GTKWF 34.2


Chapter 34 (2)

The three watched her, as she faded away in the night. Father Qiao then said.

“You have to be nice to that girl in the future.”

Qiao Yu: “???

No, why should I be nice to her? She’s just my client!!

Sheng Qiao cried as she walked, taking advantage of the night and no people around her, she cried unrestrainedly. She hadn’t cried like this for a long, long time. after all what should she cry for?

When walking out of the neighborhood, there was a car coming towards her and the high beam hit her straight in the face, Sheng Qiao raised her hand to block the light. The next moment the high beam changed to low beam, Sheng Qiao then nodded her head slightly as a gesture to thanked the car owner.

The car stopped next to her and the window slowly came down revealing Huo Xi’s face with a slight frown.

She quickly raised her hand and wiped a handful of tears from her face but the corner of her eyes were still red nevertheless her smile was big and bright.

“Huo Xi! What a coincidence, I met you again!”

Huo Xi’s frown deepened as he looked pass her and look at the direction of Qiao Yu’s house.

It seems that every mood swing she has had been related to that family.

He open the door and said.

“Get in first.”

Sheng Qiao hurriedly shook her head.

“No, no I’ve called a cab, there’s still one kilometer to go! You go back!”

Huo Xi said in a light voice.

“It’s not safe to take a can alone at night, come up.”

The persistent goodwill from her idol was completely irresistible so Sheng Qiao canceled the cab and pulled open the door and sat inside Huo Xi’ car.

The car was warm. The navigator still had a record of her home address and after entering the address Huo Xi turned the car around. Sheng Qiao still sitting in the back row, took out the indictment and said happily.

“Huo Xi, look I’m out of contract.”

He incline his head to look at it.


Sheng Qiao happily put her hands on her knees as she leaned her head closer to Huo Xi.

“Many agents from different companied have contacted me these days, I’ll sign to a new company after the new year.”

Huo Xi glance at her through the rearview mirror.

“What companies are there?”

Sheng Qiao counted the company with her fingers.

Huo Xi listened quietly.

“How are you considering?”

“I prefer Hexi and Qian Tang, although their resources are not the best their style is more suitable to me.”

Huo Xi did not speak for a long time as the car sped down on the winter night, the atmosphere in the car was silent for a moment. Sheng Qiao leaned back and after a long time she heard Huo Xi say.

“You know I opened a studio?”

“Of course I know.”

“My studio can also sign people.”



He then slowly said,

“So, will you also consider my studio?”

Sheng Qiao: “…”

No, I won’t consider it.

Sheng Qiao did not react, and Huo Xi was not in a hurry as he silently drive her to her home. Arriving at her area, Huo Xi parked at the garage. Sheng Qiao clutching the indictment said.

“Then I’ll go now, thank you for sending me back. Bye!”

She then open the car door but couldn’t opened it.

Huo Xi did not unlock the door.

He turned around, his body slightly tilted making the car space small. Sheng Qiao was immediately forcer to cling to the cushion and did not dare to move.

Huo Xi smiled.

“You haven’t given me an answer yet.”

Sheng Qiao mouth shivered.

“I… I think it’s not a good……”

“Oh? What do you think is not a good? Is it that the resources of my studio are not good or the owner of the studio is not good?”



Their breathed interlace like the light and shadow dancing in the dimmed.

After a long time, he heard Sheng Qiao whisper.

“I’m not good.”

Huo Xi looked at her quietly.

She plucked up the courage to meet his gaze.

“Huo Xi, you know if I go to your studio imagine how much criticism and trouble will it bring you. Those who like you will be disappointed with you and may even go off the grid, other people in the circle can’t understand your kindness and they will all look at you with colored eyes and will talk about you in private.”

He was like a mountain stream with clear snow and bright moonlight of the night.

She couldn’t let a single filthy glance fall on him.

She pursed the corner of her lips and smiled gently at him.

“So it’s better not to. Thank you for being willing to help me, I’m really especially happy.”

Huo Xi looked at her for a moment, turned around and pressed the door lock.

He didn’t turn around again to look at her, while Sheng Qiao just pulled open the car door and the cold air scurried in. She said softly.

“Huo Xi, wish you a happy New Year in advance ah.”

She stepped out of the car and close the door, she then jogged all the way into the elevator.

Huo Xi looked at the slowly closing elevator door until the sound and lights dimmed, the garage then was enveloped in silence.

She said such big reason like bringing criticism against him, fans being disappointed on him and being talked behind by others—every words was justified and every words was all for him.

Not once did she think about what kind of trouble she would bring to herself by signing up for his studio.

She refused him, not for fear of getting herself in trouble.

Rather, she was worried about him getting hurt.

Huo Xi started the car, bringing back the noise to the quiet garage, and illuminating it with the car’s lights.

And at the same time, a voice of a man sounded.

“Happy New Year.”



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