Chapter 44

The atmosphere froze for a while.

Until Chen Fang let out a light laugh causing the other three to look at him.

Jiang Liangchan felt the atmosphere was strange and was a little puzzled seeing him laugh. She immediately grabbed him and asked.

“What are you laughing at?”

Chen Fang was still laughing as he said lightly.

“Nothing, I just find it interesting.”

The two of them just talked like it was nobody’s business making both Chu Qing and Song Xinrui’s faces completely darkened.

It was Song Xinrui who struck first.

Her eyes turned red in a moment, as if she was angry and aggrieved as she said.

“Sister Liangchan, what do you mean by that?”

Jiang Liangchan: ….. how do you all know me?

My friend don’t you want to tell me your name first?

My name is Jiang Liangchan, how about you?

This was how etiquette and courtesy should be but it was impossible to say this, and there was no need for her to say this.

Because immediately after that, the red-eyed girl said the next sentence.

“Brother Chu Qing, Sister Liangchang seems to have misunderstood us.”

Jiang Liangchan: “……”

Excuse me.

Heavens! I just want to see a relaxing scenery!

Going to the garden should do it and not meeting in you in the way.

By the way since this man is Chu Qing then the woman must be Song Xinrui?

Jiang Liangchan sized them both up again.

I think the original body really has no good eyes.

Chu Qing immediately continued and questioned Jiang Liangchan with a bit of anger.

“Chan’er, what do you mean by that? I just went to the poetry club with little sister Song, and we were on our way back so what are you talking about?”

En, the official stamp is on, and it’s really these two.

Chu Qing and Song Xinrui were ready to scold Jiang Liangchan as always and even skillfully think of the words to deal with her in their hearts.

But unexpectedly this time Jiang Liangchan not only did not get angry but also smiled with a harmless face and asked with her head tilted.

“Well, is that how it is?”

Even though her reaction was unusual, Chu Qin let out a sigh of relief and exclaimed.

“Naturally, you still don’t take back you previous words and apologize properly to Miss Song!”

He deliberately aggravated his tone not just for Jiang Liangchan but also for the man in front of him, beside Jiang Liangchan, to show his power and dominance.

Saying: I must not be as good as you but this woman beside you is obedient to me and I win.

This kind of strange shift compensation mentality.

Jiang Liangchan tilted her head as if recalling what she said and then her expression looked difficult for a while before she sincerely said.

“But the words have been said already, to take back that would be embarrassing.”

Chu Qing was eager to establish his authority and did not relent.

Although Song Xinrui looks like I’m gentle and I’m generous, the acerbity and smugness in her eyes couldn’t be hidden.

Jiang Liangchan sighed submissively.

“Well since you guys wants me to then I’ll have to say it.”

“Just now, what I said about Miss Song’s preamble is, this girl is good and brother has good eyes.”

“I will now take it back at your request.”

Chen Fang has been with her all this time all for a few days now so when he heard her he raised his eyebrows.

Yet Chu Qing and Song Xinrui still knew nothing and was smugly waiting eagerly for her apology.

Jiang Liangchan putt her hand on her back and word for word she said like a good lecturer.

“This girl is not very good, brother are you blind?”

When she finished saying these, a line was clearly written on her face that read.

–All right, I’ll satisfy your request but now I can’t help you.

Song Xinrui’s face went white and her hands were trembling as she pointed at Jiang Liangchan.

“You… you..”

Jiang Liangchan looked guilty.

“I know what I said was bad but you guys had let me say it.”

She pointer her finger as she shyly and embarrassingly said.

“As you all know I am usually uneducated and I do use idioms badly, but I still can use some big words and since Miss Song particularly minds I can repeat it again.”

“How about, ‘thy daughter’s heart is not right and the kings has an eye disease?’ do you guys see if this expression is any better?”

Chu Qing: “….”

Song Xinrui: “…”

Chen Fang : “….”

While Jiang Liangchan was still seriously thinking hard and gestured as she looked very serious thinking she really did work hard to come up with the idea.

“If you still feel bad, I have some spare words here, otherwise you pick?”

Before Jiang Liangchan could get her spare of words on her hidden thesaurus Song Xinrui staggered and the tears she had resisted rushed out, giving an angry sob.

The scene was a bit chaotic for a while,

Jiang Liangchan took a step back and watched Song Xinrui being comforted by Chu Qing as she painfully cry. She lazy took a step and looked at the sky leisurely.

In fact, if it weren’t for Chu Qing eager to give Song Xinrui a head start she would really have been too lazy to tell Song Xinrui the injustice and debt of the real original body, but alas Chu Qing made everything complicated and rushed everything.

Still crying.

This is a little boring.

She kind of wanting to leave.

Chen Fang was still there, standing beside her while holding her arms staring at a distance. No one knows if he was blankly staring or thinking about something, he was just there waiting patiently for the farce in front of him to fall.



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