Chapter 47

If she really couldn’t turn around her family’s end, she’ll would give this get-out-of-jail-free card to her mother.

She just don’t know if Chen Fang has caught up the man or not.

When Chen Fang left, he silently removed the Jiang family from the list of evil families.

After all, the way of treachery and evil has also requires a lot of intelligence.

It was hard to say what happened to the previous generation of this family but the next generation…


I’m afraid it may be too difficult for the both them.

Jiang Yunting was lying on the porch window and watched Chen Fang disappear quickly.

He asked Jiang Liangchan with some uncertainty.

“That look in his eyes when he left just now, what did it mean?”

Jiang Liangchan did not pay attention to Chen Fang, waving her hand she casually said.

“What meaning could be there ah? Just think that we are magnanimous and don’t care about the meaning.”

Jiang Yunting was still a little suspicious but since his sister said so, he dropped his suspicion.

Though earlier he almost thought Chen Fang was mocking them with that glance.

And matter like this was a man’s dignity that they need to fought.

But Jiang Yunting has something important to tell Jiang Liangchan so he let it go, and not wanting any outsiders hearing what they need to talk about to.

He dismissed the servants, and said confidently.

Jiang Liangchan was surprise to hear him.

“You mean, there is really a trace of the old man of the Arrow God inside the capital?”

Jiang Yunting nodded heavily.

“It’s obsoletely true. Elder sister this news is big, how do you know that old master of arrow will really appear in the capital? I’ve confirmed from them.”

“On the surface this competition is just competition organized by Jianghu people but in fact the real planner behind it is old master of arrow. He wants to choose a disciple who suits his heart through this competition!”

Jiang Yunting brought the news that a military test would be held in the capital at the end of this month.

The martial arts trial was held on a large and grand scale but it was not run by the government. Who was behind the support, why this competition was held the selection of people and for what has been mysterious covered– very tightly.

Jiang Yunting was originally interested in this matter, he guessed that it might be organized by the rich families in the capital.

He could go to play when he has free time.

But this morning when he went out he ran into a few close friends, one of them knew that the real mastermind behind the competition and quietly revealed the truth to them, it was no other than Old man of Arrow god.

After hearing this, others were just stunned, but Jiang Yunting almost jumped up when he heard it.

He had been suppressing his excitement in front of the people until Jiang Liangchan returned and only then excitedly told her about it.

Jiang Liangchan was also stunned by this news.

She carefully recalled the book, which said that in the capital there was strange encounter. Someone accidentally met the old man while hiding and not revealing his true identity this person who gradually got the old man’s favor was his disciple.

But what was this strange encounter? The plot did not mention it.

Originally Jiang Liangchan also planned to go outside and wander around to see if she could meet the incognito old man of arrow god, so as to give his brother a chance.

Jiang Liangchan felt that this news had to be taken seriously.

The siblings, brother and sister discussed and decided to let Jiang Yunting have a special training during this period.

While hugging the Buddha’s feet temporarily and practice Kung Fu well when the time comes, they would shine in the martial art competition and win the favor of old master arrow god at one fell swoop.

Jiang Liangchan said solemnly.

“You should practice martial arts with Mister Zhang first. I’ll help you find a way to see what training methods can make martial arts soar in a short time.”

Jiang Yunting solemnly promised.

“Good! I will practice well this time, I’m not afraid of suffering don’t worry.”


Two people cheered each other on, one immediately took the sword out to find Mister Zhang and the other sat down as she began to think of a plan.

When Chen Fang returned, Shen Xi was already waiting for him.

Seeing him coming, Shen Xi’s eyes lit up.

“Master you’re back.”

Chen Fang knew what was making him so anxious, it must be something important. And his mind turned around and roughly thought of a possibility.

He asked.

“About the lead I asked you to verify last night, are there any results?”

Shen Xi nodded repeatedly, he had a very serious expression at this time while handing a secret letter to Chen Fang.

“Things are almost exactly as you guessed, look at this.”

Chen Fang read the secret letter in ten lines at a glance and stayed in a few key points for a moment and read it several times before crumpling the secret letter.

In broad daylight, there were no candle flame and he didn’t have a ground dragon fire pit here. He put the crumbled up secret letter into water basin and the letter was slowly soaked through with water and the original clear ink letters began to blur around the edges until they completely melted into an unrecognizable ink mass.

The crumbled paper soaked into the water, even if someone gets it and dry the paper it was already unreadable.

Chen Fang lowered his eyes to look at the ink stain in the water, his heart could not say what he was feeling. After a long time, Chen Fang said.

“Even if it was her own son but to prevent that she was willing to cut of one hand, my mother is cruel.”

Shen Xi was originally surprise when he got the news. He thought there must some misunderstanding with his Master right at that time but when Chen Fang said said that his mother was really cruel to be treating her son like this, he knew his Master’s guess was right.

He secretly sighed in his heart and found that his really clumsy mouth do not know how to persuade could only clumsily said.

“Her highness must be cautious so she used to….”

Chen Fang smiled and raised his hand to stop him.

“No matter what she thinks I can probably guess one or two. I do not blame her.”

He narrowed his eyes slightly while tapping his finger unconsciously on the table and thought carefully for a while.

“Shen Xi do you think within these words of hers, which are clues and which are used to interfere with concealing my identity?”

Cheng Fang tilted his head to look at him and asked.

Sheng Xi tried to recall the content of the secret letter.


He really couldn’t tell.

He had been confused when he saw the secret letter.

Chen Fang glance at the secret letter that had soaked into a scrap of paper in the water basin and hooked his lips.

“I seem to understand the key to it.”

“And the clue, I’m afraid has come crashing into my hands by mistake.”



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