RB80’s: VMRHCD 2


Chapter 2 – The Setting in Three Years

TL: sadaharu

The original owner was bought back.

The reason why Pei father and Pei mother bought the original owner back was to raise a child bride for Pei Huai.

Since going to elementary school doesn’t require money they have let her study.

But now it would cost them a lot if she also go to junior high school, and the family doesn’t have that much money.

Plus the original owner was already twelve years old, in the countryside she could already be considered as half laborer.

Even if she couldn’t work in the field, but she could cook and do laundry she could also clean the yard and feed the pigs or whatever work available there to do.

As a result, the original owner ended up not going to junior high school and started farming at home.

The original owner didn’t say anything but in her heart she was complaining about the Pei family.

She was angry inside, and she turned that grief and anger into appetite even if she choked and her throat was full of food she would continue to shove vegetables into her mouth and eat more than others.

She don’t know if it’s because she ate too much but the original owner’s strength was getting stronger and stronger.

The greater the strength the more work was being done but the greater energy she need to consume so the more she needs to eat.

It was simply a dead end.

Several years passed, the original owner’s small and slender body turn into a ball due to excessive eating.

She just eats and eat, she even robbed somebodys food secretly.

She robbed food from the younger siblings of the male protagonist.

After the robbing them some food, she also threatened the younger siblings that they were not allowed to report or else she would beat them.

The original owner has a tiger like strength, with a full meat body and fierce tone of words of course her threatening words was very effective.

It was simply unreasonable for a person to eat three people’s meal without turning herself into a ball.

In Jiang Ran’s opinion, what the original owner was doing was a total self-abandoning making her image into something somewhat unsightly.

But the Pei family’s two elders don’t feel the same way.

They fell that Jiang Ran’s ass was easy to raise, since she had great strength and does a lot of work making their living a lot easier.

After the original owner and the male protagonist became adult, regardless of the male protagonist’s objections the two had a wedding, pulled the certificate and put wine in the village.

At their wedding night.

Jiang Ran closed her eyes, somewhat do not want to recall this memory.

Although this memory was forcefully given to her and not something she did herself she still couldn’t bear to accept it.

Three days after the wedding, the male protagonist left.

Carrying his bag, he went to college in the big city.

A month after the male protagonist was gone, the original owner found out she was pregnant.

She sent a letter to the male protagonist but he did not return saying he was in school and couldn’t take a time off.

Not only did he not return home at that time but he also did not return even for New Year’s Eve.

Nine months later, the original owner gave birth to a big fat boy.

This child was the eldest grandson of the Pei family so the old couple of the Pei family, obviously treated their grandson better than the original owner.

Then after giving birth the original owner’s thinking has changed.

The original owner thought that since she had given birth to the eldest grandson of the Pei family she had to be given great merit. She had suffer so much before and suffered many wrongs so this time it was her time to enjoy this blessing.

Immediately after the original owner began to sit on the moon.1

Mother after child birth need to confine themselves to avoid injuring their body and to take their health back for two months.

But the original owner was different from everyone else, she confine herself for three years.

Every day apart from eating, drinking and hanging out she would just lay on her bed.

The two elders of the Pei family did not say anything but even if they did, the original owner would turn deaf.

The two elder of the Pei family was the one taking good care of the child.

Since that was the case, they don’t have time to work. The responsibility of working to put food on their table was done by the male protagonist’s sister.

After giving birth to the child, the original owner stopped working but she did not eat less at all.

Day after day she would just eat and lay still, then eat more and even after eating the whole grain she would still eat another batch of food.

Obviously the child was already three years old, but her belly was still like she was pregnant.

In the original plot, at this time the male protagonist graduated college and finally returned home.

But the purpose of going home was to divorce the original owner.

(End of chapter)



began to sit on the moon.1– to convalesce for a month following childbirth, following a special diet, and observing various taboos to protect the body from exposure to the “wind”

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  1. Wow, I hate the family and the ML already and from the synopsis I don’t like where this is going


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