GTKWF 35.1


Chapter 35(1)

The next morning, Shen Qiao dragged her huge suitcase to the airport to take the plane.

In the taxi, the driver recognized her and asked for an autograph, Sheng Qiao then wrote “Happy New Year”. There were still a few days to go before New Year’s Eve and despite the cold, there were still a lively and festive atmosphere in the freezing weather.

There was no fans who sent her off during her private trip as everyone was in a hurry running to their warm homes. And so was Sheng Qiao, it was already afternoon when she arrived.

She told Mother Sheng in advance that she was coming back so as soon as she entered the door, she smelled the pungent aroma of rice. Although Mother Shen was in a wheelchair she had long since adapted to it after so many years and all the tools in house were specially tailored to fit her height.

Sheng Qiao jumped over and gave her a big hug as she smiled sweetly and shouted.

“Mom, I’m back, did you miss me?”

Mother Shen stroked her hear and kissed her face again as she pointed to the TV.

“You can be seen every day.”

Under the TV cabinet was an old-fashioned DVD player which was no longer sold in many placed but Mother Sheng has been using it. She bought all of her daughter’s TV series at the town’s video store and repeatedly played them at home every day for an unknown number of times.

Everyone in town knows that the woman who sells insoles in a wheelchair loves to watch TV shows.

The bed covers have been replaced with new ones, it was clean and spotless. Sheng Qiao spread the suitcase to pack out her clothes.

“I said I can clean the room by myself after I’m back, but you did it.”

She took two padded jackets out of her suitcase and carried one in one hand.

“Does it look good?”

Mother Sheng took a look and knew she bought it for herself. But thought that it was a little too old fashioned for her daughter and realized something.

“I’ve told you not buy, you little girl.”

She said these words but the delight in her eyes could not be hidden. Sheng Qiao helped her try on the clothes, they all fit her mother will and most importantly it was warm.

Mother Sheng looked around in the mirror and asked her again.

“Is it expensive?”

“It’s not expensive, I bought it at a discount.”

Mother Shen then felt relieved.

The next morning Sheng Qiao had to go out of the buy vegetables and was wrapped like a penguin and since everyone was dressed in a hat and mask she didn’t feel strange. She bought some stuffing for dumpling and three kilograms of dumpling skin. After breakfast she sat in the living room while making dumpling and watching a play.

What was play on the TV was actually one of Huo Xi’s play.

It was an historical drama made two years ago, when it was first broadcasted the fans have watched it on computer, mobile phone and iPad for the ratings to go up. She also watched it over and over again many times.

Huo Xi’s acting skill were not considered perfect but every year it was improving and was already considered a good actor in the eyes of netizens.

Even after watching it a hundred and eighty times that she even remember the next line, her interest was never gone even until this moment.

Mother Sheng who saw her daughter wrapping the dumpling while reciting the line,

“What kind hero are you? A warrior who steals chicken and pets?”

The next line was faster than the protagonist.

“I’m not embarrassed with you but just thinking of the past teacher’s love, you only think I dare not execute the sword?”

“Even the tone of voice was the same.

“Hahahah it hurts! Don’t say farewell today cherish each other! Green mountains do not change, green water flows forever!

Mother Sheng: “…”

Is she being silly because of filming?

After wrapping the dumpling and putting it in the refrigerator, Sheng Qiao pointed to the handsome child in the picture.

“Does he looked good?”

Mother Sheng said.

“Good looking, all celebrities are look good.”

“He’s different, he’s the best looking!”

Mother Sheng looked at it carefully for a while.

“En, it’s better than those next to him.”

She looked at her daughter’s smitten eyes.

“Do you like him?”

“En! He’s exceptionally nice, good character, has good three outlooks in life, all in all he’s good at everything.”

Mother Sheng gave her a blank look.

“How long has it been? It will soon change again.”

Sheng Qiao: “??”

What do you mean?

Mother Sheng was still wrapping dumplings.

“I think the one before is better, this one looks too young. Is he about the same age as you?”

“He is three years older than me, he is twenty eight.”

“Ohhhhh that’s good looking, he look so young.”

Sheng Qiao came over and picked up the dumpling skin as she asked deliberately.

“The one before, what did I tell you about it?”

Mother Sheng laughed and patted her.

“You little girl, you’re still young and yet you already forget. Last time you said that someone is like a moonlight that no one could match it.”

Sheng Qiao: “…”

Moonlight??? Meng Xingchen??!


At lunch, Sheng Qiao ate absent-mindedly. After eating she quickly took our her phone and carefully checked the call records, WeChat records and Weibo records.

None, there was nothing.

Her contact with Meng Xingchen only stops at the moonlight in the address book he was not even added in WeChat.

After going through the video cabinet except DVD of Sheng Qiao’s dramas, all others were Meng Xingchen’s drama. From his debut to his Brandian award to his nomination for the Golden Horse—every single one of them.

Sheng Qiao sat on the floor and held her head.


He was her moonlight.

My world where the sun does not shine in, it was cold and dark with only the moonlight giving the only light.

New Year’s Eve, the family welcome the new year with firecrackers. In remote towns, firecrackers were not controlled so near twelve o’clock she could already heard explosions around that Sheng Qiao could not hear the comical sketch she was watchinhg.

Finally, she simply pushed Mother Sheng out to see the fireworks.

The street was full of children scurrying on the streets, and all the houses were lit up. Sheng Qiao was infected by the atmosphere and also ran to buy a few boxes of fireworks to put at the door. As the second hand gradually pointed the twelve, she took out her mobile phone and clicked on Huo Xi’s WeChat write down Happy New Year. The moment the New Year bell rang the four words flew to the person she loved with all her sincerity and love.

It was her first year away from her parents and brother.

It was also the first year she spent with her new mother.

This year her world was turned upside down and she could only go forward.



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