Chapter 29

The hallway was just a distance away from the door to the room.

Four eyes were facing each other.

Silence– the whole hallway was eerie quiet.

There was only a hint of frozen awkwardness in the air.


Ye Susu turned her head and then put her fingers on her sleeve but her ear were noticeable red.

Her red lips moved with difficulty.


Li Yun frowned.

Ye Susu finally puffed out her cheeks.

“Disposing of the garbage.”

She said quickly and never dared to stand in front of the cardboard box again.

She was afraid that if she looked at it again, her hand would not be able to resist touching it again and fight with this thing for 300 rounds.

But she could not be exposed in front of this very good smelling catnip so she hurriedly made a disgusted face.

She immediately turned around and walked back to her room but only after taking a small steps she came back with her still little red face as if she had gone to an arduous exercise.

“This paper….seems to be of a good quality, and you can throw some more stuff in.”

After she said that, she coolly dragged the large cardboard box off the floor.

Li Yun narrowed his eyes, his scrutinizing gaze moved from the faceless cardboard box to her.

The pink coral velvet sportswear highlights the woman’s soft curves, from the back her horsetail made of black hair swings behind the slim waist, full of life.

And her walking posture was also different from that of ordinary people, although she was holding a cardboard box each step was as standard as measured rulers and was also full of grace like the beauty of running water.

When looking closely, the waist hidden beneath the cloth was swaying rhythmically.

Li Yun’s brows furrowed in disgust and averted his gaze.

On her first day, she used a cheap and ridiculous tactic to get his attention.

How long have they known each other that she was so impatient for a man?

Annoyed, he threw the book in his hand on the glass table in the small living room and walked down to the first floor.

“Liu Zhen, have you found a lying idle restaurant? Speed it up.”

On the other hand Ye Susu returned to her room and was just about to sit down when she received a call from an unfamiliar number.

“Miss Ye? I am an employee of Evergrande Game, the game account you registered with our company before was drawn as the top prize- 1 million dream fund.”

Ye Susu was dumbfounded,


“We have linked with the catering Department of Evergrande group to give you the right to operate a 50 square restaurant. If you come here with your ID card, we will go through the delivery formalities for you immediately. We are also responsible for the simple decoration and personnel recruitment in the store.”

Ye Susu blinked.

“Games? Dining?”

What is it?

The voice of the staff was very gentle and formulaic.

“Yes, you played our company’s China’s little master food business hand tour before, so the award is also linked to the food store.”

Ye Susu froze for a moment, and finally found a long-lost memory in the original body’s memory.

When the original body was still in the company, she used to play this food game live with nineteen other female anchors to promote the official game.

And she win the lottery?

This mortal is rolling so much!

“Miss Ye, are you still listening? We will have colleague from the food and beverage department to connect with you in person. Later, I will send his contract information to your mobile phone, would it be convenient for you to see the dream store tomorrow Monday?”


Ye Susu immediately blurted.

Of course I’m free.

She bend the corners of her eyes at once.

She knew that being a noble and beautiful big cat, as long as she didn’t stray at the beginning she would always have her way.

When she was born, she already have a shiguan to feed her.

Weren’t they her koi’s?

They, that’s my meow meow food!

She was a big cat standing at the top of the koi food~


When Ye Susu hung up the phone, she felt all the pressure was gone.

To make money or something was really not of a big deal, she could laze around as expected.

But she had just put her phone down when a WeChat message popped up.

[Ye Wan: Susu, I found a newcomer today. Her first live broadcast views has broke a thousand and has a received a reward of more than a hundred. As long as she follow the program and follow according to my style she can certainly soar in the sky and it won’t be long for her annual income to be more than a million…. It’s a pity that…. All of this would have been belonged to you but you gave it up yourself. I hope you don’t regret it later.]

When Ye Susu saw the message she couldn’t help but snort.

“This newcomer…..should be the female lead?”

This was the woman on the plot who became popular in the live broadcast and retired to be a rich wife after marrying that man?

It seems that this female lead does not have a powerful yazi1

Annual income of one million only were similar to the money she received while lying down.

Xia Ningmeng who hear her asked.


“Ah nothing.”

She then put aside the phone.

She was not interested in the male lead, and the female lead was no longer relevant to her.

She did not say anything about the dream fund for the time being and wanted to give a surprise to Xia Ningmeng when the time comes.

On the other hand, after sending the message and even if the other party did not reply Ye Wan was still smiling and was in a good mood as she put her phone down.

“Sister Wan, Su Luzhu’s video has received 180 rewards within 24 hours and has been clicked for 10,000. Our publicity hasn’t been launched yet. Will we push again after zero?”

The young assistant knocked on the door and came in.

Ye Wan opened the tablet and looked at the company’s background data.

“Not bad, 0-1 pm is still the active time for geeks, which was recommend to us by the analyst. She should set our record this year and become the dark horse in the industry.”

As she said that, she opened a picture. It was Su Luzhu’s avatar in the live network.

The girl was wearing a lotus root powder organza dress, it was simple without any help from the filter effect and her features were clean.

She had the touch of a girl-next door temperament, it was easy for men to rise their protective desire.

“You send the script written by the script team and let her broadcast it tomorrow and intersperse it at the right time.”

The young assistant answered and retreated.


Ye Wan put down the tablet and the corners of her mouth pulled out a hint of interest.

Any internet celebrity comes for the pile of money.

In the age of traffic, what else depends on genuine talent and natural beauty?

This Su Luzhu was a real beauty though she was not as beautiful as her cousin Ye Susu who was born captivating.

The former was just a girl-next door aura on her poking the preferences of ordinary men.

While Ye Susu was pure and sweet as a girl. When she had a man at the age of 18 her appearance became more charming, in addition her figure was commendable.

It could be said that she had fans from campus otaku to working male dogs making her target group wider.

But so what?

When Ye Wan thought of this, she wanted to laugh out loud.

Ye Susu has no brain and blindly worships the internet popularity, she likes to turn on heavy filter and put too much on her face turning her face to unrecognizable awl face.

Coupled with stupid and mindless live content she has never been popular.

That was her fate!



yazi1- Yazi is a popular internet word, derived from the TV series "Ba La La Little Demon Fairy". In the play "Ba La La Little Demon Fairy", the Prince of Amusement speaks with a little accent, and the pronunciation of his speech is turned into a homophonic stalk by netizens

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