Chapter 20

After Tang Tang left the stationery store while wielding the knife, she ran decisively towards the school gate in the darkness of the night.

After so many days have passed, even if there were still food in the canteen stored before it was estimated that they were almost bad now. The supermarket must be the hardest area to infiltrate, it was impossible for people who ran out a few days ago not to visit the supermarket first.

And the previous discussion with Jiang Zhu and the others, it seems that according to the current situation there was no need to go the gym six days later.

The surrounding area outside the school was large and there were many empty places, maybe she could find a place where there were no people and no zombies.

Without ability, one could hide day by day.

Anyway she had hidden space and she doesn’t have to worry about starving to death in a short time.

Tang Tang had planned in her mind, but she was busy to planning everything that she hit the wall with a bang.

Tang Tang thought that her memory had run away from her when he accidently hit the wall. She thought it was a hard ‘wall’ but it suddenly moved.

Although she couldn’t see in the dark but the footsteps on the ground were very clear and distinct.

Tang Tang instantly froze.

“Krkk… krkkk.”

It was a zombie.

The zombie seemed confused for a moment after she hit him.

He looked around sluggishly but did not smell anyone and only then did he leave slowly and steadily.

Tang Tang heard the footsteps gradually walked away until it disappeared and only then put down her heart down.

She muttered inside.

Why is this zombie standing in the middle of the night on the road?

That really scared the hell out of her.


But before she could exhale, another place not far away the wind suddenly hit again.

That wind was the wind that blew her away in the first place.


It’s coming again?

Tang Tang hurriedly went to the tree next to the road and held the trunk firmly with both hands. This time she should not be flown away, because if she would have another flying lesson the bone in her body would be dismantled!

Surprisingly the wind did not blow her away but gradually eased off.

But she still did not let go of the tree, she hugged the tree tightly not allowing to lose her grip.

“That’s her?”

Suddenly a male voice rang out behind her with a touch of arrogance.


Another female voice replied, overly concise and unable to taste emotion.

Tang Tang froze.

What is going on? Aren’t I too busy tonight?

And listening to their conversation, it was as if they had come specifically to find her. Had she offended them before?

Well it was true that in the past her persona was ‘so arrogant that no-one else matter’ was a little bad.

But it was not an unforgivable sin, was it?

Was it necessary for people to chased and take revenge on people they had grudge in at this chaotic time?

Tang Tang quickly think of ways to see where she would run and if the probability of success would be higher.

At that moment, the wind stopped.

Tang Tang felt free and was about to start implementing the plan but as soon as she released her hand the wind blew again before she ran out.

At the same time, a blinding burst of light shone in her direction.

The arrogant male voice said impatiently.

“What are you running for?”

Tang Tang: “…”

Then what are you blowing for!

She really wanted to shout if there weren’t many people standing across the area.

The light shone towards her side, so the opposite side was a bit dark and when those people came closer Tang Tang counted out the correct number of them.

Six people except for that one girl, all of them were boys.

At the front of the line stood two people, the boy on the left was taller. The expression on his face even in the night could be seen, the impatience and arrogance was very distinct.

It seems that the boy who just spoke was him.

Tang Tang looked at the boy’s face and his heart was stunned again!

At the same time, the boy seemed to recognize her.

“You? Isn’t that you? I can’t believe you’re still alive?”

Tang Tang: “….”

Sorry I will live longer oh! Hahaha!!!

The boy’s name was Jiang Chi, that was correct his surname was Jiang. It was the newly appointed young master of the Jiang family, the one who replace Jiang Zhu.

The Jiang family was a big family with a huge foundation, but at the same time the internal relationship was also very complex. This man was not Jiang Zhu’s brother but the child of a relative, Jiang Zhu’s parent left him very early. He was raised by his grandfather from childhood.

But not long ago the grandfather died unexpectedly, the family who lost the person in charge was suddenly in chaos. And some people who had been developing in secret took the opportunity to take advantage of it in one full swoop to get rid of Jiang Zhu who was still attending school at the moment.

At the same time in order to be reasonable and to keep their ugly mouths from tarnishing their reputation, they chose someone who was both well coaxed and closer to Jiang Zhu’s blood relationship to support him.

That was Jiang Chi.

In fact, it was the pair of foreign relatives who ousted Jiang Zhu and their children who really have a position in today’s Jiang family.

It was also the one who was standing next to Jiang Chi at this moment.

That person’s name was Zhen Xue, he always has this calculating look on his face. People looked very uncomfortable and always feel that he was scheming.

When Tang Tang was with Jiang Zhu before she had been to Jiang’s house and met them.

Jiang Chi was the kind of arrogant fool who could easily be coax by saying good words which was Zhen Xue’s expertise….

The first time Tang Tang and he looked at each other, she felt her scalp tinging. When the man stared at her, she almost couldn’t control to slap his face bad.

Tonight was really a good night, she all bumped to them.

“What a coincidence, Miss Tang Tang we meet again.”

Here we go again.

Zheng Xue speaks.

Zheng Xue was speaking politely and using courteous words but his eyes were narrowed on her body constantly and that look made Tang Tang very uncomfortable.

Zheng Xue was looking at her raincoat.

“Miss Tang Tang’s outfit is very enviable in this last days.”

He shook his wet clothes.

“You see my hair and clothes are wet but Miss Tang Tang looks very relaxed and comfortable. It’s amazing.”

Tang Tang: “….”

The enemy is strong and I am weak.

I need to endure!

“But I’m curious, why did the zombie bypass you just after you hit it Miss Tang Tang instead of attacking you? All of us don’t have that kind of treatment. Can Miss Tang Tang tell us the secret?”

He spoke slowly and each sentence with seemed to be modest words but it was uncomfortable to hear to the human ear.

Tang Tang couldn’t help but feel chest and mouth.

When Jiang Zhu’s grandfather was still alive, Zhen Xue didn’t dare to be so overboard when he saw her and Jiang Zhu. But now once he gained ability he couldn’t wait to go to heaven!

“Why is Miss Tang Tang not saying anything?”

Zheng Xue was unrelenting.

This is very annoying.

Tang Tang now regrets that when she bought the helmet she didn’t the buy the type that could cover the whole face and only her eyes could be seen. In this way it would be hard for other people to recognize who she was.

Wait a minute—

What did he just say?

The zombies didn’t attack her after she runs into it?


He saw the scene that happened just now?

Tang Tang subconsciously denied the possibility.

Impossible, it was too dark jus now! And there was no light around. Did he have a pair night vision eyes? Did he really saw it?

Tang Tang was still confused with her situation now, if she denies it she was afraid that she would finished on the spot by this person, Zhen Xue.

Tang Tang looked at the few people behind him and decided to accompany him around a bit first.

“Ah? You’re calling me Miss Tang Tang?”


“Then that means you know me?”

Tang Tang showed a confused and awkward expression you, “huh? May I ask if you are…”



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