Chapter 157

Fu Zhen’s eyes rested in the top of the clock tower, and his eyes were moist for some reason.

He remembered that someone once said that they would give him a castle once he grew up but the Eston Manor was at the end given under Tang Wanwan’s name and he was no longer his father’s child.

Tears involuntarily slipped from the corners of his eyes, dropping on the lawn and turning into crystal dew just like the stars in the sky bringing back the fireflies of memories.

Jiang Hengshu raised his hand to wipe the teardrops on Fu Zhen’s cheeks and asked him softly.

“Why are you crying? Don’t you like it? I have other estates if you don’t like it.”


Fu Zhen nodded while shedding tears as he hugged Jiang Hengshu.

“Jiang Hengshu I like you so much.”

Jiang Hengshu hugged Fu Zhen bak and stroke his head.

“I also like you very much, so don’t cry.”

He lowered his head and kissed the teardrops on Fu Zhen’s face to dry it, the salty taste and bitterness remained on the tip of his tongue.

He pressed Fu Zhen towards his chest and said to him.

“I love you.”1

As if the stars in the night sky fell into Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes while Fu Zhen was intoxicated in these sapphire eyes/

Jiang Hengshu suddenly let go of Fu Zhen and then took a step backward before bending down with his left hand behind his back and his right arm was stretched out, palm up and sent an invitation to Fu Zhen.

“Hello handsome prince, would you like to dance with me?”

Fu Zhen rubbed his face and straightened his expression as he stood up straight and place his hand in the palm of Jiang Hengshu’s and said with a smile.

“It’s my great honor.”

Jiang Hengshu’s hand exerted a slight force pulling Fu Zhen into his arms.

Soft music immediately flowed out from around the fountain and together the white lawn lamp began to change color as the music sounded.

The castle in the distance also lit up a dreamlike color, Fu Zhen dance with Jiang Hengshu’s steps as if he entered a fairy tale and at that moment the prince and his knight would always be together forever.

Once the dance was over, Jiang Hengshu said to Fu Zhen.

“The air conditioner has not been installed in the castle, so prince forgive me but let’s go home to our house for tonight.”

“……okay then.”


Not long after the night of the Valentine’s Day was over, the scrip for <<White Castle>> has been completely revised.

After the child was born, Fu Zhen could start selecting roles, determining the venues and preparing to start the play. Fu Zhen already has several candidates in his heart and has contacted them before, he just don’t know whether the other party has time and would agree.

Fu Zhen once worked as screenwriter for the Shazou Chronicle and thought he was doing well in this line.

However during this time with Luo Pingping, he learned a lot of things he didn’t knew before and gained a lot of knowledge. So after the completion of the script of <<White Castle>>, Fu Zhen asked Luo Pingping.

“Have you ever been a screenwriter before Teacher Luo?”

Luo Pingping didn’t hide it from Fu Zhen and said with a hint of smile.

“I did it, the screenwriter for the TV series “Secret History of Afang Palance.” And “One Widow, Two Men” was me.”

These two TV series were popular more than ten years ago and their ratings were high. Even today it was often mentioned, Fu Zhen only saw the secret history of Afang Palace when he was a child.

The lines left a deep impression on him, it was obviously an ancient historical drama but the writer has a taste of Shakespeare’s drama that unexpectedly matches the whole play.

The two dramas have different styles and different themes, one was an historical drama while the other one was a rural love story.

Knowing this, Fu Zhen quickly opened the web page to check the screenwriter, and these two drama were indeed have the same screenwriter, but they don’t have Luo Pingping’s name.

Luo Pingping explained to Fu Zhen.

“I change my name later, my father felt that my previous name was hostile and did not suit me well.”

Fu Zhen did not doubt Luo Pingping, since during this time he really learned a lot from Luo Pinging.

“Teacher Luo, I have something to do at this time and can’t go out. After a while, I’ll invite you to dinner.”

“Good, it’s just so happens that I’m going on a trip to Lijiang next and I guess I won’t be back until October.”

After finishing the script of Shazou Chronicle and the White Castle, Fu Zhen was completely free to nurse his baby inside his womb. After the last time he and Jiang Hengshu were secretly photographed and put on Weibo they have never been followed again.

So Fu Zhen now walks freely with his mobile phone in the community every day and from time to time check the gossip news in the entertainment industry and seeing how people bully Tang Wanwan—his days were quite pleasant.


“I love you.”1– this is really sweet when said in your mother tongue, “wo ai ni”


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