Chapter 40

If this happened before, Lisa would persuade her Madam to go out and walk around, counting her Madam’s time in the capital she has been far away from the social circle for more than half month.

If she keep such a low profile, the outside world would make up theories on what has happened to her madam.

But at this moment, Lisa hesitated for a moment before nodding decisively.

“Then I’ll have someone order a set of toys to send over later.”

Jian Ruixi nodded and stopped chatting as she concentrated on her breakfast, Lisa also didn’t speak anymore. She just looked at her occasionally, when Jian Ruixi finished her meal and got up to leave the kitchen she finally said.

“Madam, you really good at predicting this time.”

“What’s the matter?”

Lisa handed her tablet and held in her arms for a long time before reminding her.

“They are the two girls you met a few days ago, they finally uploaded their photo online…”

“That can’t be right?”

Jian Ruixi said skeptically while taking the tablet.

“I even logged into Instagram1 and facebook2 this morning and I didn’t see any relevant news….”

Before the words were out of her mouth, she had already seen the familiar page and it turned out that Lisa was browsing through weibo.

Lisa speculated.

“Maybe they also know that we’re more used using ins and facebook so they purposely used weibo—”

The latter reason Lisa wanted to say was already seen by Jian Ruixi as she continue to browse.

When it comes to the degree of gossip, weibo netizens say that they were only second. No one would dare to say to they first, if those girls posted it on facebook they would most likely attract Hong Kong media reporters especially since Madam Fu now was hot and popular.

But Jian Ruixi did not care as much as Lisa thought she did and even after reading the post, she still had a smile on her face because according to the girls ‘post’ she was describe was as young and came from a rich family which was very NICE.

The original post was written.

[ When I had hot pot today with my best friend last Saturday, my best friend first noticed the mother and son who arrived next door. The little boy was about five or six years old? He is a little small but sensible, they key was he is handsome. He is the kind of handsome that I can wait for him to grow up and date him, his mother is also a super beauty. Their facial features are very similar, sitting down the mother casually tied her hair into pill head looking more girlish and to be honest me and my best friend could not believe that they were mother and son at first we guess they were siblings but we heard the little boy shouted ‘mommy’ and suspected that we were hearing some hallucinations.”

“We have been mindlessly eating and were secretly observing next door, the more we look at the beautiful mommy the more familiar she was, my best friend thinks she was Jian Ruixi the daughter-in-law of the rich and powerful family of the Fu’s. The wedding caused a lot of sensation and heard that many reporters from the capital have reported it, my best friend then said ‘heroes think alike.”

“I don’t know if the netizens on the weibo will pay attention to the gossip of rich families but the media here like to write about this the most not to mention there are also many rumors among the community. However both the media and netizens don’t have very good comments on this crown princess Fu, in fact like the crown princess Xi who is well known and loved in the capital. She is of ordinary origin and married into a rich family, making every girls fairy tale dreams come true so they like to put them together. Compared to Princess Xi’s low-key and simplicity it seems that Jian Ruixi in the media report is either showing off her wealth or on the way to show of her wealthy, every single day giving people a feeling of ‘big chest with no brain’ and she likes to emphasize her celebrity origins or something and by the way the media also said that the Fu family dislike her commoner style so they don’t allow her to be with her own son…”

“Because of these inherent impression my best friend and I cannot believe that the mother and son next door will be Jiang Ruixi and the reported rumor to be the same. Since the media also said that Crown Princess Fu had dozen of guard responsible for her bag whenever she go shopping but then looking at the Jian Ruixi  next door, whose face was red while eating the hot pot with no care about her manners with her pill hair bun—what kind of rich mother and son is this, they were clearly just foodies!”

“In line with the principle being happy alone is no fun we coincidentally took our phone to take pictures and after the flash several handsome men in suits came out of nowhere and instantly surrounded us both. The photo was not that a big deal but we were scared shitless, the handsome men in suits asked us to delete the photo but also to check out phones. The legendary ‘arrogant nature’ of Madam Fu was more of a polite Madam Fu as she personally explained that she had brought the child and not to let his photo leak out. When Madam Fu found that there was no problem she also agreed to keep this picture not showing the kid’s face.”

“After we went back that day, we talked about this experience with many students and friends, everyone felt incredible after listening to it. We thought that we had been misled by the media before, everyone thought that Madam Fu was a superficial money worshipper but in fact we just had no chance to interact with her at all. What my cousin said about people playing with sports car and buying luxurious bags were in truth just her daily life, it is obviously the poor journalist who only look at everything that people were showing off their wealth. Thinking about it, the reports only knows that Madam Fu goes shopping with her bodyguards, why don’t they take her photo like eating hot pot with her bodyguards?”

And attached was the photo of a small hand holding meat ball firmly with his chopsticks while the woman opposite stretched out to bite the meat ball. She tied her hair into a cute pill bun with a happy squinting eyes, clearly enjoying how delicious the food was.

So under the post, the most praised comments were not lamenting that the media was unscrupulous and makes everyone misunderstand the rich and noble women for a long time nor praising Madam Fu’s beauty and charms but—

[Kneeling down to beg the poster to share the hot pot restaurant address, really wanted to try the gourmet food that the rich and noblewoman eats!!!]

The world of foodies was never lonely ╮(╯3╰)╭



Instagram1 and facebook2– written in english

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