TMBAM 12.2

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Chapter 12(2)

But when he saw Madam Yan looking calm with her head slightly lowered not knowing what she was thinking and not talking or rather interrupting their conversation makes her appearance quite beautiful and moving.

“So what Mr. Chen means is?”

Jian Changming spoke up.

“Please we are asking Mr. Jian to mediate from it and delay the time for a while…. at least until the return of President Yan Chao.”

Jian Changming took another look at Gu Xueyi at this time.

“I will try my best.”

Listening to the end of the conversation Gu Xueyi has briefly deduced that there was some kind of trouble in between that they were facing now.

She did a little homework in advance for this man called ‘Jian Changming’ though there was very little information about him on the internet. But still Gu Xueyi was able to catch some few key words, the Jian family has a certain relationship with the political arena of China.

China’s political arena was also equivalent to the past officialdom.

In short, Jian’s family has a bit relationship with the official’s family.

Chen Yujin mentioned that the loss brought by ‘Baoxin’ were not worth mentioning for the Yan’s but there were greater hidden risk which could not even be shared by the overseas enterprises.

In other words, the loss of ‘Baoxin’ must have something to do with the government’s relationship.

That’s why Chen Yujin mentioned that Jian Family should be allowed to mediate between them.

Because that’s when the Jian family had a big role at this time.

And according to Chen Yujin’s words the Jian family turned out to be that powerful?

Then she remembered hitting Jiang Er—she admit was a bit cruel.

There was also the Song family, which currently she does not have any contact yet but she should see them sooner or later.

The word ‘official’ may be very scary and oppressive for others.

But for Gu Xueyi, doesn’t feel any oppression or the like.

She had dealt with too many princes and nobles in her last life…which of course since she also already have the knowledge.

Gu Xueyi’s brain gradually formed an idea in her mind…..she might as well give it a try.

From the ancient time, not all things could only be done by man.

“Is there anything else Madam Yan would like to ask?”

Jian Changming suddenly asked out.

On then did Gu Xueyi stops her thoughts and raised her eyes to look at Jian Changming and shook her head.

“Is there anything else Madam Yan would like to ask about the news of President Yan?”

She still shook her head.

Chen Yujin all tasted a little bit of ruthlessness from it.

Jian Changming now also could not help but doubt himself.

At first Gu Xueyi doesn’t care if she lives or die as long as she could marry Yan Chao which was 3000 times more brain dead than a celebrity fan but now why does it feel like she was stepping down all of the sudden.

Even though it was clear that it was just a transactional deal, Jian Changming still felt a subtle sense of guilt at the bottom of his heart.

Yan Chao’s life and death was unknown, but even if that was the case the wife who should be close to him were not the least bit concert about his whereabouts, thinking about it in the end it was a bit saddening.

“Then I’ll have someone sent Madam home.”

Chen Yujin stood up.

Gu Xueyi nodded her head and also got up.

The two walked side by side towards the door.

When she reached the door, Gu Xueyi suddenly remembered something as she looked back down and said faintly.

“I believe he will come back alive.”

This was the second sentence she said today after she entered the door.

Naturally in this situation to put it crudely, was an utter rubbish.

However Jian Changming’s gaze changed slightly.

Chen Yujin’s steps also stalled.

These words were far more powerful than crying and anxious shouting.

When she stepped out of the door from the small conference room, Gu Xueyi suddenly called out the other secretary again and asked for a note pad and pen from her.

Turning against the wall, he wrote a line so quickly.

She handed the pen and the note pad back to the young secretary right afterwards.

Then shoved the notes where she wrote something to Chen Yujin’s palm.

Chen Yujin’s heart jumped violently and was startled.

Then there was a loud thud.

Followed closely by the whole person frozen up.

The warmth of her fingertips seems to linger on the notepad…

Jian Changming suddenly narrowed his eyes.

The people in the corridor was also shaken.

Chen Yujin then remembered that before coming here, he told Gu Xueyi—“don’t talk.

So the whole time she barely spoke.

But, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t ask! At this time, what was the use of giving him a note? It looks like there were on some kind of private messaging. Was she teasing…

Chen Yujin unfolded the note in his hand with a wooden face.

[ Secretary Chen, your pants is wet. It should be stained from the tea. ]

The characters were written very beautifully.

Chen Yujin: “….”

Gu Xueyi’s expression was faint as she walked towards the elevator.

Behind her was Jian Changming who’s brows were wrinkled and eyelids were twitching.

Gu Xueyi and Chen Yujin?

On the other end.

The mentioned Jiang Er looked at himself in the mirror, specifically on the marks on his face that had almost faded.

Jiang Jin was recently grounded at home and was bored out of his mind. He came downstairs when he saw his second brother at this time, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Did your call get through Gu Xueyi?”

Jiang Yue paused in his movements.

“Yan Wenjia should have returned home safely.”

In other words these could also be interpreted that Gu Xueyi didn’t answer his call.


Jiang Jing said in the back of his head.

This was really the first time he had known someone ignoring his second brother’s phone call.

Thinking of how scary his second brother’s dark face was and how much psychological shadow it had brought him, Jiang Jing couldn’t help but burst out a little bubble of psychological balance and joy.

The next moment, Jiang Yue’s phone suddenly rang.

Jiang Yue picked up and connected the call, there came the voice of the owner of some phone that had been on the line came from the other end.

“Are Mr. Jiang and Mr. Jiang’s family member available on the 17th?”

What’s she up to?

Want to invite me to dinner?

Jiang Yue pursed his lips and his cheeks still hurt a little.

He smiled as he said.

“Yes, there is sometime.”

Across the table, however Jiang Jing shivered hearing the laughed.


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The author has something to say: Everyone is actively putting hats on the head of the Yan Chao.

Far away from Africa, Yan Chao: I thank you oh?

Bullshit!1 raw 牛批!Also write Niu B, NB, Niu breaking, Niu X, fraud, Niu criticizing, life idioms, describing a state of behavior or recognition of the other party, and pointing out the speaker’s appreciation. It means very powerful and sturdy.


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