Chapter 21(1)

Zheng Xue was a man who hates it when people make him lose face.

Especially in front of so many people and Tang Tang’s words undoubtedly poked his thunder point. Hearing it in his ears meant that she looked down on her.

At that moment, hid face become gloomy.

“Miss Tang is really joking, we once met in the Jiang family. Don’t you remember, Miss Tang?”

Tang Tang took a look at the expression in his face has change and immediately felt bad at once.

She probably pissed him off.

But she’s really not good at dealing with such people.

When she was struggling with how to answer the words to get through, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Jiang Chi standing aside. He was impatient and even released a little wind power and boringly played with his hand.

Tang Tang’s eyes lit up.

He’s the one!

Let’s see how Zhen Xue can hold up the peculiarity of Jiang Chi’s arrogance and straight nature, hmp!

Tang Tang grunted twice in her mind before turning her head to the side where Jiang Chi was.

“Have you all awakened your ability?”

She asked.

Jiang Chi raised his head when he heard the voice and saw that the woman seemed to be talking to him. Although he was very impatient, he still looked up and replied arrogantly.

“Of course.”

Then he frowned again.

“You know about abilities? Are you also an awaken?”

Tang Tang was in a disbelief by how easily he catch on.

Her stomach hurts! She wanted to laugh.

Nope, she’s not awakened.

“Of course.”

But in this case, how could Tang Tang meekly admit it? Of course she need to lift herself up as high as she could.


Jiang Chi held a face of disbelief and snorted a little.

Tang Tang: “…”

“Of course it’s true. Otherwise do you think that someone as delicate as me could survive until now?”

Tang Tang ignored Zhen Xue who was staring at her grimly from the side and hated that he could not tear her apart as she turned her entire body to Jiang Chi.

When she first came through the plot, her persona was a little arrogant. So when she spoke she tilted her chin slightly giving people a feeling her arrogance. At first she was a little uncomfortable but later she walked more and got used to it.

Now it’s time to put it to use.

Jiang Chi still looked unconvinced, he gradually gathered a strong wind in his hand. Just when Tang Tang thought that the man was going to attack her and test whether what she said was true or false, he suddenly stopped again.

Then he stretched his arms in front of Tang Tang, his face was still impatient.

“Oh, I’m a wind ability user. What about you?”

Is he….. really reluctant to believe me?

Tang Tang guessed in her heart as looked at the huge whirling wind in Jiang Chi’s hand and glanced at Zhen Xue. He didn’t know what power this man was.


Tang Tang withdrew her gaze and continued to look at Jiang Chi.

“I awakened….”

“Miss Tang…”

Zheng Xue could not bear to be so neglected and interjected so he chimed in.

Tang Tang was not angry when she was interrupted but how could she give him a chance to speak so he quickly interrupted.

“Sorry, I’m talking to Jiang Chi. Can you wait a moment?”

Zheng Xue: “….”

Zheng Xue clenched his fist and his face became even more goomy.

“Miss Tang can’t remember me but she can remember Young Master Jiang? Really good memory, truly admirable. I just don’t know why you remember young master Jiang alone, is it because….”

When he said this, he did not continue.

Tang Tang: “…”

Come again.

Will you finished talking first?

Then in that case, don’t blame me for not being polite!

Tang Tang put the half meter knife in her hand in front of him.

“Does this need a reason? You said it yourself, he is the young master of the Jiang family but you, who are you? Is your surname Jiang?”

A wave of relief washed over her as the words were spoken.


Zheng Xue couldn’t control the expression on his face as he looked Tang Tang ferociously while he flipped his palm as if he was summoning his ability.

Tang Tang has longed guessed that these words would make him angry, at this time seeing him do this she hurriedly pointed the knife at Zheng Xue.

“What are you doing? Don’t you want something from me? You’re the one who asked me why, and I’m not the one who took the initiative to say it.”

Tang Tang’s sharp eyes found that a small fire gradually coalesced in Zheng Xue’s palm.


This person has also awaken a fire ability? Seeing that te only gathered such small flame for a long time it seems to be quite laborious on him. I’m afraid it’s not a weak type right?

Tang Tang guessed.

Just now  Zheng Xue looked like he was the captain of these six people, she thought his power was very very great and most of these people were powerful.

“What’s all the noise in the middle of the night, I’m sleepy .”

At this point the long impatient Jiang Chi open his mouth, he snorted and not giving anyone a face.

“Young Master Jiang, this woman….”

Zheng Xue obviously did not want to just let Tang Tang go.

“Come on, she just don’t remember you right, and your already gloomy? Who wants to remember you ah, hurry up and find a place to sleep. I want to sleep. Sleep!”

If not for the wrong occasion, Tang Tang really wanted to jump up and give Jiang Chi a round of a applause.

That’s a great way to put it!

Sure enough when running into such arrogant people, it would be Zheng Xue’s nemesis.

Zheng Xue’s face does not look good all.



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