GTKWF 35.2


Chapter 35(2)

After returning home, Sheng Qiao sent a big red envelope in the management group. Everyone was still awake so immediately after she sent the red envelop everyone made a fuss until the latter part of the night before they went to bed. The next day she sleep in and didn’t want to get up, Mother Sheng didn’t wake her up too.

In a few moments the roll-up door was slammed and someone called out to her.

“Xiao Qiao! Xiao Qiao! Your mother is in trouble!”

Sheng Qiao somersaulted and had no time to wear her shoes as she immediately put on her coat and rushed out.

Mother Sheng fell when she went to take out the garbage, it had been snowing for a few days so the ground was slippery not to mention she was in a wheelchair, the wheel skidded for some reason. She lost control all the way and hit the railing then turned sideways

Mother Sheng was taken to the hospital in town by a neighbor, Sheng Qiao then hurriedly got dressed and rushed over.

The doctor was treating Mother Sheng when she arrive, the injury was not big since she was wearing thick clothes due to winter so she only had small abrasions but her leg that usually hurt in winter would be more painful due to the accident.

Looking at Mother’s Sheng uncomfortable appearance on the wheelchair Sheng Qiao was really distressed and remorseful. Mother Qiao was taken care by Father Qiao and Qiao Yu, also usually there were nannies at home but mother Sheng was different, she was alone.

How did she get used to it after all these years?

Sheng Qiao didn’t say anything during the treatment and when the doctor left she followed her and asked.

“Can my mom’s leg fitted with prosthetic leg?”

“Certainly possible.”

“How much is it?”

“It’s impossible to say since there are cheap ones and expensive one. Ten thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on your own need and we can’t match it here you have to go to the city hospital.”

Ten thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Sheng Qiao was thinking about their own bank balance, and for the first time felt what it’s like to lack money.

She couldn’t even giver her mom a cheap prosthetic leg. Qiao Yu’s legal fee were just collected symbolically but it was not cheap for her. There were a lot of expenses in the capital, she has to rent a house again when the house expires year after.

She wanted to take care of her mother in the capital, at least she needs to rent a house with convenient access, safe and spacious property space. Since she would be often out to shoot movies and programs she has to find a nanny to feel at ease. If she wanted to settle down she has to buy a house she also needs a car for transportation.

Which all were heavenly price for her now.

How could she be so poor!

It wasn’t long before Mother Sheng came out on her own, rocking her wheelchair. Seeing her in the hallway with red eyes she called her out softly.

“Qiao Qiao, we’re going home.”

Sheng Qiao put away the negative emotions.

She pushed Mother Sheng and together they went home. It was snowing lightly but the town the hospital was not far from home so she walked slowly in the show while pushing her mother’s wheelchair through the fine snow on the ground, leaving a long traces.

Mother Sheng wanted to make her happy and talked all the way on purpose, but Sheng Qiao was still silent. After arriving home, she took out the contracts that were pressed at the bottom of the box.

One by one she go over it again.

Finally her eyes fell on Zhongxia’s contract.

The voice of the exquisite and tall man in Gucci with perfume still lingers in her ears.

“….the point will determine the final height, since you have to choose to start over you might as well, choose the best platform…”

They could give her the best resource with highest terms and most money.

It’s pressure and it’s opportunity.

She could no longer change back to her old self.

Since she had decided to continue in the circle, she should not think about ease and stability. There was no popular artist who has come all that through peacefully, behind their glamorous and brilliance was unknown hardships and efforts.

She need to be strong.

She must be strong.

Only then would she not be helpless when someone she cares about needs help.

Sheng Qiao tore up the contract documents of other companies, leaving Zhongxia. But she did not take the initiative to call Zhongxia.

The New Year continues.

By the sixth say of the first month, one day before the Spring Festival’s legal holiday Sheng Qiao began to receive calls from various agents and uniformly she replied to them, giving them an accurate answer on the eight day.

On the afternoon of the seventh day of the first month, she waited for a call from Zhongxia.

The man named Bei Mingfan smiled and wished her a happy new year before he asked.

“How is Miss Sheng thinking?”

Sheng Qiao was unperturbed.

“I’m not going to lie, your company is needed within my intention.”

Bei Mingfan also did not interrupt knowing that she had more to say next.

“But cooperation is between the two sides. Some of the previous styles of Zhongxia are not very suitable for me, which makes me hesitate.”

“I wonder which style Miss Sheng is talking about?”

“Mr. Bei I won’t go around with you anymore. The condition you have given are indeed the most in line with my heart. Thank you for your trust and support but I also have several conditions, if Mr. Bei can promise I can sign with you at any time.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I’m not an actor from a professional background, my acting skills still need to be hone. I hope the company could find a senior teacher who has passed the acting skills to guide me.”

“I can promise you this one.”

“Although I have junior high school degree I have been studying privately over the years but I don’t know much about this area of domestic education upgrading and I hope the company can help me arrange the appropriate exams.”

“Miss Sheng has a good heart to learn, this is natural.”

“After signing I hope the company will not use the speculation of cp to boost popularity. Mr. Bei should know the methods used by Xingyao on me a few years ago, I’m really afraid of these.”

“We are different from Xingyao, we don’t need to use others to boost popularity so no need to worry.”

“One last thing, I don’t want the company to set up a persona for me. What I am is what I am.”

Bei Mingfan smiled.

“Miss Sheng is already very pleasant, we won’t do anything anymore.”

Not likeable, she was like this before the variety show she attended which could be a dangerous move if she really was they think she was. But seeing the true her, the whole network of passers-by had a new view of her and became her fan one after another. Moreover she did not rely on the company and just turn the side alone.

This was also the reason why he was satisfied at Sheng Qiao.

Bei Mingfan was surprisingly good at talking which surprised Sheng Qiao. And since the request she made were reasonable and it was not unexpected that he would agree.

“I will add these conditions mentioned by Miss Sheng to the contract. I don’t know when Miss Sheng will come back?”

“I have a flight this evening.”

“Then I’ll send a car to pick you up tomorrow morning at nine o’clock and I’ll see you at the office.”


After hanging up the phone, Sheng Qiao began to collect the luggage. Mother Sheng did not say anything and just made a table of good food, after eating Sheng Qiao was leaving for the airport.

Mother Sheng prepared some things but Sheng Qiao did not want to bring them.

She half-kneeled in front of the wheelchair, she hugged Mother Sheng and whispered.

“Mom wait for me for a while longer, I’ll pick you soon and go to the capital.”

This was a statement that Mother Sheng has been waiting for six years.



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