Chapter 158

Tang Wanwan’s scandal was almost over but Fu Zhen’s concern was the recent development of Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees, this film that said to start a year ago has said to start filming only now.

The female and male protagonist of this paly was more or less already selected, the female lead was set before with the highest vote was Lin Shiyao while the male lead was Huang Yu but the producer chose the popular boy, Liu Meng.

After the crew slipped a bunch of stars in the entertainment industry with great momentum, the movie was finally hyped to the highest level.

But this was a plagiarized work, the passerby’s don’t have a good feeling about this film and have some other opinions about the characters who starred in it but the fans of these actors justify their idols and say that it was the company who accepted the job for them, so they couldn’t decline it.

The director also said that the plagiarized content would be eliminated, hoping the passerby’s would not be prejudiced against the movie.

Fu Zhen was leisurely browsing through this gossipy information and would sometimes laugh on the comments. After a while, he put down his phone ready to rest his eyes when suddenly he felt pain in his abdomen.

“Jiang Hengshu…”

Fu Zhen lifted his head in the direction of the kitchen and called out, his voice was like a cat’s purr.

“What’s wrong?”

Jiang Hengshu could still heard him as he hurriedly came out of the kitchen.

“My stomach hurts a bit.”

Jiang Hengshu quickly walked over and picked Fu Zhen up from the sofa and took him downstairs and drove. Although Fu Zhen said that his stomach was no longer painful as soon as he got in the car, he still sent Fu Zhen to the Jiang family hospital as soon as possible.

The doctor checked and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“It’s okay, it’s just normal contractions.”

Jiang Hengshu was slightly relieved when the doctor said this to him.

“But his due date is just a few days away, should we check in?”


After Fu Zhen was admitted to the hospital, Jiang Hengshu pushed all the company’s affairs to Father Jiang. And this time it was impossible for Father Jiang to shrink the responsibility when he learned that his grandchild was about to be born, and instead was quite happy going to work.

On the 12th of September, the sky was cloudy and the air was humid as the gingko tress in the hospital courtyard cowered their leaves when the wind passes by, looking like it was sheltering their children against the rain.

Fu Zhen was eating his breakfast in the ward when suddenly he felt his abdomen start to throb in pain as if something was gushing out from below.

He let out a deep breath, while he put down the chopsticks in his hands and raised his head as he said calmly to Jiang Hengshu.

“Jiang Hengshu I think I might be in labor soon.”

Jiang Hengshu on the other hand was not as calm as Fu Zhen, he got up in panic and ran out of the ward calling the doctor who immediately took a look and ordered the nurse,

“The room 36 is about to give birth, hurry up and get ready.”

The nurses soon arrived and ready to push the bed into the delivery room while Jiang Hengshu held Fu Zhen’s hand tightly and kept reassuring him.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll wait for you outside, it’s okay it’s okay, it’ll come out soon….”

Fu Zhen sucked in his nose and gave a muffled cry as the bed was pushed away by the doctor and nurses, and the two people’s intertwined fingers slowly separated.

Jiang Hengshu watched Fu Zhen being sent into the delivery room and watched the nurse closing the door of the delivery room.

Jiang Hengshu anxiously walked around in the corridor outside of the delivery room, probably because he choose C- section there was no sound of Fu Zhen’s painful cry and howling in the delivery room.

The rest of the Jiang family also put down their work and hurriedly went to the hospital, together with Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting.

Several people stood outside the delivery room, their faces were more anxious than the other. Afraid that the there might be some accident inside, but fortunately the goddess of fortune had always favored them because after an hour passed a baby’s cry came out from the delivery room.

The dense dark clouds in the sky were soon torn apart by the golden sunlight that shone through the layers of dark clouds, giving warmth to the earth and plants all the way through the windowsill of the corridor reflecting the bright green leaves dancing happily with the brilliant sunlight.

The lights on the delivery room went out at this moment and shortly afterwards the nurse came out of the delivery room with the baby in her arms and said with a smile.

“The baby and the mother are safe, it’s a baby girl.”

Jiang Hengshu let out an ah, and glance at the child in the nurse arms.

“I will go and see him.”

Then stepping sideways he went into the delivery room.

Madam Jiang was the one who took the child, the baby had inherited the gene from Jiang Hengshu. Like him she has a pair of blue eyes, it was blinking and blinking as if she was looking curiously at the world.

In the delivery room, Fu Zhen was lying on the hospital bed looking pale but everything else was ok. Jiang Hengshu wend to the bedside and squatted down as he held Fu Zhen’s hand asked him softly.

“How’s is it going?”

“Its fine.”

Fu Zhen shook his head, except for a little pain at the beginning of the anesthetic he hardly felt anything later. He looked to the left and right before asking Jiang Hengshu.

“Where is the child?”


Just as Jiang Hengshu finished saying this, Madam Jiang walked in from outside with the baby in her arms and carried the baby to Fu Zhen as she told him.

“It’s a girl.”

When a child was just born, it looked like a small pink ball with some wrinkles. It didn’t look good but because it was his flesh and blood Fu Zhen liked it very much and thought it was the most lovely child in the world.

He reached out to carefully touched the child’s face after Madam Jiang put the child in Fu Zhen’s side.

Jiang Hengshu raised his hand and wipe the sweat from the corner of Fu Zhen’s forehead and asked.

“Are you tired? If you are, take a nap first.”

While in labor, he didn’t suffer to much and maybe because of the anesthetic had not pass Fu Zhen answered in a low voice before closing his eyes while Jiang Hengshu stood by his bed.

Fu Zhen did not immediately fall asleep, there were some scenes in his mind that kept on surfing. Just now he was in daze, as if he saw Fu Jianchen standing in the doorway looking at him like he always did many years ago.



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  2. Oh the little baby’s finally here. how cute. such a wholesome chapter.

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  3. The little treasure has been safely delivered, this old person is relieved. | ू´ᆺ`●)

    And hmm, what is this? Redemption for his father and brother at the latter chapters? Or maybe not?
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  5. I thought the baby would be a stillborn because it didn’t have a childcare or child rearing tag.


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