Chapter 45

At this time, it’s best not to provoke Xu Yanwen and just obediently listen to his words. Xue Jiayue honestly thought to herself as she let Xu Yanwen carry her out of the room like a good a child.

Ye Ming saw Xu Yanwen coming out, he looked like he was going to leave immediately so he hurriedly came forward and asked.

“Brother Xu, what about the two people caught next door?”

“It’s up to you, you can see what’s fit.”

Xu Yanwen’s voice was very cold, like the ice on a cold winter, his steps didn’t stop as he answered Ye Ming and went straight to the door with Xue Jiayue in his arms.

Ye Ming looked at Xu Yanwen’s back while holding Xue Jiayue as he walk quickly, he felt that Xu Yanwen was very different from usual at this moment and the aura he emitted was complicated.

He could not distinguish which was the real him.

Ye Ming hissed slightly as he tugged the corner of his lips thinking who said that brother Xu didn’t like his wife.

According to what he just saw, he obviously cares about his wife. If he hears someone say that again, he would blow his dog’s head!

A man in a black suit came up next to him and asked.

“What about the man and woman in the next room?”

The mentioned man next door was Su Ziqiao while the woman was Zhang Renyan.

Ye Min glance at the room next door with his mouth still curved. A pair of dog, a man and a woman who didn’t want to live and dared to kidnapped Xu Yanwen’s wife and broke the Tai Su’s head, they practically just tired of living.

“I’ll leave it you, give it a good cleaning and then send it to the Public Security Bureau.”


“Be careful not to let anyone see the injury.”

The man quickly said.

“I will do this this cleanly as soon as possible so Brother Ye can rest assured.”

Ye Ming glance at him and lifted his chin.


The man then quickly went to next room, not long after a cry begging for mercy could be heard from the room.

Xu Yanwen left the 7-1 building with Xue Jiayue in his arms, when he came downstairs from upstairs he met the previous young people under the building.

Seeing Xue Jiayue in his arms, they immediately understood what was going on.

They just saw that woman brought back by the little white face Su Ziqiao upstairs. At that time the woman was struggling very hard, it seems that she was coerce by Su Ziqiao.

The man in front of them has indifference but excellent temperament, looking like a big shot. He must have rushed to save the person as soon as he knew the news.

At this time also, there was a pig like cry upstairs. Several young people subconsciously looked at 7-1 upstairs. The sound in their ears was very penetrating and sounded eerie.

It was like watching a ghost movie in the middle of the night, several young people couldn’t help but shiver. They looked at each other and with just one look they all knew they have the same thoughts.

Not to provoke people who shouldn’t be provoke casually.

Xu Yanwen carried Xue Jiayue to the car and placed her in the passenger seat, Xue Jiayue began to get dizzy again.

She closed her eyes and frowned deeply as she grunted twice with difficulty.

“Is it hard?”

Seeing her so uncomfortable, Xu Yanwen was tempted to use his hand to smooth out her frowning brow.

“Dizzy, uncomfortable, painful….”

Xue Jiayue grunted with closed eyes, her small palm-sized face pulled into a ball looking very bad. Her face was as white as paper and there was such a big lump on hear forehead, it look terrifying seeing a fragile porcelain doll break if touched.

“Hold on, you’ll be at the hospital soon.”

Xu Yanwen drove fast, hating that he could not drive the car faster and arrived at the hospital in an instant.

Xue Jiayue shrunken body was leaning on the back of the chair, with her eyes closed she felt everything around her and once again tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes.

Suddenly Xue Jiayue seemed to see a tall man in a green military uniform, he strode straight towards her while smiling and stretched out his hands to her.

His voice was gentle as the spring breeze.

“Yueyue come to me.”

Xue Jiayue looked at him excitedly, tears glistening in her eyes. She wanted him to pamper her like before, trying to beg for comfort and hugs with him whispering delicately.

“It hurts brother….”

Xu Yanwen looked at sideways and just saw the tears flowing from the corners of Xue Jiayue’s eyes.

The crystal tear drops sliding down her cheeks were as slipping from his heart.

He reached out, grabbed her hand tightly and whispered.

“Jiayue, I’m here.”



Author has something to say:

Xue Jiayue: “Brother it hurts.”

Xu Yanwen: “I’m here.”

Ahhhhh big misunderstanding~

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