TMBAM 13.3

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Chapter 13(3)

At this time, Gu Xueyi stretched slowly.

Looking at her, she was a beauty with lazy temperament.

And this lazy beauty was even more beautiful than before.

Madam Xia gritted her teeth in jealousy.

“I bought enough, but Madam Xia doesn’t even seem to be doing much shopping today?”

“What else can I buy when you’ve bought so many of the items reserved for me?”

Madam Xia stiffened her face and smiled.

“Then I am really grateful to Madam Xua for giving way.”

“… thanks.”

“Then I’ll go back first. Our youngest family member is going home for dinner today.”

Gu Xueyi got up and let her bodyguard carry her things.

There were still many items that she was not able to bring back and needs to be personally delivered afterwards.

When Gu Xueyi said she need to go back first here was no longer any reluctance to give up on the opportunity she suppose to work hard just like in the past.

In the past, Madam Xia almost every time after their shopping were called by her mahjong partners and would always left first. Leaving the original owner behind all alone, with a secret hatred that she could not get into Madam Xia’s social circle.

Madam Xia stood in the same place, this time she really could not say what she was a feeling with the reversal of roles.

When Gu Xueyi went back home.

The maid was waiting for her and said in a weak voice.

“The fourth youngest said….that he was going to have fun with his friends tonight and would not go home.”

Gu Xueyi held out her hand.

“Give me the phone.”

The maid busily went to fetch the phone for her.

In school.

Yan Wenbo stared at the thermos bucket.

If Gu Xueyi is really acting, does she really need to play it like this every day?

At this time there were people sitting next to him, patting his shoulder.

“Young master is very lucky, they sent you food every day. The food does not look expensive but the who person made this must think of you and cared about you every day…. This taste is more valuable than anything.”

The student said with his gloomy face.

“Unlike my parents, just because I’m now big they don’t really care about me. They were either busy with the company or traveling around the country…. Fuck.”

“….Ok let’s stop, are we still going for the next class? We could go home early today after the next class.”

Another voice interjected.

Yan Wenbo slowly held his eyes.

That’s right.

The thermos was worthless and the food especially cooked by the cook was also worthless. But the thought of someone caring about him… he hasn’t felt it since he was young, it’s probably something more fucking difficult than a crude oil field.

Yan Wenbo responded.

“No, let’s go….”

Before the words were out of his mouth, his phone rang.

Yan Wenbo picked up the phone.

“Didn’t I say won’t home?”

“Where are you going to play tonight?”

Gu Xueyi’s cool and nice voice came out from the other end.

Yan Webo’s body instinctively stiffened and surprisingly forgot to reply.

“Is it fun? How about taking me along to play?”

He could have just let her tag along to play.

A group of rich second generation rich kids invited young madam to play…. how fun could it be?

Yan Wenbo only outlined in his mind the picture of Gu Xueyi going and his mind was buzzing. He quickly blurted out.

“It’s not fun so you don’t have to come. I’ll go back after class.”

Waiting for him to finish his call and hanging up the phone.

The people on the sidelines were stunned.

“Young master, you’re not going?”

“Go to hell yourself.”

At the filming site.

Jiang Meng browse through the news again with apprehension.

Very good, third in on the hot search.. I can, I can definitely survive this crisis.

After five minutes.

Jiang Meng swipe the news once more.

And this time, she was pinned down to fourth.

Jiang Meng fixed her eyes on the third hot search—

<<Yan’s stunning and breath taking appearance, swept a lot of harvest>>

Then she looked at the second hot search—

<<Will Yan Chao possibly returned safely?>>

Then look at the first hot search—

<<The Invitation List of Yan’s Shocks Everyone>>

When she clicked it, the comments section was full of:

[Fuck, front row to eat the luxury melon!]

[I’m coming, I’m coming let me see an abundant and healthy rich people look like….]

[This is the same Madam Yan that was greened by Jiang Meng? Damn! Big beauty!]

Jiang Meng two black eyes bulged.

She thinks she had invited enough water army and spends a lot of money to buy the hot search and attract traffic but at the end they were all sent to pavement! by Gu Xueyi


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against the slag1– rejected


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