TMBAM 13.2

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Chapter 13(2)

Madam Xia and Gu Xueyi were not what they called themselves friends, they just meet occasionally to shop together. Honestly it was the original owner who was more active to stick herself to Madam Xia.

Madam Xia has a strong character and firmly holds her husband’s money. If she could spend eleven points she would never stop spending at ten so most of the mall shop assistants like her very much.

With such money thrown down, many brand names invited her to see the show from time to time. She has gradually developed a sense of fashion and this was exactly what the original owner lacks.

In order to get better luxury good and really join the upper class society, the original owner contacted the fashion circle and lowered her noble head in front of Madam Xia.

But for Madam Xia the most important thing was that in this circle, she doesn’t like to have equal footing with the original owner. All she wanted was the fawn and favor she gave and of course the original owner looking up to her. After all who doesn’t know that her marriage to Yan Chao was just formality?

And now, she stood in front of Gu Xueyi, surprised.

“You’re not wearing makeup today?”

Gu Xueyi does wear makeup but she was too busy and just skip this step.

And since it was no important for Madam Xia to require her to dress up for the occasion she did not bother with the makeup.


Gu Xueyi replied succinctly.

Madam Xia was instantly contemptuous.

No wonder you can’t please President Yan, your fashion sense is a mess. In the past you still know to put on makeup and prim yourself but now you don’t even bothered to get…

Although, although… it looks like you are more beautiful, even a bit prettier…..amazing.

Madam Xia suppressed that moment of amazement in her eyes, and that subtle bit of jealousy.

But her eyes flickered as she asked.

“You’re not too sad because you watched the news are you?”

“News? What news?”

Madam Xia froze.

“So you didn’t see it?”

Madam Xia didn’t despise Gu Xueyi now but felt a little bit of superior pity welled up on her face.

“It’s overwhelming that Jiang Meng is pregnant with President Yan’s child. Is that true?”

“Not true.”

Gu Xueyi answered directly and efficiently.

Where would Madam Xia believe? According to what she could see Gu Xueyi was trying to save her face and it was not a matter of one or two days.

It must be a lie to whitewash peace now.

“Aren’t we going to the Gucci shop?”

Gu Xueyi shifted away from the topic.

Madam Xia’s attention followed for a moment and nodded.


Somewhere in Africa.

This time it was another change of venue.

The light this time was much brighter.

Only the phone remained casually placed on the table.

The signal was weak, but receiving text messages does not affect in any way. After all, China’s infrastructure run quite far. In such desolate place it would still be convenient for Chinese to go around the world because of the signal tower that was built all over the world.

The phone screen lights up one at a time followed by another.

“Your credit card *** number paid 230,000 yuan at 14:11 on October 15…”

“Your credit card *** number paid 230,000 yuan at 14:11 on October 15…”

“….quick payment 410,000.”

“Is it really not stolen?”

Several people stared at the screen and looked at each other.

The young man was sitting while leaning on the mound of earth but still with upright figure and a indifferent temperament. He slightly lowered his gaze and incorporated the information on his phone screen into his eyes.

“It’s Gu Xueyi.”

The man gently opened his lips, coming out was his soft and low timbre voice

“The Madam?”

Few people said,

That’s a lot of spending.

But the men were not surprise.

Because this should how Gu Xueyi was, it was her returning to normal.

The man looked cold and unaffected, as he quickly changed the subject away.

“How far is Kaza from here?”

At this time at another shop, Madam Xia was frozen.

She knew that Gu Xueyi was using the secondary card of the Yan Chao.

Unluckily for her she has run up against the slag1 since Yan Chao had no feelings for Gu Xueyi. As soon as she recommend luxury good on her, she would buy all those luxury items, but even if she bought all the luxury items she could only buy tens of thousands out. After all she came out of a small family like Gu family, she was timid and afraid of spending too much and really scared to angered Yan Chao—she really wouldn’t dare.

But today…

Madam Xia looked stunned.

According to her spending progress… in just more than ten minutes of shopping she already have spent a few million compared then, it would take her a few hours. She shouldn’t be allowed to spend more than ten million?

Madam Xia prides herself on being a shopper so even though the money she could use was limited since she only goes shopping often, and not spending so much out every day.

Jiang Meng didn’t made Gu Xueyi mad, does she?

“What else does Madam Xia recommend?”

Gu Xueyi turned her head and asked.

Madam Xia had a lump in her throat.

This shop was also particular about luxury items.

If one were not a VVVIP and had no experience of shopping luxury items, they wouldn’t give you those new luxury items at all. Even if you take out a card and say I have money and I can buy it all, people on the shop would still be lazy to entertain you.

However Madam Xia happens to belong to the category of VVVIP customers.

Those new itmes luxury brands was left intended just for her. But since Madam Xia also has limited cash not everything could be bought in one swoop.

Today Gu Xueyi asked the shopkeeper to take out all the new luxury item in front of Madam Xia’s face, the old customer.

At first glance, none of the items were considered expensive either.

The most expensive bag was only 410,000.

But what if she buy it all.

Madam Xia looked a little dull as if she felt that she had lost her usual position.

She was qualified to ask for those luxury items, and she should have been the top priority.

But today, positions seemed reverse. She look like a little servant girl who opens the way for Gu Xueyi, carry her bag as Gu Xueyi becomes the madam who generously swipes her card.

“There are, there are, there are still a few shops left to go.”

Madam Xia gritted her teeth and made a fierce attack.

She would see how bold Gu Xueyi would be today and how much money she dares to swipe away from Yan Chao!

Gu Xueyi nodded.

“Let’s go then.”

Gu Xueyi buy things quickly, she does not even looks closely and even bothered to change and check if it was fit to her body or compare if it look good or bad on her, she was just too lazy to do it.

In the blink of eye, half an hour had passed.

Again, several millions were swiped out.

The corners of Madam Xia’s mouth twitched.

She suddenly realized that if Yan Chao really died outside, then what a huge fortune would Gu Xueyi share would be.

The little sense of superiority she had in front of Gu Xueyi was gone in a flash.


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