Chapter 30

And even if she get popular, on her resume would always be engraved with the label of ‘unmarried woman with a child’ and now she became someone’s mistress, she was just full of black history.

Ye Wan gritted her teeth and sent a message within the family group excluding Ye Susu’s mother and Ye Susu herself.

[After Susu left the company, she didn’t have much saving and was alone with her child yet she seemed to have moved into an expensive area @everyone, does everyone have Susu’s mom’ number? I’m really worried.]

After sending it, she grinning while tucking her hair.

Of course this kind of ugly news should be shared by many people.

Why did she just think of this now?

In the evening, Ye Susu received the WeChat business card of President Zhang from Evergrande Catering on time.

After meeting at 9:00 the next morning, she immediately felt that the salted fish day was waving at her.

She was in a good mood and didn’t lack money so she took Xia Ningmeng and Ye Xun out for a fish hot pot meal but before that they rushed into the children’s clothing store and purchase three bags of cute children clothing.

It was until 8:00 p.m that she said goodbye to Xia Ningmeng with her belly bulging with Ye Xun.

When passing through the stray cat territory Ye Susu also personally asked Ye Xun to feed two special small dried fish to the stray cats so that everyone would be familiar with them later.

When they got home, as soon as Ye Susu entered the door she smelled herself and frowned.

“Child, you play by yourself for a while mommy will go and take a bath first, okay?”

After all she was a clean loving cat, who couldn’t stand to have odors all over her strands.

Li Yun at this time who had just left his room to drink water happened to pass by.

He raised his eyes and looked down, only to see the little guy downstairs nodding his head looking so obedient.

Apparently the boy usually lets her mother wash first too.

“En, mommy will investigate the environment first and call you in when it’s safe to do so.”

Ye Susu looked so serious saying this.

Li Yun raised his eyebrows mockingly.

While Ye Susu at this time who was talking to the child lift her small pink face which seemed to be flushed by the winter wind. On top of her pinkish face was an expression of heroic righteousness.

She doesn’t look like someone who would go and take a bath but instead looked like she was going into a tiger’s den.

Her small face looked dignified all the way and she also seemed nervous. Together with little Ye Xun behind her who was also nervous as he pinched the hem of his little clothes and his little expression look more severe than her mother.

Both mother and son seemed to be engrossed in their own emotions that neither saw the person sitting on the second floor couch.

One muttered under his breathed while the other looked down at the floor and walked into the room with a strong smell of hot pot.

Soon the door to their room was closed and it was quiet inside.

Li Yun raised his eyebrows and decided to stay for a while.

Looking around the newly partitioned second floor children’s bookshelf and the rubber mat area he pondered, finally picked up the selection of illustrated version of “One Thousand and One Nights” on the table before he got up and walked to the mother and son’s room.

After checking that he was wearing a “not intimidating” loungewear he knocked on the door.

After a long time, the door of the room was carefully opened with a little gap.

Showing a small fury black head with two wind-blown skewed dull hair.

Li Yun took a step back and met the little one with alert and astringent look on his round grape like black eyes.

He looked like a small brat that had just finished eating milk as he looked bright and shiny yet somewhat fearful of the adult beast from the outside.

“Good evening kid.”

Li Yun leaned down, his heart felt soft and he couldn’t help but lighten his voice.

Ye Xun bit his lips and seemed a little overwhelmed.

Li Yun’s heart felt pain seeing this reaction.

When he was four years old, he was already teaching the Han family’s eight year old boy in the back of the mountain.

This child, however was timid like a little girl next door.

“Don’t be afraid, we met yesterday and we met this morning also, remember?”

Li Yun suppressed the gloom in his heart.

He once felt that in addition to life and death, nothing in this world could be difficult for him.

But at the moment, he felt a pan of helplessness and even wanted to bring in a parenting expert right away.

“You can call me Li….uncle.”

Li Yun struggled to pull out a small cordial smile.

However his face was used to coldness and his heart hated his absurd past so at the moment his smile did not look real.

Ye Xun was originally sensitive and seeing him smile like that, it clicked and he took a panicked step back.

He also almost fell down because he stepped on the shopping bag on the floor and wobbled.

“Be careful.”

Li Yun gave him a hand.

But the little one backed up repeatedly and looked at him with wary face.

Li Yun’s heart tightened.

Countless negotiation experiences had taught him that the little one was more nervous at the moment and know that it was no longer fit to continue talking to him.

“I just wanted to tell you that there are some storybook on the shelf outside that you can read.”

He took a deep breath and his carefully selected copy of One Thousand One Nights he was holding behind him tightened.

It was too abrupt for him to give a gift with the time he interacted with the child.

He mustn’t rush.

This child was very afraid of strangers.

“Good night little guy.”

Li Yun slowly stood up, feeling his knees were heavy.

Both parents have an inescapable responsibility for their children’s weak personality.

And he was at fault as a man, a father who were not with him for five years in his child’s life no matter what was the circumtances.

He turned around with an ugly face as if a knife pierce his heart.

However the sound of clattering water came out of the room in a moment.


Before he could take a step, he heard the woman’s piercing and terrified scream.

And Ye Xun who was in the room was also stunned, his little face suddenly turned pale. The next moment his little body dashed towards the bathroom.

Li Yun’s complexion also changes in variation.

Soon there was a soft whimper from the woman in the bathroom.

He frowned as he took a step towards the bathroom.

“Miss Ye?”

The little guy Ye Xun was panicking like a cannon ball that lost its direction as he went into rampaged and banged the open the bathroom door.

The sound of rushing water was suddenly clearer.

So much that Li Yun who was already standing at the door of the bathroom saw every flow of the water falling from the shower—

And beneath was….a slender curves of the woman’s body…

Li Yun: “!”

And at the same time, the phone that was in the pocket of Ye Xun’s small pants were frenzy.

[What’s going on? Who’s screaming? Is it the mother?]

[Who was the man who came in later? The baby’s father?]

[Obvious it is not the dad, didn’t you hear him call “Miss Ye”? and he said he meet the child twice!]

[I drop the hemp, this man’s voice is so magnetic~]

[Surprised at the baby’s late night live when suddenly a man knocks and the woman’s unknown screams through the heaven and earth!]

[Exciting! Reward 500 gold melons! Please don’t stop!]


 Author has something to say: the excitement comes so fast, it’s like a tornado.


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