Chapter 21(1)

Although the Taoist father got his baby daughter’s request, and though he does not understand why his baby daughter wants him to stop Qin Jingrun from going to United States, he was overjoyed and of course he did not hesitate to agree. After all this was the first time his baby daughter has asked something from him.

The boss on the side who saw him that he was sweating a lot because of the spiciness, couldn’t bear but add a large glass of water to him and said.

“If you can’t eat spicy food then don’t put chili on it.”

Zuo Xingping drank the water and filled the large cup with another water, his eyes were red due to the spiciness and very indignantly he pointed the paper poster on the table which reads: Chili peppers are not spicy, can safely be eaten.

He didn’t say anything either, just glaring at the boss with accusing look.

The boss: “….”

The owner said sincerely.

“I don’t know which guest left this after eating, I forgot to take it away.”

Who knew that someone would really take it seriously, it’s a red oil chili pepper how could it not be spicy?

Zuo Xingping: “???”

Zuo Xingping: “…”

Zuo Xingping paid the money and went to the apartment that he needs to clean, after completing his job he took out his push-button mobile phone and dialed Qin Jingrun’s number.

Her Taoist father’s remarks to other fathers were very simple, it was directly distinguished by name.

Qin Jingrun just returned home when his phone vibrated, he raised his eyebrows when he saw the ‘sacred stick’ displayed on the screen.

Why was he calling him?

The four dads don’t deal with each other, in fact they hated each other and wanted to raise Jiang Mian alone however this was unrealistic so they instead save each other’s number for every New Year and birthday party of their baby daughter.

On these two days every year, the four dads would appear together with Jiang Mian. Usually they have nothing to do with each other and ignore each other.

Qin Jingrun picked up the phone and Zuo Xingping’s voice came over.

“Big star, where are you?”

“Something wrong?”

Qin Jingrun turned on the speakerphone and opened the refrigerator to take out a bottle of water.

Zuo Xingping said with a deliberate persuasion on his tone.

“I pinch my fingers, you’re in bad luck these days. You’d better not go far otherwise it’s easy to have an accident.”


Qin Jingrun sneered and immediately tried to hang up the phone.

As if he knew he was going to hang up, Zuo Xingping hurriedly said.

“I have something to discuss with you about Mian Mian, it’s really really important.”

When it comes to his baby daughter, Qin Jingrun frowned and only said.

“I am at home.”

He was about to say a place to meet so they could talk when Zuo Xingping quickly said.

“Where your address? I’ll be right over.”

Qin Jingrun: “…”

He was so attentive, there must be a reason for this and he would like to see what this ‘sacred stick’ was going to do.

The reason why Jiang Mian asked her Taoist father to stop her film emperor father was because she knew that her Taoist father would not refused her nor would he ask her why and would not be jealous—if asked Han Xu, with the temperament of her billionaire tyrant father he would surely like to let Qin Jingrun go abroad to film so that Qin Jingrun also could not see her then he and Qin Jingrun would be the same.

As for her criminal police officer father, he was still working and was still in a state where she could not contact him. Jiang Mian hasn’t dealt with him yet and doesn’t know what his character was.

In this case, it was natural that the most suitable person to confide in was her Taoist father and she was also still very confident in the ability of her Taoist father. And since her Taoist father also promised her that he would definitely stop Qin Jingrun.

As long as Qin Jingrun does not go abroad to shoot <<Death Plan 3>> he could avoid the plot of the original book. Since she crosser over, no matter what, her four dads should be well—she would definitely not allow any of them to have any trouble.

After dealing with her film emperor father’s matter Jiang Mian felt a little relieved. She looked at the time and it was 10:30 pm, she dressed and was ready to go out. The water ghost in the puddle hasn’t been dealt yet.

“Mian Mian, where are you going?”

Tang Anan came out from the bathroom and saw Jiang Mian dressed up ready to go out. She was startled and immediately looked nervous.

The bedroom that Jiang Mian lives in was one that she paid the owner of the house to vacate for her. It was reasonable to Tang Anan to live in the room with other female staff in the crew but Jiang Mian directly let Tang Anan lives with her. Since the room was big enough she let the owner add another bed.

This bedroom has bathroom, for girls this much was more convenient and Jiang Mian did not hesitate to let her live in the same room. Tang Anan was very touched and sincerely takes care of Jiang Mian and was also more attentive.

“I’m going out for a walk.”

Jiang Mian took a flashlight and checked the brightness, when it’s okay she said.

“You rest first.”

Tang Anan: “….”

The mountains were not like the city that has street lights at night. After the families go to sleep, the entire mountain was dead, except for the moon in the dark sky there was no other light lit up outside.

If someone goes out at night, the mountains overlap with the moonlight creating dark shadows that looked very scary. She really does not understand what was good to walk outside at night!

But after she’s been with Jiang Mian for a few days, she know that she could not change her decision so she just hurriedly said.

“Then I’ll go out with you.”

Naturally with two people outside, it should not be too scary to go outside.

Jiang Mian tilted her head and looked at her.

“You really want to come with me?”

Tang Anan nodded heavily and nimbly prepared to change her clothes.

“No way.”

Jiang Mian refused in one breath then blinked at her.

“I’m going for a rendezvous, what’s the point of bringing you a light bulb.”

Tang Anan: “???”

Tang Anan’s eyes widened in shock.

Rendezvous.. Rendezvous??

Finally she could only watch as Jiang Mian walked out of the room with a flashlight.

Jiang Mian walked in the direction of the small puddle with her memory. A bright moon disc hung high in the air above her head, the gentle moonlight sprinkled down which made the cold and firm mountain in the distance gentle.

Jiang Mian casually picked up a piece of tree branch as a weapon while still carrying her flashlight as she walked slowly. Walking, a surprise voice suddenly rang out overhead.

“Xiao Jiang?”

“Teacher Yu.”

Jiang Mian looked up and shone the flashlight light upwards.

“You haven’t sleep yet.”

The light shines on Yu Ran’s eyes, stinging his eyes. Jiang Mian hurriedly moved the light away.

There were houses on both side of the road she was walking on, and Yu Ran lives in one of them. Probably because he heard a noise outside and was not asleep yet he pushed open the window.

It just so happens that the moonlight was hidden into the clouds and the surrounding area suddenly darkened. Jiang Mian afraid he could not confirm it was her, put back the light on her face.

In the midst of dark surrounding only the light of Jiang Mian’s flashlight that was reflected on her face showing her white dress and long cascading hair .

Yu Ran: “….”

Thanks to that, he just confirmed that it was really Jiang Mian.

Calming down his rapidly beating heart, Yu Ran tried to ignore the light brightly lit up on her face and asked.

“Where are you going at this late hour?”

A girl out at night and without an assistant at that, wasn’t she not afraid?

“Couldn’t sleep so I came out for a walk.”

Jiang Mian casually found a reason.

“Teacher Yu, you rest early. Good night.”

After saying that, she continued to walk leisurely. She was happy at the thought of having new spiritual energy soon.

While Yu Ran frowned as he watched. Jiang Mian saved him in the water during the day, she was his life savior.

And seeing a girl all alone strolling in the mountain at night, in case something goes wrong it would be no joke.

Thinking of this, Yu Ran ran up quickly. His assistant was also staying in the same room as him, he was sleeping on the bed when he was awakened by the sound. Seeing Yu Ran changing his clothes he hurriedly said.

“Brother Yu, what do you want to do? I’ll help you.”



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