Chapter 20(2)

Yu Ran has act on a lot of emotional scenes, and it was precisely for this reason that he never has anything do with the actresses who have emotional scenes with him because in his eyes they were a character in a play, not real.

However when he was teaching Jiang Mian to swim just now, the moment he put his hand on Jiang Mian’s waist and looked the porcelain white skin in front of him, he don’t know why but he just felt that the hand on Jiang Mian’s waist was like being burned which made him withdraw his hand involuntarily and feel flustered for no reason.

Director Zhang shouted again to start over, Yu Ran took a deep breath and put aside his thoughts. This time he succeeded.

Jiang Mian thought he had worked hard and politely said.

“It’s hard on Teacher Yu.”

Then prepared to go ashore.

The water in the puddle was very cool, it was very comfortable to soak especially in this weather but the staff were still waiting on her and she still has to go prepare for the next scene so she had to go back ashore.

Tang Anan stood ashore and reached out to Jiang Mian, trying to pull her when at that moment someone screamed.

“Where is Mr. Yu?”

The voice was sharp and long, Jiang Mian subconsciously turned back to where Yu Ran was, who should be standing about five meters behind her has now disappeared.

“He was just there!”

“Where is he? How come he suddenly disappear?”

Everyone on the site was confused, the whole crew was divided into four namely ABCD groups. Each group was responsible for different site shooting, group A was only responsible for the male and female lead and it was a separate shot. The shooting place was small after all, so there were only a few staff.

After this scene was shot, the staff were busy with the layout for the next scene while Director Zhang was still watching the monitor, for a moment everyone was distracted. It seemed that they were all in trance, and then Yu Ran disappeared.

“Did Mr. Yu swim deeper into the water?”

Tang Anan was about to pull Jiang Mian up but saw Jiang Mian turned her head towards the water and swim over, she did not why but she subconsciously shouted.

“Mian Mian.”

Then Jiang Mian sank underwater, and disappeared.

Tang Anan: “….”

Everyone: “!!!”

Director Zhang behind the monitor was startled and immediately came over. After understanding the situation, he angrily said.

“What are you doing? You go swim into the water and see the situation!”

He said while taking off his own clothes—if something happened to the male lead and female lead while shooting his play, it would be terrible to even think of the consequences.

The next second, the sound of water splashing sounded. The crowd saw from ten meters away, Jiang Mian dragging Yu Ran ashore. Without doubt they hurried into the water to pull them up.

Jiang Mian took the bath towel handed by Tang Anan and draped it over her body while Yu Ran was choking fortunately there were staff members who know first aid measures and soon Yu Ran who was choking coughed up and woke up.

Seeing him wake up, Director Zhang let out a long sigh of relief.

“Yu Ran you know how to swim, what’s going on?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

Yu Ran was even more bewildered than everyone else.

Everyone: “???”

Yu Ran said in trance.

“It seems that something dragged my feet….”

Just when everyone was guessing if Yu Ran was joking, Jiang Mian’s voice rang out.

“It’s the water plants, Teacher Yu got tangled up in the water plants.”

Hearing this everyone continued to busy themselves, as long as nothing happened to them they were relief, while Yu Ran sat on a chair to relax. His assistant asked him if he was uncomfortable anywhere.

Yu Ran’s brow kept wrinkling and thinks, he asked his assistant.

“Did Xiao Jiang save me?”

“Yes brother Yu, Miss Jiang was really handsome just now. We didn’t find out how you sank into the water, she found out it first and then swims back to save you without saying a word. If it weren’t for her….”

There was a deep fear in the assistant’s tone.

After saying this, the assistant complained about the fact that the staff did not check the water in advance. Should they have known that there were water plants, this should clearly never happened.

Yu Ran was even more puzzled, he always felt that there was something wrong.

On Tang Anan’s side she was using a medicinal wine to rub a bruise on the small arm of Jiang Mian’s right hand which she just explained to her that she accidentally touched a stone.

Although it was only a small bruise but Jiang Mian’s skin was white and delicate so the bruise look hideous. Tang Anan gently put on the medicine while asking Jiang Mian.

“Mian Mian how did you know that Mr. Yu is entangled by water plants?”

“Guess it, otherwise how can a person who knows how to swim suddenly disappear, then most likely he was entangled by water plants.”

Tang Anan felt that Jiang Mian had a point and nodded. She then noticed that Jiang Mian was in a good mood, as if something joyous happened.

Jiang Mian was indeed happy, her gaze fell to the quiet puddle. She did not expect to actually encounter a water ghost on this small puddle of water.

The other party has been quietly lurking, if Yu Ran didn’t suddenly disappear and someone shouted in alarm and her turning around as she sense that there something was wrong she really wouldn’t know its existence.

Her cultivation these days was too slow, and now that a spiritual power came knocking on her door was a gift for her, but just now because they were in the water she had to save Yu Ran first making it was hard for her to fight the water ghost so she could only let the other party go temporarily.

After Yu Ran rested, he came over to thank Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian retracted her gaze at the water puddle and smiled.

“Teacher Yu doesn’t need to be so polite if I were entangled in the water plants you would definitely save me too, right?”

Yu Ran was stunned for a moment and nodded solemnly.

“That’s natural.”

“All right, there’s really no thanks needed.”

Jiang Mian blinked, she really did not put this matter into a big deal. Saving Yu Ran was just a small matter.

In the original plot although he was one of the male supporting who pursues Guan Xin but he has no enmity towards the original owner and has not targeted the original owner. However there was no description of Yu Ran drowning on the original plot and she does not know if this was the butterfly effect because she changed the plot from the original.

After the incident, there were no more problems and the scenes was finished smoothly. Jiang Mian went back to her room after the work and finally received a reply from the film emperor father.

After seeing the post, she sent a message to Qin Jingrun but the later didn’t reply.

[Baby, daddy just finished the event.]

There were many people around, and it was not good to call Qin Jingrun so she quickly typed.

[How was the shooting today?]

Jiang Mian found that the movie emperor father ignored the weibo screenshot she sent. After thinking about it she decided to follow her film emperor father and the father and daughter tacitly assumed that weibo does not exist.

[I don’t have an appointment the day after tomorrow, why don’t dad visit you then?]

Jiang Mian: “…”

Fortunately Qin Jingrun said it by passing. Not to mention the plane, he needs to take a car into the mountain and walked, it would take a whole day on road. Qin Jingrun doesn’t have much time to spend on travelling alone.

He was going to shoot a movie soon and would be leaving in a few days.

Jiang Miand didn’t react at first, and after waiting for a few seconds on staring at the chat box with her film emperor father she quickly asked.

[Dad, what’s the name of the movie you’re going to make abroad?]

[Death Plan 3, didn’t you ask dad before when the third one would be made.]

‘Death Plan 3’ was shot by a famous American director. There were two male lead, Qin Jingrun was one of the male leads, the film was released five years ago and the after the release the movie exploded. Qin Jingrun went international and based on Hollywood with this film.

Five years ago the original owner was 13 years old, at that time the rebellious period had just began. She would watch every movie of her film emperor father and her favorite was the death plan.

The original plot describes that Qin Jingrun was seriously injured when the set exploded while he was filming death plan 3 in the United States. It took him two years to get well but his physical ability was much slower than before.

Later while filming for domestic film he was hanging on a harness, but that harness had problems. He fell from a height—but if Qin Jungrun had not been injured before he could reduce his injury with his years of experience, it was not like he had not encountered problems with harness before.

But because of the injuries he suffered his body’s reaction ability was not as good as before and Qin Jingrun was seriously injured again and was sent to the hospital for resuscitation. Her billionaire tyrant father transferred the best doctors and medical instruments to resuscitation Qin Jingrun for three days and three nights but he still died.



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