TVREG 58.2


Chapter 58(2)

Assistant Wu knocked on the door and came in.

“President Meng, everything is done.”

Meng Yi’an got up and took his suit jacket.

“En, go back, go back to Shen Yan’s.”

Assistant Wu: “????”

Where would he go? To Shen Yan’s place?

 Assistant Wu didn’t even dare to ask anything and just said yes.

After taking a few steps, Meng Yi’an went back to get his car keys and went out.

“Then he doesn’t need my help to drive him there….?”

Zhou Ruo was worried about Shen Yan losing while Li He was also worried about Li Xin losing. He has also been nagging Li Xin, after all Lin Xin asked for an on-site vote. How could they operate secretly if that was the case?

“Why are you so impulsive, why do you want to compete with Shen Yan so much? And even if you really wanted to, how can you agree on on-site voting. How could we figure our way out of the voting? Li Xin I know your family has something on their sleeves but you can’t be too capricious. This is a good opportunity to cooperate with Lu Yunchen!”

“You think I can’t win? Why can’t I compete with her? Just you wait, Shen Yan will be the one quitting the Xianlu audition draft. And the chocolate endorsement why are they saying I was relying on you?”

Li Xin asked.

“They were just jealous, jealous at you that’s why they kept saying that.”

He continued.

“So can you tell me what do you plan to do?”

“Find my senior brother to dance with me.”

After saying that Li Xin did not say anything else.

Li Xin’s senior brother, Li Xin dancing with her senior brother would be a sure win!

The thought of Shen Yan withdrawing from the competition was making Li He happy, even if Shen Yan was chosen to endorse the Sweet Chocolate, so what? She would still withdraw.

Shen Yan was practicing at home, she hasn’t sung songs since she came back from rebirth so she needed time to practice. Just because Shen Yan was worried about disturbing her neighbors around this time she could only sing in a low voice.

She also made sure to choose the song that she was familiar with the lyrics lest she forget it tomorrow.

At this time, Shen Yan’s phone rang and it was a call from Meng Yi’an.

Why is he calling?

Shen Yan threw the phone aside and continued to practice the song in a low voice, not long after the phone stopped ringing but a text message from Meng Yi’an came.

[Meng Yi’an: Do I go up or you come down?]

Shen Yan frowned, she got and opened the curtains then she saw Meng Yi’an downstairs. He stood upright in the middle of dim lights, seeing him Shen Yan was wondering what he had come for.

Shen Yan doesn’t want to go down but Meng Yi’an that person…

Drawing the curtain directly, Shen Yan quickly replied to Meng Yi’an that single lonely man and single lonely woman were not suitable seeing each other in the middle of the night.

After sending the message, Shen Yan turn off her phone before throwing it on the sofa and then took the sheet music and began to sing again in a low voice.

The night got deeper as Shen Yan continued to practice, not knowing when she fell asleep on the sofa.

In the morning her blanket fell on the ground while the music sheet were still in her hands, if she hadn’t fallen off the sofa she could still be sleeping now.

Waking up, Shen Yan rubbed her eyes.

Because of the competition today, Shen Yan turn on her phone and directly called Zhou Ruo.

 “At 11 noon outside the Yule mall, so I’ll see at you at 10 and then we’ll go.”

After a paused she said.

“It’s all right, if you win we’ll continue to participate in Xianlu audition draft but if you lose, we’re at least famous now. It’s much better than before in the entertainment industry.”

Anyway, it’s all about competition and Zhou Ruo doesn’t want to get angry with Shen Yan so she talk to Shen Yan about it.

Although Zhou Ruo did not contact Wang Peng and Zheng Rou but the two of discussed it and pushed a notice to go to the scene to support Shen Yan.

Now Shen Yan doesn’t have support fans that carry light stick with them so Zheng Rou could only make a banner for Shen Yan by herself.

She was planning to stand in a distance with Wang Peng and open the banner later, so that Shen Yan could see the banner when she competes.

Wang Peng: “If Shen Yan loses, don’t say anything just quit.”

He was worried that Shen Yan who has been winning the competition would be uncomfortable if she lost this time.

Wang Peng also thought that Shen Yan agreed to compete with Li Xin was probably because she has been winning, so with this thinking Shen Yan was confident to compete with Li Xin and thinks she could still win which was why she agreed.

“If someone competes with you, don’t say yes to them.”

Zheng Rou answered.

“Who would want to compete with me ah.”

At this moment, Wang Peng felt that he didn’t know what to say so he could answer back.

“No one will compete with you so you need to work harder ah.”

Zheng Rou smiled a little.


The Xianlu production knew about Shen Yan’s competition with Li Xin and did not make any comment nor respond to this because whether they quit or not was OK for them.

After all there were so many contestants, what’s more their competition added more heat to Xianlu. They also discussed that when planning the next competition they would asked the host to say about withdrawing from Xianlu audition and then let the other contestants continue to cheer.

Shen Yan was wearing a blue dress, the clothes on her made her look like a fairy. After changing her clothes and putting on makeup, Shen Yan waited for Zhou Ruo to come over.

After waiting for a while, she then remembered that she hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.

Usually Shen Yan cooks her own breakfast but today since she already changed her clothe and put on makeup she did not want to cook.

So she decide to get some money and go downstairs to buy breakfast at the store. She did not forget to take a mask on the way out.

After going out, Shen Yan walked few steps before stopping and saw a car. That car in front was Meng Yi’an’s car.

Why is Meng Yi’an’s car here? He didn’t stay here all night yesterday, did he?

So what does Meng Yi’an want from her.

At this time, the car door pushed open, Meng Yi’an came down from the car. After closing the door, he said coldly.

“Now is not in the middle of night for a single man to meet the single woman, so it shouldn’t be inappropriate right?”

Shen Yan moved a step to the side and then continued to walk unhurriedly with her steady steps without saying anything as if she did not know Meng Yi’an.

But Meng Yi’an blocked Shen Yan which made Shen Yan stop her steps.

“President Meng, is something wrong?”

Having said that, Shen Yan kept her distance from Meng Yi’an with a somewhat wary look.

Meng Yi’an’s back stiffened slightly before his slender fingers pulled the shirt button. His slightly tired face looked as gloomy as ever.

“Don’t be insouciant.”

After saying that he got into the car and shut the door closed.

Shen Yan: “…”

He stayed downstairs all night just to tell her not to get ahead of herself?

Shen Yan continued to walk forward to get her breakfast, she had no time to bother with Meng Yi’an.

Inside the car, Meng Yi’an looked at Shen Yan’s slightly thin figure for while before starting the car and driving forward.

Shen Yan had to move to the side again, and then continued to walk but not a moment later Meng Yi’an’s car drove back again.

He threw a bag of paper from the car window towards Shen Yan, who subconsciously caught it and held it in her arms.

Frowning, Shen Yan said.

“President Meng, what are you doing?”

Meng Yi’an said with a straight face.

“Wipe your tears.”

Looking at the paper in her hands, Shen Yan pinched the paper tightly before she put the paper on the recyclable trash on the side.

And then went to get her breakfast.

She bought two fried dough sticks, a bowl of soybean milk in small bottle and a side dish in a small plate. Shen Yan did not waste any time while eating.

After eating and wiping her mouth, she put back on the mask and intends to go back and wait for Zhou Ruo to pick her to the site.

When Shen Yan stood up, several people sat in other seats while still discussing Shen Yan and Li Xin.

“By the way, did you guys see the hot search?”

“The hot search between Shen Yan and Li Xin?”

“Yeah, I don’t know who will win but I think Li Xin will win this. After all Li Xin is more popular than Shen Yan, even if Shen Yan endorses Sweet Chocolate, Li Xin is still more popular than Shen Yan.”

Shen Yan’s body paused before she continued to walk forward.



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