Chapter 28

The live account was registered to his mommy’s phone account that year.

He was small, had no ID and even less he has no bank account.

What to do about this?

“Ningmeng… Auntie…”

Ye Xun finally opened his mouth, his voice was soft and his face was pinkish.

He held back the urgency he felt at this moment.

“Yuan, is it money?”

His little finger poke at the paper, thinking that he usually see this on the supermarket signage when shopping.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Listening to Xia Ningmeng’s words, his small hands instantly squeezed the corner of his coat in excitement.

He remembered that he just saw a number next to the yuan character.

So doesn’t that mean he already has money?

Did the aunts and uncles rewarded me?

His dark eyes flashed and his usually shy little face was brightened up.

“Thank you Aunt Ningmeng…”

As long as he didn’t misidentify the word yuan he could probably tell how many bag of rice he had earned.

Although he could not withdraw the money now, it doesn’t matter he could just save first then tell his mommy to surprise her.

With this thinking Ye Xun’s anxiety faded and his baby fat little face also showed a shallow smile.

Seeing this Xia Ningmeng who thinks she had taught the child well was also satisfied.

“Anything you don’t understand you can ask your aunt.”

Ye Xun immediately nodded respectfully.

With his short legs, he went back to the table take the live phone and look at what was written in the screen once again.

With a ‘pa’ his little bottom sad solidly on the ground.

123.7 yuan!

Even his little ears were red and his little mouth was slightly open while his grape eyes were all incredibly surprise.

In that little time, he made.. two or three bags of rice.

Cousin Aunt Ye Wan seems to be right, as long as the live was long one could make a fortune?

He immediately spread the toy as he resisted the corner of his mouth to curled up and immediately sat upright.

He wanted to keep playing to his aunts and uncles!

When Ye Susu got out of the room, she checked out the new mission that just popped.

[Tomorrow’s Cub Raising Task]

[1. To improve the quality life of the cub, earn 500 yuan.]

[2. Accompany the cub to complete his kindergarten assignment.]

The task she receive was different every day and now she unexpectedly asked to earn money.

The jobless Ye Susu was in a moment of panic.


What should I do if I’m jittery?

She had almost sell everything the family owned for money.

She scratched her hair stressfully, feeling what the former shiguan said about his head going bald.

But in the next second, out of the corner of her watery eyes she suddenly swept across the LEGO box in the trash can by the door.


Her fingers immediately twitched.

Wasn’t this the greatest invention for venting stress, energy and anger, the toy cardboard box that could be used to replace the cat’s scratch pad?

“Ah this…. I don’t need this…”

She was a big cat now, cultivating for 99th world so how could she rely on this low-level cardboard box to relieve stress like an ordinary cat who was not sensible?

She won’t.

She looked away and took her phone as she walked with her calm face.

But only after two steps she stopped in her tracks and blinked.

She wiggled her ten fingers and rubbed the corner of her clothes as she took two step backwards and squatted down back to the trash can.

“Although it is lowly to do it but the old ancestors once said that every existence has a value. For example… when the cub is in the bad mood um.. he can use it and play.”

Human cubs have not played with this before so it would not be easy for them and would black out.

“Then, I’ll begrudgingly…. Try it first for the cub.”

Ye Susu cleared his throat.

She then carefully looked around.

No one is around!

After making sure, instantly there was a small flash of excitement in her eyes and a little blush on her face.

As a big cat, it was not as if she was not reserved.

She was just helping the cub in the future.

Thinking about it, she solemnly raised her small face on the floor and retained from showing any eager expression on her face.

Stretching her waist to stretch her spine, and then circles three times on the left and three on the right before shaking her slender hands that had been transformed into human form.

She then squatted down and took out the LEGO cardboard box and put the trashbin upside down so she could put the box on top and—

“Look at my floating meow meow fist!”

On the lid of the cardboard box, there were several small holes that she ‘accidentally’ made when she open the box just now.

Now for those holes, she punches them one by one, claw by claw and scratches with unparalleled precision!


The speed was so fast that it almost turns into virtual shadow.

Her original serious little face that was still board, not long the corner of her mouth were getting higher and higher. A pair of crystal water eyes more and more excited, more and more excited……

This is how it fee…

So refreshing!

So refreshing, I can’t stop!

Blast it!

Tear it up!

Ye Susu was punching wildly until her body was out of strength and stopped while panting.

Her heart was satisfied and her face was flushed in contentment.

Yes, now she forgot all her troubles!

So what if she has a task of earning 500 yuan, it’s no pressure!

She could take the cub and play together tomorrow!

She wanted to roll around in excitement but the next second her nose twitched abruptly as is she realized something.

Her body then stiffen as she turned her head.

Only to see the empty corridor had now someone who was wearing a furry blue sweater of a cold and elegant man, standing upright with his slender body.

And this moment the cold and handsome face has an expression of stunned as well as.. confusion.

In the silent hallway the branches outside the windows of the building clattered as the wind blew was heard.

Ye Susu looked down and look at her white as jade ten fingers.



Wait I can explain.



Author has something to say:

Li Yun: The way I was attracted to my wife was a little special.

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  2. I really don’t like how much the ML and the people around him looked down and mocked her behind her back, doesn’t matter if he helped her or not. I wouldn’t want to accept any help from a guy who mocks me and looked down on me.


    1. He acts like that because of the original owner of the body. He already has a preconceived opinion as to what kind of woman she is and her reaction of sometimes looking at him “greedily” isn’t helping in improving her image towards him.


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