ECM 35.2


Chapter 35 (2)

Yin Chang looked down at what he was wearing and then thought about how Niu Tao had just misidentified him as Cen Feng and instantly reacted.

He must have already approached Cen Feng but was rejected by him and only when did he reappear to find him who resembled Cen Feng.

Cen Feng actually refused?

How could he….

However he would even refused Chen Xing. It was expected that he would also refused such offer, but what about him? Should he also refused? But if he refused wouldn’t he be offending Niu Tao and Mr. Ma? Once he refuse, would he never get into the road stardom again?

One in a hundred….fame and fortune, applause, flowers….

If there were shortcuts to take, why work hard? Not to mention that hard work does not necessarily lead to success.

In this circle…. Who was cleaner than who?!

Give and take was reciprocal, him working hard couldn’t guarantee that it could give him what he wanted.

Niu Tao watched the teenager’s expression changed in front of him but he was not in a hurry, he was smiling and waiting for his answer. After a while he heard him say in a relaxed tone.

“Ok, I have time at any time.”

Niu Tao showed a satisfied smile, and explained him a few more details before letting him go down.

Going out Niu Tao’s office he once again thought about and when it gets through his mind it doesn’t seem so hard to accept especially with the thought that his debut was already definite.

A wave of untold excitement and twisted pain welled up inside Yin Chang, when he came down from upstairs he met Xu Zhaixing again.

This time he did not deliberately brush his presence again, after all he had been brushing his existence for so many days now but there was no response. And now that he has new opportunity he has to put his mind back.

Xu Zhaixing was a little flustered when she saw that his eyes were vaguely excited and his lips were smiling but not reaching his eyes. With his feminine facial features, he seemed to hold a belly of bad water and planning to pour it out somewhere.

This villain is not planning to do something to brother again, is he?!

She was now like a frightened bird. She was anxious that she couldn’t sleep at the thought of that time when Cen Feng had suffered.

What to do? How can I get my brother out of this fire pit as fast as possible?

Do I really want to sign him to Chen Xing against his will?

But her biggest wish was to see him healthy and happy but if she sign him against his will he would not be happy anymore…

Xu Zhaixing was so anxious that she pulled her hair out.

The aftereffects of the last time Song Yannan pulled her hair were still fresh and the pain in her scalp stung her with a jolt. She don’t know if this stimulus worked but she suddenly had an enlightenment.

If she couldn’t get her brother out of the fire pit then she could just take the bomb away!

Yin Chang now still couldn’t do anything to Cen Feng so why don’t she take him now??? She has frequently “bumped into” him these says, did he really think she couldn’t see that he was doing it intentionally?

Since he wish to come to Chen Xing, then it would be as he wish.

In her hands, his life and death would be at her disposal.

Xu Zhaixing made up her mind and immediately put it into action.

Yin Chang really did not expect the pie to fall one after another, and locked out a road for his debut with a better condition. He originally thought that there was no chance in getting into Chen Xing but they threw an olive branch to him just after he made up his mind.

So of course he would chose the olive branch with better condition after all a fool still know what to choose, and right now he was secretly going to Chen Xing to make his debut—

Although he was willing to accept the subliminal rules but it does not mean that he wants to be on that track forever. Now that he has this opportunity, of course he would agree without thinking about it.

Xu Zhaixing had already passed talked to Xu Yan and arranged everything. The next day, Xu Yan’s assistant came with the necessary documents.

Xu Zhaixing was worried that the fat man who clashed with Cen Feng in the night market last time would hinder her so she directly skipped him and asked Xu Yan to contact the executives of the head office.

Zhongtian was now breaking the ice with Cen Xing, next step for this would be exchanging resources. Coincidentally Chen Xing was now accepting trainees, after checking Yin Chang’s data they found out that he was not outstanding among the trainees and does not have a rare talent so they readily agreed.

When Niu Tao knew about this matter Yin Chang’s termination contract and singing new contract had already been signed.

And with a smile on his face, he said.

“Brother Niu, I’m really sorry. You need to find someone else.”

It nearly killed Niu Tao on the spot.

The fact that Yin Chang signed a contract with Chen Xin soon became common knowledge.

All the trainees were incredulous.

What the hell? Why?

Was there common question. They recognize why Chen Xing wanted to sign Cen Feng but what make Yin Chang worth signing? Was their biggest question and the answer was mystery.

Just because he was imitating Cen Feng???

They should have said so! Who don’t know how to imitate!

For a moment, envy and jealousy arose in their heart.

Yin Chang was so proud of himself that he was about to go to heaven but he was still polite and said goodbye to the trainees one by one. When it was Cen Feng’s turn, just like always he was sleeping against the wall with a hat over his face.

Seeing him, Yin Chang didn’t resent him so much now. He squatted down beside him and said regretfully.

“Brother, I’m going to Chen Xing. Take care of yourself in the future.”

Cen Feng didn’t move but his little thumb twitched.

Yin Chang of course notice this tiny movement and became more and more proud. He lowered his head and said with a light smile in his voice that only Cen Feng could hear.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity, ah, Mr. Ma will be left for you to enjoy.”

After saying that, he walked away in the envious gaze from the group of trainees.

There was a lot of talk in the training room after he left.

Cen Feng who was sleeping slowly removed the hat from his face and frowned looking at the door.

Since being reborn, everything was developing according to the previous happenings. Yin Chang imitating him, the appearance of the man surnamed Ma were exactly the same as in his previous life.

Next should be Yin Chang replacing him as Mr. Ma’s favorite, imitating him and setting up his debut with good resources along the way. However with his excellent talent and strength he was chosen as the one of the members to debut even under the pressure of Mr. Ma. But he had to avoid Yin Chang’s persona and take the gentle route.

Yin Chang ran to him crying and shed two tears, he really thought he was force to give up his persona without argument.

But right now, these scenarios were change.

A company named Chen Xing came in midway and poached Yin Chang.

What was happening?

Yin Chang’s departure from Zhongtian means that many things would not happen in the future.

But—it doesn’t matter to him anymore.

Cen Feng withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes void with emotion.

Downstairs of Zhongtian’s company, Yin Chang took the signed contract and excitedly followed Xu Yan’s assistant to Chen Xing’s car. He thought that Xu Yan would personally come to pick him up but it turned out that not only did he not come but he was also dragged to a suburban area that was even more remote than Zhongtian’s trainee branch.

He knew that Chen Xing’s building was downtown!

He hurriedly asked the assistant.

“We’re not going to the company?”

The assistant replied.

“Yes, we are in the company.”

Yin Chang hurriedly refuted.

“How can the company be here?”

The assistant gave him a look and said slowly.

“Of course the trainee branch division is here.”

Yin Chang’s eyes widened and said incredulously.

“What branch division? Why am I in trainee branch division?”

The assistant pointed the contract in his hand.

“You signed to debut as a trainee, where do you go if you don’t go to the trainee branch division?”

Yin Chang suddenly felt a bad premonition.

He himself was a trainee of Zhongtian and he didn’t think anything was wrong when he saw what was written in the contract to start as a trainee, but now listening to the assistant…

He asked in one breathed.

“Doesn’t your… our company doesn’t have a trainee system?”

The assistant smiled brightly at him.

“Now there is.”

Yin Chang: “????”

So what did he just do???

Jut change place to be a trainee???



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