Chapter 7

Chen Guosheng also froze, Chacha said this sincerely and could really hear the concern from her.

However, he does not want his son to have a little bit of hardship in the future.

So his inner tenderness for Chen Cha did not last for a minute and turned back into hardened steel again.

When Wei Siyun heard her words, she agreed with her outside but she was dying from anger inside.

What a cheap daughter, why is she so kind to this dirty bastard?

Wang Qihui saw the atmosphere was a little stiff so she hurriedly rounded up the scene and said.

“It must be misunderstanding. Jiamu is still young he probably misunderstood, today is his birthday there is no need to get angry over such trivial matters.”


Chacha go up and raised a bright smile and said.

“Auntie Wang is right.”

The atmosphere became harmonious and happy, after eating melons the people came to propose a toast.

After drinking seven to eight glasses of wine, she casually and quietly withdrew to the bathroom.

After using the bathroom, Chacha went out and met Chen Jiamu in the aisle.

Chen Jiamu lost his sweetness when he was in the banquet hall, he stopped when he saw her and stared at her with a vicious look that was not in line with his age and said sarcastically.

“I didn’t expect you to become so good at talking nonsense after not seeing you for a while. Did you learn a disgusting habit from hanging out with the wrong people at school?”

Chacha showed a light smile, said.

“It’s really disgusting, I can’t compare with you at such young age you already learned a lot of bad things. Who taught you? Your mistress mother?”


Chen Jiamu’s face twisted.

“You’re the mistress! Sure enough, what you just said was all a lie, you bitch!”


Chacha smiled and walked in front of him. Chen Jiamu saw her expression for the first time but it was more terrible than her usual expression of staring at him. He couldn’t help but took a stepped back without thinking.

Chacha grabbed a handful of his hair—Chen Jiamu at this moment was just a little above her waist so it was easy to grab his hair.

“What are you doing!?”

Chen Jiamu struggled and slapped her hand but wasn’t able to slap it away.

Chacha dragged him into the ladies’ room and put a pool of water at the sink.

Chen Jiamu did not know what she wanted but her silent appearance gave him a sense of oppression and he felt a little fear in his heart and shouted.

“Let go of me! I want to talk to my father!”

“Shut up.”

Chacha saw that the water was almost full and pressed his head into the lavatory, face down until the water just reach the root of his ear.


Chen Jiamu struggled with all his strength, in panic he forgot to hold his breath and drink a few water.

Chacha slowly counted struggling him, at 30 seconds she grabbed Chen Jiamu’s head then leaned slightly close to him and stopped about a foot away from his face. Her voice was full of indifference,

“Chen Jiamu, this time I’m just giving you a lesson but if you dare to speak to me like that again next time I won’t let you leave my sight unharmed.”

“You… pfft…”

Chen Jiamu’s words had not yet been spoken when a mouthful of water flowed out and after coughing a few time and breathing heavily, he was able to ease up from the fear of death.

He looked at Chacha’s indifferent eyes without emotion. The idea of scolding disappeared silently, instead he said weakly.

“You are not afraid that Dad knowing you’re bullying me like this…. I… I will definitely talk to Dad….”

“Haven’t you had enough water?”

Chen Jiamu closed his mouth.

Chacha grabbed his hair with one hand and drew a few tissues with the other to wipe the water off his face and his hair on his forehead.

After wiping the excess water, Chacha dragged him to the automatic blow-dryer side dragging his head to dry his face and hair, since his hair was short it soon dried.

Chen Jiamu felt he should have cursed her but he didn’t dare to speak.

Chacha’s appearance made him fearful for no reason and he intuitively thought that if spoke Chacha would definitely stuff her into the water again but this time she would not let him out of the water again.

Chacha let go of his hair, bent down to tidy up his hair and clothes slowly as she said.

“Jiamu I don’t want a third person other than us to know what’s going on here. If I heard you told others, I won’t let you drink water in the bathroom next time. I’ll find a place with better scenery, let you feel the tenderness of water with all your heart, okay?”

Her tone was as if she was talking about trivial matter but Chen Jiamu looked at her with that serious and indifferent look in her eyes that she would do what she said.

Her hands ruffled his head and tugged at his clothes again, moving more gently than his mother but instead of feeling relieve he found the hands terrifying.

He stifled as he pursed his lips neither want to admit defeat but also dare not speak.

Chacha looked at his clothes, he looked like a clean young man who was refusing to talk.

She was not angry, but just squatted down and looked at him then showed a friendly smile as she asked.

“Do you understand what I said?”

Chen Jiamu’s young heart was unable to bear it so he nodded with a little fear.

Before it was fake fear and now it was real fear.

“Very good.”

Chacha showed a loving smile and said.

“I just like that your clever and sensible child. Well, let’s go out. You can be the protagonist today, you can’t entertain guests well in banquet if you don’t smile. Remember to smile. You can’t keep a cold face towards the guests.”

Chacha took his hand and felt his sweaty palms, with a smile on her face she pulled him back into the banquet hall.

Just as he arrived at the banquet hall, Wang Qihui greeted him.

Not far away Chen Guosheng saw the two of them holding hands, his son’s face was pale while his daughter was smiling brightly. He immediately felt there was something wrong and went over, he asked.

“How are you together? Where did you just go? What did you do?”


Chacha kept her bright smile and said.

“I just went to the bathroom when I came out I met Jiamu and talked with him for a while when I saw a pot of flowers in the aisle, I couldn’t help but stay and look at them a few more time. Jiamu loves Chinese roses and said they are very beautiful, can we plant some in our yard?”

Chen Guosheng looked Chen Jiamu, who was a bit wooden and asked.

“Jiamu you like Chinese roses?”

Chacha also looked down to look at Chen Jiamu.

Chen Jiamu looked at Chen Chen and his worried parents, he should have cried and complained immediately but looking at Chacha’s impeccable smiling face, he didn’t know why all his words were stuck in his throat and couldn’t say anything.

It’s like something really horrible would happen if he say it.

He remembered what Chacha said that he needs to smile but he couldn’t smile and he couldn’t squeeze out a smile, instead he nodded his head and said.

“En, it’s beautiful.”

Chacha shook Chen Jiamu’s hand and said.

“I remember there is a place with a beautiful sea of flowers, Jiamu want to go together during holiday?”


Chen Jiamu subconsciously refused and fearing her anger, explained.

“Sister, you are now in your third year of high school, studying is important.”


Chacha showed a pitiful expression.

But inside her mind, she already thought that children reaching adolescence would be savage and rebellious that they need to be reprimanded.

That’s why it’s important to beat one child before it’s too late.

Children should be beaten and scolded when they were young, and parents who only scold and don’t beat when they grow up probably learned what regret was.

Especially at Chen Jiamu’s age what he has experienced could basically determine his future character and now she invariably makes him fearful and later he would be more afraid of her as a person.

Sort of a little bit of punishment for him, also.

After that Chen Guosheng and Wang Qihui cared for Chen Jiamu a few more times and also pulled him away from Chen Cha and asked a few more questions.

However as as soon Chen Jiamu looked up he could see Chacha smiling and looking at him not far away, that look was like looking at her beloved brother but what he was seeing was a threatening gaze.

So he didn’t dare to say the truth, and followed Chacha’s script.

Chen Guosheng and Wang Qihui saw that he still kept his previous words at this time, and finally believed the excuse made by Chacha.

Both of them felt strange, did the sun came out from the west today? Otherwise why was Chacha suddenly so kind to their son?

Wei Siyun felt particularly uncomfortable when she watched her husband walk aside with his mistress and illegitimate son, leaving her daughter behind instead. They also showed special concern for the little bastard which made her even more furious.

She walked over to Chacha’s side and asked.

“What were you guys talking about?”

Chacha shook her head.

“Didn’t talk anything.”

“You’re all grown up and hardened your wings so you won’t listen to me anymore, right?”

Wei Siyun gritted her teeth, at that moment not knowing which nerve was stimulated as she lowered her voice and said viciously.

“Do you look down on me? I know you despise me but I’m also your mother! You don’t know how much suffering I’ve suffered since I gave birth you in October. And now that mistress and that little bastard have moved into our house, living in our place and spending our money. Are you willing to watch all of this?”

Chacha looked sideways and smiled.

“You’re too emotional, this is Jiamu’s birthday party. Let’s not talk about these things.”


She raised her voice a bit, ushering sideways glances at the people around her. Her face was a bit embarrassed and once again lowered her voice and said.

“Do you want to see your father’s fortune fall into the hands of that little bitch and that little bastard? It’s for your own good that I’m telling you this, while that little bitch and that little bastard are still favored you need please your father more and try to take away the property from them, understand?”

Chacha was too lazy to care about her.

Although it was actually normal to say this, after all mistress and illegitimate children were really not something to be proud and to be display out.

But Wei Siyun was not particularly good either.

Chen Cha formerly known as Chacha was five years old when she and her parents went to an amusement park and had a good time, which happened to be seen by Wei Siyun.

She looked at this family who got out from the car to their watch to clothes that were extremely expensive, then to the little girl who had the same mold and carved out of the same face as her daughter, giving her an idea.



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