Chapter 46

The car sped along and soon arrived at the hospital, Xu Yanwen went to a general hospital under the Xu Group which brings together many famous doctors with excellent medical technology and advanced examination equipment and was one of the famous hospitals in the capital.

After a series of examinations, it was finally determined that Xue Jiayue had a concussion in addition to a head injury.

Xue Jiayue also had a sprain in her right ankle and needed to rest for a few more days, and the rest of her body was fine with only minor bruises and no major problems.

“You sleep for a while, I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Xu Yanwen saw that Xue Jiayue was still dizzy and uncomfortable so he took her medicine according to the doctor’s instruction and told her to take a good rest.

Before Xue Jiayue relaxed, and fell asleep she cooed softly.

“Don’t tell grandpa about this.”

You are in this kind of situation and you’re still worried about grandpa.

Xu Yanwen’s heart flooded with trace of regret, he knew why she said this. She did not want grandfather to worry about her.

Grandfather’s health was not good, if he knew that she was injured it was inevitable to be anxious again and may have to rush to see her.

His grandfather’s legs were not convenient, she must want grandfather to be able to rest well in the old mansion and not worry about her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell grandpa.”

Xu Yanwen reached out to touch the top of her hair and assured her in a soft voice.

As if the worried stoned in his heart fell on the ground, Xue Jiayue who relaxed soon fell asleep.

Xu Yanwen sat by the hospital bed quietly watching her. The ward was very quiet that he could seems to hear her heartbeat.

In his mind he recalled that on his way to the hospital, Xue Jiayue was frowning while saying.

“Brother hurts.”

That “hurts” almost softened his heart, and wish she was hurt less and that he could suffer the rest of the pain for her.

If he only went to where Xue Jiayue was when her phone couldn’t be reached maybe she wouldn’t have encountered such thing.

He was busy with something in the company but he wasn’t completely too busy to leave, if he could have expected her to be in danger, he would have gone to her first.

He shouldn’t have thought that Xue Jiayue would go to the company to look for him, he should have gone to Xue Jiayue earlier.

Xue Jiayue was in danger of being kidnapped was also his responsibility, no wonder his grandfather often scolded him for not doing well enough—he did not do well enough.

Xu Yanwen held Xue Jiayue’s hand and his gaze fell on Xue Jiayue’s slightly knitted brow. Inwardly blaming himself, he whispered to her.

“Jiayue, you have to get better quickly. Let me take care of you.”

Time flowed quietly, and he don’t know how long has it been but Xu Yanwen has been sitting motionless on the edge of the hospital bed as if an old monk in meditation.

When Xue Jiayue’s phone suddenly rang, the quiet Xu Yanwen abruptly startled, afraid that the ringing phone would wake her up.

He quickly got up and walked over, open Xue Jiayue’s bag then pick up the phone to answer the call.

The call was from ElderXu, he said on the phone.

“Yueyue ah, you said you would go on an interview today, how did it go?”

Xu Yanwen glanced at the sleeping Xue Jiayue on the bed, she just took the medicine and slept very deeply. No sign of waking up.

“The interview was successful, Jiayue will be able to go to work soon.”

Xu Yanwen took the phone and walked to the side to talk on the phone.

“Really? This is good news that makes people happy.”

Elder Xu was delighted.

“It’s true.”

Xu Yanwen assured.

“Then Yueyue must be very happy.”

Elder Xu said happily, he was really happy for Xue Jiayue. Smiling he said.

“How could it be you who answered Yueyue’s phone call? Where is Yueyue? You tell her to answer the phone.”

Xu Yanwen couldn’t get the sleeping Xue Jiayue get up and answer the phone, so he said.

“Jiayue went to the bathroom.”

Elder Xu thought of something after hearing this.

“Are you with Yueyue?”

Xu Yanwen gave a “hmm” and deliberately lied in order to deal with Elder Xu.

“Jiayue’s interview was successful and we are going to celebrate.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Elder Xu has always been most worried about the bad relationship between Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen, they don’t and couldn’t get along resulting to have a bad life.

Now, knowing that these two people were going to celebrate together shows that the two have a harmonious relationship and get along well.

He knows that the relationship between the two people was almost strangers before, but right now they’re relationship was good to the point sitting down and celebrating together.

Sometimes such opportunity was needed to promote the feelings of two people.

“Then you guys celebrate well, and I’ll give Yueyue a reward when you came back another day.”

Elder Xu thought he’d better not bother them anymore and hung up after he finished.

The phone screen went dark for a while, Xu Yanwen didn’t know the meaning of Elder Xu’s last sentence but since Xue Jiayue now was still lying in the hospital bed he couldn’t celebrate even if he wanted to celebrate for her.

Everything has to wait until Xue Jiayue gets better.

Xu Yanwen put the phone back to its original place and sat back on the chair by the hospital bed, quietly accompanying Xue Jiayue.

Xue Jiayue on the hospital bed was still asleep and even in her sleep, her eyebrows were still slightly knitted and her eyes were tightly closed.

Her thick black curly eyelashes was like a fan casting a shadow on her eyelids. Her face was a bit pale, perhaps because she was scared and frightened not to mention her injuries that’s why her sleep was not stable.

Almost another hour passed before Xue Jiayue woke up.

Like a small fan, her eyelashes quivered as she slowly open her eyes. There was a moment of dimness when she opened her eyes so she closed it again before blinking it, and had her eyesight clearer.

“Jiayue, you’re awake.”

Xu Yanwen’s concerned voice came from beside him.

Xue Jiayue turned her head and happened to met Xu Yanwen’s concerned gaze, the gravity and concern on his face was not fake which made Xue Jiayue faintly froze.



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