Chapter 20(3)

Thinking about this Jiang Mian’s heart suddenly felt twinge—if her film emperor father shot ‘Death Plan 3’ and same thing would happened like the original plot then this events would take place next year but with the butterfly she doesn’t want to wait for a whole year.

She took a deep breath, pursed her lips and type words at a time.

[Dad can you not go for Death Plan 3?]

Qin Jingrun was puzzled.


[If you go to United States, I can’t see you for months, I can’t see you if I wanted to see you at that time.]

Finally she also send a grieve emoticon.

On the other side, Qin Jingrun was sitting on the nanny car with Chen Xu who kept a calm face while educating Qin Jingrun’s weibo post. However after talking for a long time, he notice that Qin Jingrun was on his phone with fatherly old man’s smile on his face. He was so angry that he would have a heart attack.

“Mr. Qin!”

Chen Xu knocked on his seat and finally called back Qin Jingrun’s soul, who was immersed in the joy of his baby daughter’s coquetry.

He put the phone in front of Chen Xu, who had worked with Qin Jingrun for nearly twenty years and knew of Jiang Mian’s existence. Qin Jingrun looked at him and although his tone was light, the braggadocio was simply about to overflow.

“See the baby is acting coquettishly with me.”

Chen Xu: “….”

Chen Xu was tired and pushed the phone away.

“Do you know how many phone calls I have received because of this post of yours?”

“And so?”

Qin Jingrun said while looking back down to return Jiang Mian’s message.

[But I have already signed the contract so if you miss your dad, just video call daddy.]

His baby daughter suddenly ‘sticks’ herself to him which made Qin Jingrun feel flattered.

Chen Xu: “Over the years the information about you has always been single and you always keep a distance from the female stars in the circle so there was no gossips about you. But now you suddenly send such post, what do you think others would perceive that?”

“What can they think? It’s not like I’m wrong.”

Qin Jingrun waited for his baby daughter’s reply.

“Doesn’t my baby look like me?”

“You don’t have a daughter so you can’t appreciate what I’m going through.”

Chen Xu: “….”

Qin Jingrun looked up.

“Mian Mian, because of me was attacked by my fans. As a father I can’t clarify my relationship with her and protect her openly. Forwarding and posting is not even enough to safeguard her safely.”

“Old Chen, they are all dozen years old, calm down.”

Chen Xu was blocked speechless, he clearly came to educate Qin Jingrun but why was it that in the end he was the one being educated?

Jiang Mian didn’t know that on the other side of the phone, her film emperor father was ‘quarreling’ with his agent while sending messages to her. She looked at the messages sent by the film emperor father and frowned tightly.

The contract has been signed and not shooting was a breach of contract and with the nature of her film emperor father, since he accepted it he would not abandon it unless there were special factors.

Anyway, Qin Jingrun must not be allowed to go to United States to shoot ‘Death Plan 3’. She was now shooting her own film, and even if she asked for leave and goes back to prevent her film emperor father from going to United States when she comes back to shoot again her film emperor father would have the opportunity to go to United States.

She must think of a way to let her film emperor father give up the death plan 3. After thinking about it Jiang Mian thought of her Taoist father, she decided to ask her Taoist father to stop her film emperor father.

Taoist father has returned from his work, he used the money he earned this time to buy dress for Jiang Mian. He happily went back home to see his daughter but as a result he learned that his baby daughter was filming in the mountain. Knowing this he was flabbergasted.

Fortunately Zuo Xingping was used to the situation of wanting to see his daughter but unable to, anyway he would give her the dress when she returns.

After Jiang Mian finished her conversation with her film emperor father she immediately called her Taoist father. At this time Zuo Xingping was sitting next to a roadside stall and asked for a big bowl of spicy hot pot, after eating he was planning to go an apartment for his cleaning work and then earn a small sum of money again~

Receiving the call from Jiang Mian, Zuo Xingping hurriedly pulled a tissue to wipe the sweat that came out because of the chili pepper but couldn’t stop himself from inhaling after getting on the phone.

Jiang Mian: “???”

“Dad what’s wrong with you?”

Zuo Xingping was embarrassed, he must not let her baby daughter know that he was crying because of chili pepper so he hurriedly poured water into his mouth and said.

“I’m eating, the boss made it so delicious.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

She always felt that the tone of her Taoist father was not quite right. What kind of food was so delicious that he was inhaling nonstop after eating?



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