TMBAM 13.1

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Chapter 13(1)

The next day Jiang Yue found himself thinking too much.

Not only him but also the whole upper class circle who has good relationship with the Yan family and even those who didn’t have much contact with them. As long as they were in the circle—since the Song family and Feng family were not invited.

Jiang Yue felt good and amused as he pinched the cigarette in his fingers but accidentally burn himself instead, making a ‘sizzle’ sound.

He thought he was going to be invited to make amends.

As a result she turned her face ruthlessly and stepped on him more firmly.

Few days ago, it was him who went to the Yan’s house and took some fruit with him before he left. It was a peaceful and happy atmosphere so what news could spread these days? It was time for him to participate in the Yan’s party again except for Song and Feng who were absent. Would the Jiang family shake hands and make up with the Yans?

As soon as he looked up, he saw Jiang Jing holding a PSP and shouting at the top if his lungs.

“Aunt Wang! I was to eat! Food! I’m hungry!”

Is he starve to death?

It’s all this bastard’s fault! If it weren’t for him it wouldn’t have happened.

There was also this person who he does not know where he get the news about the fight between Jiang Jing and Yan Wenbo, and just immediately passed this information to him.

After the falling into that situation, no one would be able to escape.

Aunt Wang was quick to bring the food but when Jiang Jing received the food he felt that the atmosphere was a bit not quite right and couldn’t but asked.

Jiang Jing looked back at Jiang Yue.

“Your old man, in a bad mood?”

“I’m in a good mood though?”

Jiang Er showed a little sneer.

“The Yan family will held a banquet, the Songs and the Feng have not received an invitation at all only our Jiang family….”

“Doesn’t that mean our family is extra awesome?”

“Awesome fart. When we went to the Yan house with our front feet then what would we say with our back feet 1 , that we had fun with the Yan’s house—the fruit in my hand when I went to the Yan’s house for you a few days is called corroboration, do you understand?”

Jiang Jing thought for a moment.

Then was I the who to take the fruits away?

How can I be blamed for this?

“Then we won’t go this banquet?”

Jiang Jing asked.

Jiang Yue looked at him coldly as if he was looking on a pig.

“That’s called being guilty as a thief.”


Jiang Yue instantly thought of that day at the Yan’s mansion, she slowly got up and walked towards him as she personally put the box of strawberries into his hand…to strike a slap and give him jujube at the same time2.

So what sweet jujube should she give this time to appease him?

Jiang Yue got curious.

“So…. Are we going or not going?”

Jiang Jing was confused.

After few seconds Jiang Jing smacked his lips.

“That Yan Wenbo, his sister-in-law is really fucking powerful!”

Jiang Yue looked at Jiang Jing again with a gaze looking at a fool.

No susceptibility at all.

If this was born in a political family, his grass was already three meters high in the grave.

“…..very powerful… don’t speak rudely.”

Jiang Jing close his mouth into a thin line: “…”

Didn’t you just call her yourself ‘Lao Tzu?2


It was not difficult for a mistress to find out from everyone to figure out who was befriending whom and was not, which was in a small circle and which status was different… It was not a difficult task.

Only one day has passed but Gu Xueyi has already integrated everything.

And Yan Wenjia was force to become the provider of these great deal of information.

Yan Wenjia was leaning on the sofa.

He was supposed to be wearing a robe while his feet was stepping on the carpet barefeet.

But because Gu Xueyi was in front of him, he had to dress neatly. He wanted to crouched lightly to lean more comfortably on the sofa but his shirt would wrinkled so he had to sit straight again.

Yan Wenjia was unhappy at the buttom of his heart so he asked lazily and sarcastically.

“Do you understand the meaning of these?”

“Of course I do.”

These four words were with no urgency nor slow but was instead, her voice was stable and there was no superfluous explanation, hearing this Yan Wenjia’s voice chocked his throat.

When he wanted to rile up Gu Xueyi but instead of being punched back hard, it felt like he was hitting a cotton.

Gu Xueyi closed the file in her hand and stood up.

“I should go out.”

Yan Wenjia instinctively asked.

“Where are you going?”

“The mall.”

“You want to go to the mall?”

Yan Wenjia frowned.

“Are you going for a shopping?”

Gu Xueyi nodded her head.

“Madam Xia asked me out.”

Which Madam Xia? The famous prodigal? Can’t Gu Xueyi see what the other party was after? Doesn’t she know the other party asked her out just to get the situation of the Yan house out of her mouth?

Yan Wenjia’s internal organs were stirred up with anger, and his tone was gloomy.

“…my eldest brother is missing but you are going to the mall to go shopping as if nothing is happening?”

Gu Xueyi reasoned with him.

“Your big brother is missing and yet you went to play extreme sports as if nothing had happened.”

Yan Wenjia choked.

“If I didn’t come back I’ll throw myself into the sea and die together with him okay?”

“Don’t spread the net if you’re going to die.”



“Next time you have to tell me so I will also not let go when pressing you into the water.”

Gu Xueyi said a light-hearted manner.


“You don’t have to sacrifice yourself.”

“I’m leaving.”


“Will there be gossip reporters filming me?”

“Of course.”

Yan Wenjia snorted and paused violently but when he looked up again Gu Xueyi had already pushed open the door and walked out.

There were no stupid people in the Yan family.

Yan Wenjia immediately understood what she meant.

The Yan’s going to shopping malls were only telling the outside world and letting them know that the Yans were still running as usual without any turbulence.

Yan Wenjia pursed his lips and his head swept up with complicated emotions.

And at this time, Gu Xueyi outside the door paused. She asked the maid.

“The food for the youngest today has been delivered?”

The maid replied.

“Madam, it’s been sent to the young master’s school.”


Gu Xueyi asked asked again.

“He’s not coming home tonight?”

“Yes, he says he’s not going home….”

“Call and make sure he has to come home for dinner tonight. Prepare some food and give him a tonic good for brain, he goes to school and needs to balance his nutrition.”


Soon a sound of footsteps was heard walking away.

She’s really like a big boss…

Yan Wenjia thought it was funny but even if he wanted to laugh he couldn’t laugh. Not only he couldn’t laugh it out, he was also little depress.


[⬅️ Toc ➡️]

front feet then what would we say with our back feet 1 – accepting the invitation was like agreeing to their motive which could be said in there situation was a collaboration, while they need to worry what they need to say to the other family with influence

to strike a slap and give him jujube at the same time2-pretty similar meaning to a carrot and a stick

Didn’t you just call yourself ‘Lao Tzu?3– an arrogant way of calling oneself I


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