ECM 34.2


Chapter 34(2)

At that moment Niu Tao was sure that he really wanted to kill someone.

He fell back on the couch and moved his lips to say something but in the end he just waved his hand and quickly let him go.

Cen Feng retracted his gaze and the upturned corner of his lips also returned to the original line before turning around and walked out as if nothing had happened.

Niu Tao collapsed on the couch for a long time before he was able to calm down, on a hot day like this he was instead in a cold sweat. Thinking of Cen Feng’s attitude just now, he was scared and angry, he went back to his desk and called his assistant.

“Send a copy of all the trainees’ material and photos quickly!”

Cen Feng was terrifying and could not be afford to mess with.

He needs to find another one, he do not believe that with more than a hundred trainees he could not find a second Cen Feng!

He just hope that it would Mr. Ma’s taste was not so picky.

# #

After yesterday’s incident, Xu Zhaixing now does not dare to send anything and just stay patiently in the rehearsal room to watch Zhao Jinjin dance. But because of that incident, a rumor about Cen Feng being poach have spread, and those trainees with small heart couldn’t sit still.

They began to visit their area frequently, they would either go the toilet or fetch hot water trying to brush their existence in front of Zhao Jinjin to see if they could be lucky and be liked.

With these frequent visits Xu Zhaixing wondered why there were suddenly more people outside the rehearsal room but since she was still depressed about Cen Feng hating Chen Xing her brain couldn’t function well and didn’t bother to think more about it. At this time still feeling depressed she lazily got up to use the restroom.

When she came around the corner, a figure was coming down the stairs.

Xu Zhaixing hung her head and only glance quickly, she only glance half an inch but her soul was directly scared. She immediately turned around and run back, she even almost hit the wall head on.

The man said in time.

“Eh! Watch out!”

Xu Zhaixing fleeing movement gave a halt, as her soul come back.

It was not Cen Feng.

Holy crap! That scared the baby out of me.

She looked up with lingering fear and was stunned when she saw each other’s face.

It was the S-star’s captain and the center position, Yin Chang.

He was the one who looked like isolated Cen Feng out of the group. His personal resources were also more compare to his members, most activities he have were within the group. Yin Chang as the center position was of course the focus every time, both popularity and resources were the best in the group.

But she does not feel much for Yin Chang, in fact she neither like nor hate him. Yin Chang has a cool personality, he does not like to smile looking like a great cool dancer although in her opinion he does not dance well than Cen Feng. He wears hair and makeup more in line with the aesthetic of the star-struck girls, he also has good body management and wears a tank top to reveal his abs, attracting everyone with his charms.

Later, when Cen Feng passed away Yin Chang sent a long article as a tribute. Everyone said that although the leader was young he took good care of everyone in his team and he instead looked like the oldest one.

Yin Chang now was still young.

But what shocked her was how he was dressed, was much like the current Cen Feng?

So much that she almost recognize the wrong person just now.

Looking closely there was still a difference, but with a glance his temperament, clothes, trousers and shoes gave her the illusion that he was Cen Feng.

Xu Zhaixing was vaguely uncomfortable in her heart and she did not know why. But when she heard Yin Chang asked her as he smiled,

“Are you okay?”

Once he opened his mouth, his voice that sounded tender underripe, Xu Zhaixing finally knew why she was uncomfortable.

There was something very incongruous about that indifferent to almost cold temperament of Ceng Feng when replace on him.

Just like a child stealing the clothes of an adult, he was giving off the opposite effect. He looked like a dog rather than a tiger.

Xu Zhaixing thought back to the Yin Chang back then and then looked at him in front of her. With a bang in her head, an incredible idea jumped out.

This person, he can’t be imitating Ceng Feng, is he?



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