Chapter 59

At ten o’clock Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo set out to the mall where the competition was held. When the nanny car stopped at the parking lot outside the shopping mall, it was already crowded outside.

At this time, it was almost half an hour before the start of the game.

Zhou Ruo: “We’ll wait inside the car and go out later.”


Ten minutes before the competition starts, Li Xin and the others arrived. And their car was parked next to Shen Yan.

Looking at the nanny car outside, Zhou Ruo said.

“This car.”

Shen Yan also looked at outside hearing Zhou Ruo, seeing the car she thought of something and asked.

“Does Sister Zhou think this nanny car looks familiar?”

Zhou Ruo replied.

“I have seen it before, either it was the male number one nanny car or the male number two nanny car.”

After she finished, she let out a puff then said.

“Li Xin invited others to help her perform. Should have known I should let Zheng Shu come over to help you.”

It’s not that Zhou Ruo hadn’t thought about it, but Zhou Ruo felt that if she got help from other artist, what kind of competition would it be?

Li Xin was already more popular than Shen Yan in the entertainment industry, yet now Li Xin was looking for more popular artist to help her. How could Shen Yan win against her?

“I will asked who can come to help you here in City A, you are already a hot topic so it would not be a loss to help you.”

After saying this, Zhou Ruo immediately took her phone and wanted to ask other agents.

“No need, I can win.”

Shen Yan said and smiled at Zhou Ruo, she then looked at one side of the nanny car.

“Besides it’s more fun win like this and if ever we lose, we can still market ah.”

There were less than ten minutes before the competition so which artist would come here and help Shen Yan, who could Zhou Ruo asked?

At Meng Yi’an’s office.

Assistant Wu said.

“President Meng, that Li Xin is the daughter of the Li family. Her sister is the blind date that madam wants to arrange for you. Because Li family doesn’t agree with Li Xin to be in the entertainment circle, Li Xin could rely on some friends.”

“Her uncle Li He is very ordinary, in order to please Li Xin he has been helping Li Xin all the time. After all even if the Li family doesn’t want her in the entertainment industry they don’t want her to be wronged.”

After a paused, Assistant Wu continued.

“This time Li Xin found a popular male artist to help her.”

“Find out who this popular artist who wants to help her.”

Assistant Wu hurriedly went outside after hearing this.

One minute before the competition.

Shen Yan and Li Xin almost at the same time came down from inside the nanny car. Li Xin was accompanied by a popular male artist, he was wearing sunglasses so that people could not clearly identify him.

Seeing him, Zhou Ruo asked.

“This is a competition yet you still dare to say that Li Xin could win by her strength alone?”

Li He hurriedly replied.

“When we agreed on the bet before we didn’t sat we couldn’t invite people. After all the program needs people’s cooperation and doesn’t restrict this, if you want someone to help you we won’t disagree ah.”


Shen Yan tugged Zhou Ruo’s sleeve and smiled as she says.

“You should have find a group to help after all a king cannot take bronze.”

After saying this, she continued walking.

At this time, Wei Chen who was on the phone answered and hurriedly said.

“Miss Shen you misunderstood I’m not here to help.”

With this statement, he made the crowd freeze.

Li Xin frowned.

“What are you talking about?”

“Yeah, just like he said.”

The man’s low voice came over, and the crowd looked over the sound.

Lu Yunchen leisurely walked over, he paused and look at Li He before he said.

“This gentleman didn’t he say that you can ask people to help you in the competition. If she asked for help then she could do so, he also said that if Shen Yan wants someone to help her they would also agree. So why is Wei Chen who came over not here to help her?”

“Or does this gentleman was lying about the cooperation and want her to perform on her own without the help of Wei Chen?”

The scene was a little awkward for a while.

Li He could only say.

“Help, help, Wei Chen is here to help.”

Lu Yunchen then said.

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up ah the game is starting.”

Wei Chen wanted to say something but Li Xin hurriedly dragged him to the backstage and asked.

“What is going on? Forget it, let’s go and perform first and then let’s talk about it later.”

“My agent told me to go back!”

“I’ll talk to your agent.”

After Li Xin and Wei Chen went on stage, the whole audience immediately screamed. They didn’t expect Wei Chen to come, the latter’s fans cheered and said they must help to vote for Li Xin.

Li He smiled and looked at Lu Yunchen then asked.

“Why are you here, did the program team send you here?”

It was not only Li He who was wondering why Lu Yunchen was there but also others, if the program team didn’t ask for Lu Yunchen what other reason could he be here for?

The corner of Lu Yunchen’s mouth curved up.


Having said that, he walked over towards Shen Yan under Li He’s shook look.

Zhou Ruo asked.

“Help? Help who?”

If Lu Yunchen actually came over to give Shen Yan a hand, then they might have actually won.

On the stage, Wei Chen whispered as he asked.

“Why did Lu Yunchen come over?”

Li Xin replied.

“Lu Yunchen is a judge. Shen Yan and I did not tell the crew about the bet but it must be that the crew pay attention to the program since we want to compete and eliminate one person so they let Lu Yunchen come to the scene, maybe Lu Yunchen will vote one of us.”

If Lu Yunchen voted for Shen Yan then more or less Lu Yunchen’s fans would also help in voting Shen Yan, with this thinking Li Xin said.

“Let’s dance well and be serious.”




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