Chapter 46

Chu Qing boast of being a gentleman with elegant demeanor as he would always talked in a dignified manner and never spit bad words.

But when he finally realized that the one he had secretly compared himself to, this supposed to be unattainable rival was the lowly Chen Fang of Jiang House, losing himself he did not know what else he had said at that time.

He just remember that Jiang Liangchan did not even looked at him, as if he had been too lazy to say anything as she just shrugged her shoulder and walked away.

On the contrary Chen Fang turn looked back at him.

But the eyes looking at it him were indifferent, despise and contempt and some pity.

He actually looked at him like that but all he could do was froze, and the remaining words that his mouth wanted to say abruptly stopped as he subconsciously took a step back.

After realizing that he was actually showing weakness he reluctantly took another big step forward and shouted.

“How dare you! Who gave you permission to look at me like this?”

However Chu Qing’s owns actions of demonstrating how authoritative he was, were in fact the demonstration and signs of his weakness and Chen Fang seems to be simply too lazy to see more.

Hearing him loudly shouting that sentence Chen Fang also just faintly smiled.

“The only good card in your hand has been broken by your own hand.”

Chu Qing reacted for a moment and said angrily.

“What do you mean? I am the number one talent, the son of a court official, am I inferior to you unlike you only to relying on her, aren’t I right? You, a lowly person wantonly slandered the son of a third-ranking official is a crime!”

However, after Cheng Fang threw down those words. Also like Jiang Liangchan he no longer care what his reaction as he walked straight not turning his back.

The two men, one in standing while of the other disappeared in front of him.

Leaving Chu Qing standing in place, still venting his indignation and attacks indiscriminately.

Inadvertently he look up and Chu Qing suddenly found that as those two were gone the winter that was full of bright feeling has also disappeared.

The winter reverts back to endless misery and gray.

He looked back and saw that Song Xinrui had stood behind him at some point and was watching him in silence.

When Jiang Liangchan and Chen Fang returned to the Jiang Mansion, it was already after noon.

Jiang Yungting was anxious at home, distracted all morning so as soon as he hears the concierge reported that the young lady has returned he immediately darted out.

He saw his sister got off the carriage, still as beautiful as she went out, still smiling. She looked good making him reassured.

…..wait why is there a man getting off the carriage?

What kind of dog thief rides in the same carriage with my sister?



Weren’t this his clothes?

How did his clothes go out horizontally and come back vertically?

But because of turn or events, when Jiang Yunting heard Jiang Liangchan’s joyful announcement that she had withdrawn from her marriage and told her ups and downs about her experience of how she had raised her eyebrows in front of those people, he stood there in silence with a very complicated mood.

Originally he was supposed to be happy.

He hadn’t dared to think it would turn out so well even after looking forward to it last night.

But the problem was…

He glared at Chen Fang.

Why was he not present at such an important and historic moment?

If he was not there, it was fine but why was Chen Fang there?

He also wore his own clothes.

… And it look better than when he was wearing it!

Jiang Yunting was going to die of anger.

He likes that dress very much, and he has secretly compare it with his body. It feels like that it was not perfect to him anymore.

He should wait for his height to be higher and his shoulder to be wider to wear it again.

For this reason, he also secretly drank a lot more bone broth ready to be a little taller and stronger so when he wears it again outside he could shocked many people.

But it was useless to wear it now, and it was useless to make it up for himself.

Jiang Yunting was still furious and felt that he must find fault with him fiercely today.

Jiang Liangchan came over and patted him on the shoulder.

“Good brother, thanks to your clothes today Chen Fang help me grow my face in front of Chu Qing. If you only just saw that Chu Qing’s face is green.”

The countless forks that just popped up in Jiang Yunting’s heart were all plucked from the nail by her words.

Chen Fang smiled faintly knowingly at the angry Jiang Yunting.

“If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”


Jiang Yunting finally saw the huge fault-finding gap that was not known just now when Chen Fang moved this way and accurately locked the target.

Jiang Yunting fiercely pointed to the needle like hole on his shoulder and said menacingly.

“You put hole on my clothes!



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