ECM 35.1


Chapter 35

Yin Chang smiled and looked at the young girl whose face was scowling.

He knew that she was Zhao Jinjin’s assistant and had a good relationship with Zhao Jinjin. Several times when he looked down from the window he would saw her holding hands with Zhao Jinjin and sometimes Zhao Jinjin helped her hold the umbrella to shade from the sun.

Which celebrity has such good relationship with an assistant? At the bottom of his heart he actually had some doubts about the identity of this girl.

Those stupid trainees gathered around Zhao Jinjin all the time, and didn’t even think nor realize that Zhao Jinjin had met many male celebrities in the entertainment industry so why would she gave them a look.

It’s better to start with the people around her, like the little girl whose identity was in doubt.

He had been waiting in the hallway for a long time and when he saw Xu Zhaixing come out he deliberately came down the stairs.

Wasn’t Chen Xing like Cen Feng’s style? He has been quietly changing his clothes, changing his temperament and even secretly observing Cen Feng—imitating his looks and even every move in recent months.

Although there was still some gap with the original but they should be on the same type, if they like Cen Feng’s style than why not look at him?

Seeing Xu Zhaixing looking up and down at him, he was vaguely happy. He knew that his move was right, his smile became even more and more gentle as he said softly.

“Little sister, are you all right? You didn’t hit your head, right?”

Xu Zhaixing instantly had goose bumps.

His outfit was very similar to Cen Feng now when he debuted but he was still too young now and hadn’t learn anything about styling intended for his position. Furthermore the expression shown in his eyes completely lack bearing especially with his feminine features and softness that he was showing.

She was used to seeing the cold and wild Yin Chang in the latter years, so seeing this feminine teenager, anyone who see him like this couldn’t accept this.

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly said.

“I’m fine!”

After saying this, she ran away from him without looking back.

Yin Chang looked at her back before confidently went back to the training room.

Xu Zhaixing run into the restroom before slowing down her footsteps. Her mind was full of Yin Chang whose whole appearance was uncoordinated.

What’s going on? Why is there such big difference?

In terms of time, it would be only more than a year from now when S-star debuted and when Yin Chang appeared in the public sights. He looked cool and cold, coupled with the company’s announcement and group member’s description of him everyone thought that he really had such character so he was able to gather countless fans.

Seeing him now, he was obviously a feminine young chick!!!

Then she thought of Cen Feng, he was obviously cooler. When he debuted he was actually gentle and love to smile like a little prince personality. He wore many layers of clothes and his existence was a low.

Crap, are these two people’s personas switched?

Did Yin Chang stole Cen Feng’s persona?

That’s why the company force Cen Feng to cover up his original character, forcing him to take two completely different routes from Yin Chang?

Otherwise with Cen Feng’s real appearance and with his full swing aura how could Yin Chang the pirated copycat get that persona?

After getting this idea, Xu Zhaixing was so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

In her previous life, after Cen Feng’s suicide there were many and mixed news except those on the surface such as he was suppressed, resources just for him were divided, his murderer biological father was released from prison making a fuss in the company but these gossip were still being determined if they were true.

For example, Cen Feng’s finger was actually trampled off by someone until he died now one figure out who did it.

At the same time she suspected every member of the group, except Yin Chang.

Because Yin Chang and Cen Feng has completely different style, no resource conflict and the very personality was far from each other. Such person has a pleasant personality and doesn’t look like a sinister villain.

But now, it seems entirely possible?

Xu Zhaixing took two deep breaths and reminded herself to be calm.

Not easily speculate with malice to unfamiliar people was her usual style of handling things, before finding definite evidence. She must be calm.

She calmed down before walking out of the toilet and stood at the sink to wash her hands.

When two trainees pass through the restroom, they were chatting while walking towards the men’s restroom.

One of them asked.

“Why did Yin Chang come back from the toilet with such a happy smiled? Did he pick up money in the toilet?”

The other one skimmed.

“Who knows, I feel he has become strange since last time he was beaten by Cen Feng. Have you noticed?”

“He doesn’t think that he could beat Cen Feng if he imitate him right? Really can’t figure out what he’s thinking.”

Xu Zhaixing who was washing her hands froze.

Crap, Cen Feng has beaten Yin Chang?

With my brother’s character, he will only take initiative to beat people if the other party must have done something too much to annoy him!!

Yin Chang that damn real hammer!!

Xu Zhaixing clenched her teeth, slowly raising her head and looked at herself in the mirror.

She once again said to herself, that those who have hurt Cen Feng—she would not spare a single one of them.

“No matter if Yin Chang is the one who later stepped on brother’s fingers or not, he cannot stay.”

Goddess Xu thus thought so.

When she returned to the dance rehearsal room in silence, Zhao Jinjin took a look at her face and asked with concern.

“Miss are you constipated? Do you want to eat a banana?”

“…..have no time for you.”

Don’t disturb me while I’m planning my revenge.

After Yin Chang brushed his existence in front of Xu Zhaixing, he was in a good mood so for the next two days he looked for opportunities to have another chance of encounter with Xu Zhaixing every day in order to make her remember him.

On contrary Xu Zhaixing hated him whenever she sees him, afraid that she couldn’t resist herself and rush up to tear him apart, she would always lowered her head and hurries away. However Yin Chang seeing her like this thinks that she was just shy.

Two days later, during noon break, Yin Chang was going upstairs to squat down and seek another opportunity to encounter Xu Zhaixing when someone behind suddenly shouted at him.

“Eh Cen Feng, you wait a minute….”

Yin Chang looked back and saw Niu Tao was standing behind with documents on his hands.

Once he saw his face, he immediately froze.

“It’s you, I thought it was Cen Feng.”

Yin Chang smiled.

“Brother Niu, it’s me.”

Niu Tao nodded his head and took the documents upstairs, after taking two steps he stopped and suddenly turned back. He looked Yin Chang from head to toe again and his eyes overflowed with joy.

He hurried over and said cordially.

“Xiao Chang, how’s your training lately?”

Yin Chang said.

“It’s pretty good.”

Niu Tao reached out and squeezed the muscle on his arms and nodded with satisfaction.

“Yes, it’s good. Your figure is much better than before, come on come with me to the office. I want to talk to you about something.”

Yin Chang nodded and followed.

When he reached Niu Tao’s office, he close the door and first asked a few questions about Yin Chang’s training before smiling and saying.

“Xiao Chang, the company is going to prepare to choose for a group to debut next year, did you know?”

Yin Chang suddenly got nervous, Niu Tao saying this to him now couldn’t be because the company was optimistic about him and Niu Tao was giving him a breath of fresh air first right?

He was so happy but before he could fully feel the joy he heard Niu Tao continue saying.

“The artist director is Mr. Ma, he is responsible for the debut of the trainees and is very optimistic about you. He has customized plan for you, if you have the desire to debut how about meeting him sometime?”

Yin Chang’s expression stiffened.

If he hadn’t overhead Mr. Ma’s conversation last time he might really think now that the other party was optimistic about his strength.

But Niu Tao couldn’t have said it more obviously.

If he have the will to debut, go and meet him.

If he want to make a debut, go see him.

How could this happen? Wasn’t it Cen Feng that Mr. Ma was looking at?

Cen Feng….



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