Chapter 27

Begonia Garden was very quiet even on weekends.

Occasionally, only a few children’s cheerful laughter could be heard from the community garden.

Ye Susu also cheerfully completed the task although she was confused and not sure how she was able to complete it.

But with the recipe in hand, she began to study what menu to light up next.

And Ye Xun who was quickly stunned at the LEGO toy stuffed in his hands.

Happiness… comes too soon.

So it turned out that this is the ‘power’ of LEGO all about.

Turns out, it’s not as good as Xiao Pang says it is.

His little mouth which he was trying to purse couldn’t help but curled up slightly.

Resuming his seat in front of the coffee table he did not forget to reach out and touch his head.

Recently it seems that his mommy to like to touch his head.

The curve of his little mouth got a little wider again.

[Ah, the little one is touching his own head! So lovely!]

[I can’t see the little one’s face, sad!]

[He’s happy right? Hee hee, play with LEGO cutie.]

Ye Xun seems to have heard everyone’s cry as he carefully put the storybook and pen back in place before putting the LEGO pieces carefully on the table.

Like a small wolf dg watching a flock of sheep he took each block very seriously afraid of dropping one of them.

While playing he also never forget to see if there was anything falling off the ground.

Even though he plays very slowly, sometimes makes mistakes but the crowd in live room could see how serious and careful the movement of his small white hands.

Anyone could find that he was very involved in playing and loved the new set of toys.

The coffee table was a glass countertop and anyone with experience knows that it would make a crisp sound when things fall on it.

However he was still able to play without making that crisp sound and was quiet as could be.

[Why do I feel more distressed the more I see it? Bo hoo, my cousins are throwing building blocks around and easily snaps, but this child handles them with care.]

[Does he want to play with it and then sell it for money? Don’t, I’m crying.]

[Why do good babies belong to others? My son is such a bear!]

[Hey, it’s breaking to watch. From tomorrow I’ll reward this kid with my daily snack money and I’ll lose weight!]

[Good idea upstairs!]

[Seeing this, when the mother buys a new pencil for her child he becomes anxious.]

[Earlier his mother doesn’t even know he’s doing live and didn’t see out comments ah.]

[!!! Can that little man know how to take out the money we rewarded him with?]

Pop-ups were flying inside the live stream, and someone finally asked a rational question.

Yes reward, the little man has now money.

But how would he know how to get the money?

Ye Xun played with the toy for a while, not knowing the dilemma of his fans when slowly his eyes looked ahead.

Actually he was also thinking about this.

How to make money from live streaming? How to get the money out to give to his mommy?

He doesn’t know this at all.

But soon, the problem was solved.

Ye Susu quickly decided to learn a new cuisine using up the value she received so she asked Xia Ningmeng to watch the child and went downstairs to the kitchen by herself.

But she first comforted Ye Xun and asked him to treat Aunt Xia Ningmeng as a kindergarten teacher and only when he nodded did she feel at ease.

Xia Ningmeng was not bad person otherwise she would not send red envelops to her alienated old friend.

Ye Xun once again refocused his attention to the toys.

So Ye Susu left and did not worry about anything.

But not long after she left, Ye Xun came up with a stupid solution.

He grabbed the phone that was still live streaming.

And after trying the various buttons again the settings for withdrawal panel was clicked out.

Where there were number, he guessed it might have something to do with money.

Seeing that Xia Ningmeng was looking at her phone, he used the chance to use the pencil to copy down the suspicious number and words.

After copying he put the phone back in place.

He took another small piece of paper, messed up the order of words and copied them again.

[What is this little guy doing?]

[It’s not what I think it is, right?]

[….. going to ask the aunt what these words mean and then learn to withdraw them himself?]

[My baby, it’s useless to know words. Do you have bank card?]

[Upstairs the truth is if the baby know he would be disappointed, right?]

Under everyone’s heated gaze through the screen Ye Xun move to where Xia Ningmeng was with the piece of paper.

In fact, the live room could not see anything after he took the paper since the lens the phone was only angled to capture the block he was playing.

But that doesn’t stop everyone from being able to hear the sounds in the room.

Before long Xia Ningmeng’s voice sounded.

“Huh? Baby are you trying to ask me what this words reads?”

He was actually stealing the ant forest abilities making the piece of paper silently delivered to her.

Xia Ningmeng turned her head and met little Ye Xun’s expectant but somewhat shy dark eyes.

Checking the piece of paper she found that the characters written were crooked, it was written to somewhat large letters but she could see that each stroke was very consistent in thickness.

Ye Xun was a little shy and a little nervous.

But still nodded his head.

Xia Ningmeng’s heart ‘thumped’ and a sound of breaking rang.

Too cute!

This kid’s cuteness is lethal!

She was satisfied with her lunch and had no resistance to the child’s softness and so immediately she became a teacher.

“This, it’s a mention.”

“Withdraw, you know this word? This means taking the money and put it in the bag, just like your mother when she went to the bank to withdraw money ah.”

As soon as she said that, Ye Xun’s eyes immediately lit up.

He nodded his head more diligently with a look of interest.

Xia Ningmeng thought to herself.

I’m quite suitable to be a kindergarten teacher?

When she thought that the child might not be have leaned phonics yes, so she started with the shaped of the word.

“Look at the word ‘withdraw’ this meaning to take with your hand…. you remember it like this, you know?”

Ye Xun remember it carefully and sure enough he immediately write down.

His little finger pointed to the next word.

“This word is ‘account’. Bank accounts where you store the money, you know that? Ah here the four words are combined to a word meaning bank account.”

Xia Ningmeng took a look at the words written on the piece of paper again, even if the order was messy she could immediately found the phrase.

Ye Xun understands it in seconds.

Withdrawals were to be made to the bank account.

For a second his expression was instantly bereft.

But this bank account, he doesn’t have it.

The live account was registered to his mommy’s phone account that year.

He was small, had no ID and even less he has no bank account.

What to do about this?



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