Yu Ran sat up from his bed.

“I didn’t expect little sister Jiang to have so much guts.”

Shitou said in admiration.

“She said she was going for a swimming since she had no time during the day and can only make time tonight. Since she went swimming it would be too inappropriate for me to follow her swimming to I came back.”

Seeing Yu Ran get up, Shitou scratched his head and said.

“Brother Yu, Miss Jiang is good at swimming. She is good with water and will be fine, if you rush there now it would be too much.”

He felt that Yu Ran acted a little too worried, Jiang Mian was an adult. They could not interfere of what she wants to do.

Yu Ran stopped, Shitou has a point but he still hesitatingly said.

“Xiao Jiang saved me during the day, in case something happens…..”

“She is just went for a swim, what can happen, Brother Yu I’ll tell you this when she saved you during the day I am sure that no one in our crew has better water performance than her.”

That kind of performance looked like it was practiced from childhood, she looked really powerful—Shitou couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Yu Ran was then convinced.

After Jiang Mian sent Shitou away, there was finally no one to hinder her. She walked briskly for more than ten minutes and came to the small puddle where they had their shooting during the day.

At this time the full moon shyly emerged from the clouds, the pale silver moonlight sprinkled a layer of silver thread on the water. The water flow was gentle as the moonlight reflected the water, in addition to being too quiet the environment was very beautiful, elegant and peaceful.

This beauty and peacefulness was broken by string of stones thrown out. Jiang Mian picked up a handful of stones, and just carelessly thrown into the water making a clattering sound.

“Are you coming out by yourself, or should I come down to you?”

After saying this, Jiang Mian patted the soil on her hands and put her legs into the water while the flashlight was out on the stone ashore.

In response to Jiang Mian a sudden gust of wind blew by.

The other party was really calm, Jiang Mian continued talking when her phone suddenly rang. Checking her phone, it was actually a video phone call sent by her billionaire tyrant father.

It’s already morning in the United States, Han Xu has been busy the past days but today as soon as he woke up he finally made some time—after he sent the post of “my daughter kissed me”, it didn’t take long before he received pictures of Qin Jingrun and Jiang Mian’s group photo. They were laughing very happily at every picture.

Han Xu was so angry that his baby daughter didn’t take such close photos with him, he couldn’t stand it and block Qin Jingrun angrily. Later, he was too busy dealing with the emergencies in his family business in America branch and didn’t have time to think about it.

Now that he has some free time, and thinking that it was more than 10 pm, also most of the time this was the time young people wander around at night and his baby girl must also not yet sleeping so he tried video calling her.

He didn’t expect to get through his baby daughter right away, putting joy in Han Xu’s eyes—when he use to make video calls to his baby daughter, eight of ten times she would not answer and the remaining two were direct hang-ups.

Since his baby daughter was hurt by the boy surnamed Gu, she became sensible. Han Xu was relieve plus happy while also being heartbroken, he always felt that he let go of the boy surnamed Gu too easily.

“Mian Mian, why is it so dark there, are you playing outside?”

Han Xu found the background was pitch black and hurriedly held the phone closer.

Then he heard his baby girl’s voice.

“Daddy, I didn’t turn on the camera.”

Han Xu: “….”

Billionaire tyrant dad was aggrieved.

“Why don’t you let dad see you?”

Jiang Mian straightforwardly and justifiably answered as she lie with a straight face.

“Because I was taking a bath.”

In order to convince her billionaire tyrant father, Jiang Mian lowered her phone and kicked the water to make a sound for him to hear.

The next second a hand suddenly reached out from the water and with a swish grabbed the phone in Jiang Mian’s hand.

Jiang Mian: “???”

How dare you openly grab my phone!?

On the other side of the phone, Han Xu was happy thinking that his baby daughter must not be willing to hang up the phone even if she was bathing and must have missed him too.

However before his joy overflowed, a pale face and explosive hair suddenly appeared on the dark screen just like the movie sadako, the horror film. Han Xu shook his hands and the phone fell on the table.

“Daddy, I was just watching a ghost movie, I didn’t scare did I?”

The worried voice of her baby daughter came from the phone.

Han Xu breathed a sigh of relief, but of course he could not let his daughter know that he was scared so he hurriedly pick up the phone and said.

“No, no, Dad is brave. Do you remember your father watching ghost movies with you when you were a child?”

Jiang Mian stepped on the water ghost’s head and made it unable to move. She took her own phone back, and as soon as Han Xu said this a memory automatically appeared in her mind.

Before the original’s owner’s rebellious period started, Jiang Mian lived with each of her father for three months in a year. And because of her film emperor father Jiang Mian liked watching all kinds of movies.

When living with her billionaire tyrant father, her tyrant father tried his best to go home every day even if he was busy at work. But he would still go home late, and at this time Jiang Mian would watch movie in the living room while waiting for her billionaire tyrant father to come back.

In order to enhance her cautiousness and vigilance they would watch ghost movies in most cases and even turn off the lights at home to get the correct atmosphere.

The reason why also the original owner didn’t believe in the ability of her Taoist father was because she saw many ghost films when she was a child. She thought that ghost were fake and played by people so how could they be true.

Coupled with the guidance of several other dads, the consensus was that Zuo Xingpong was just a divine stick.

When Han Xu come back from his busy work, he feels distress seeing his baby daughter waiting for him, so he would watch the movie with Jiang Mian.

However Han Xu was actually afraid watching horror movies, but he could not show this fear in front of his daughter otherwise it was too damaging to his identity as a father.

The original owner did not know at first and was glad that her billionaire tyrant father could accompany her to watch ghost movies until she once found a search history in her father’s mobile browser.

–What to do if you are afraid of watching ghost movies?

–How can I not be afraid to watch a ghost movies?

–What are the ways to eliminate the fear of watching ghost movies?



TL: okay guys puddle here in raw it should be shui tan

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