RB80’s: VMRHCD 3


Chapter 3- Tragic death on the street

TL: sadaharu

The original owner disagreed at first.

The two got married, had a drink and had a son.

When the man wanted to go to college, the original owner was dead set against it saying that he should work in the factory after graduating so they could earn dozens of yuan a month.

After all what was the use of a man who has to go to a university for four years?

In order to prevent the male lead from going to college she almost tore up the male lead’s notice of acceptance.

Later after attending the university, the male lead often sent money back. The money was held by the original owner which made her a slightly satisfied.

The original owner has been waiting, waiting for the male protagonist to graduate from college then find a job in the big city, buy a house and then take her over to live with him.

By then, she’ll be a city dweller too.

However it was not easy to wait for the male lead to graduate but seeing that her dream would soon be realized she waited, patiently. But the result? The male lead wanted a divorce, how could she agree?

After many days of quarreling and reasoning, they weren’t any outcome. Finally the male lead promised to give the original owner a sum of money making the original owner agree with the divorce.

But the former had a request, and that she could take her son with her.

It was not like the original owner like her son, in fact from the birth of the child the original did not care.

The only reason the original owner wanted to take her son was because she had heard that when a child was with his mother, the father was required to pay for support.

It was not Pei Jing she’s after, it’s the monthly support.

At first the male lead did agree with this but the original owner do want to sign the divorce if he would not agree to this so in the end the male lead could only agree.

After the two divorced, the original owner took the money given by the male lead and took their son, Pei Jing to the county.

She rented a house, and every day she would go out the street to eat—her three meals a day were settled outside.

The original owner was a big eater and liked to eat well, she also buys cloth to make new clothes.

The male protagonist gave her a lot of money but only after six months the money was almost gone.

She was also evicted from the rental house because she couldn’t pay the rent.

Since then, the original owner has been wandering around the county with Pei Jing.

She would do some odd jobs, picking wasted scraps, and selling them. And if people were not paying attention she would steal something, and with the male lead’s monthly support they were able live by but her life was still bitter as the mother and son would often sleep below the bridge.

But that didn’t last long.

Because not six months later, the original owner died.

That night, after the original owner sold a scrap she was walking with Pei Jing to sleep again under the bridge when they were stopped by a few gangsters.

The original knew what they were after, of course the gangster were not there for sex but for the money.

The original owner was reluctant to pay and fought with these punks.

But even if the original owner has great strength, she had never fought before not to mention the other side has many people so she could only make tie with all her strength.

Finally she don’t know who stabbed her from behind several times in succession and her body went limp.

The original owner died like that.

After the death of the original owner, Pei Jing became a wandering child in the county.

He picks up trash, steals things and steals food from other children.

After Pei Jing wandered for some time, he was brought back by the male lead.

But since the child grew up in such cruel environment, not to mention he was influence by the original owner and finally watched his mother’s tragic death, his personality has been somewhat distorted.

In front of many people he was humble and polite, obedient and understanding.

However, behind their backs he would abuse and torture small animals, and become addicted to stealing.

Finally after a passionate assault, Pei Jing was put in jail.

Jiang Ran remembers that this book was quite long.

And she was now in that book.

What’s really hateful and miserable was that she has the same name with the female cannon fooder and she couldn’t just look away on the child who would go through all of that.

(End of Chapter)


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