Chapter 41

Jian Ruixi had told Lisa to contact the water army before, so there was no need contact them again. Moreover, the girl who broke the news about Madam Fu’s goodness was her own water army.

Since her evaluation was more accurate than hired water army in the weibo. Many people had already expressed their intention to become one of Madam Fu’s fans.

But Lisa was even more uneasy about leaving it as it was.

The influence of the post completely exceeded her expectation, the original post seemed to be posted early in the morning and when the sun was up in the sky there have already been tens of thousands repost making it the talk of every netizens.

And now, the media has also began to follow up with this development she didn’t know what scale it would develop.

Lisa received calls from several Hong King Media in the morning, otherwise she wouldn’t have come over so early.

At this moment, she asked worriedly.

“Madam, I have contacted the people. Should I asked them to keep the heat down?”

Jian Ruixi was gloating and enjoying her popularity as the netizens talked about her.

Speaking of it, when she crossed over and became Madam Fu was like indirectly fulfilling her long cherished wish to marry into a rich family in her previous life.

It was reasonable to say that there was nothing to be picky about but there were also some shortcomings. For example she used to be a female star, she was surrounded with fans every time she went out of the street.

All of them wanted to take a group photo and autographs, appearing to be more popular everywhere she went, she had countless fans and it was common occurrence to be on the Weibo.

But after crossing over she had no fans, and no longer enjoyed the treatment of the stars which made Jian Ruixi very lonely and empty.

But with today’s show her vanity was finally satisfied. When she heard the assistant’s request for instructions Jian Ruixi’s first reaction was to blurt out.

“Such a good situation and you want me to suppress it?”

Are you nuts?

Lisa choked with her reply and couldn’t help by paused before she continued to remind her.

“Madam, I’ve heard that Old Madam Fu doesn’t seem to like the family to be too high profile….

Jian Ruixi finally woke up from her dream, although she was now rich and a noble woman she still have three mountains on her head.

Her rich father-in-law, mother-in-law and President Fu any of them could let her pack up and go. In other words she had to wait on ­three mother in law1, so Jian Ruixi had to put away some useless thought and sighed.

“You reminded me on time.”

Rather than gloat over her boss’s affirmation Lisa dutifully asked.

“So should I arrange now for the water army to suppress it?”

Jian Ruixi shook her head.

“No, it’s not my responsibility this time. We’ve reminded everything we should remind, the little girl made her own decisions and post it online. What does it have to do with me?”

She roguishly stretched out her hands.

“Mom and dad can’t blame me if they don’t it like.”

Whether it became popular or not was actually a small matter, since white washing Old Madam Fu has already been included in Jian Ruixi’s plan.

It was also her luck to meet the girl at the hotpot restaurant and became her willing water army and was relieve that it wasn’t too late.

But for the sake of her rich mother-in-law she did not buy water army to brag about herself.

So when Lisa asked her to let that water army to suppress the news instead, she obviously would not agree. How could she do that?

Lisa secretly thought that although her boss made some changes on what was on the news there was still some truth to it. As the affected party, they had no obligation to wipe others’ ass.

But in her heart since Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu had been gaining prestige for a long time, she thinks that they might be angry.

Lisa hesitated and asked.

“What are we going to do now?”

“Didn’t I explained it?”

Jian Ruixi was very calm.

“Hold still first, I’ll ask Ethan for his opinion.”

Seeing how worried Lisa look, she added.

“It’s almost lunch break now, I’ll contact him later.”

As a rich lady, Jian Ruixi realized that she was quite sensible, she knew that her rich husband had a meeting for more than ten hours every day so she never looked for him during the day.

Today, there was a reason and since she was sensible she also specially waited after 12:30. She felt that around this this she was not disturbing his business so she dialed President Fu’s number.

President Fu doesn’t have the hobby of having meeting while hungry at noon so when Jian Ruixi called in, he was on the way from the staff canteen.

The secretary who had lunch with him talked about the hot search incident of Jian Ruixi. The secretary laughed and said,

“It seems that the impact range this time is a little big, I heard that our official page has also been regarded as a gossip sightseeing station by netizens. It seems that the public relations department has also received inquiries from the media…”

The tone used by the secretary was like having a small talk since he was also a little unsure of the boss’s reaction, so he said this while observing his expression.

Of course, President Fu still smiles like a spring breeze and there was nothing on his expression that could say his attitude on the matter.

The secretary lamented inside that if he could he didn’t want to be the “informant” and just be like his colleagues who were eating melons secretly. But who asked him to help President Fu take care of his personal life?

He could only continue to say.

“Speaking of it, President Fu’s weibo is also popular this time—”

Fu Shiyuan finally raised his eyebrows, and was a little surprised.




three mother in law1– since daughter in law in Asian country needs to wait on their mother-in-law, most of the Asian countries, daugther-in-law will always needs to listen to their mother-in-law

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