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Chapter 155

After the fans watched the Spit Me First, they were all complaining and disappointed. They all thought that just like the previous episodes, the guests invited were all going to complain something about Tang Wanwan.

However, Tang Wanwan was not spit but was boast instead on how rare blooming white lotus she was.

If they don’t dare to spit on her then they didn’t need to invite such person to come on their show. Now she was invited to do what? Lord over them?

Tang Wanwan who was sitting on the guest seat also has bereaved face, she do not know if she should talk about morality and the rule of the law.

They wanted to see complaints about Tang Wanwan not to see her clarify the conference! And questioned why did they ever invited Tang Wanwan in the show?

Looking at their situation right now, it looks like Tang Wanwan was the one scolding the program team while the latter were bowing their head as if accepting her sermon.

Originally during the time that Tang Wanwan did not appear in the public’s eyes the netizens soon forgotten her but seeing her again in the program, they expected to see something they never have seen before but the result was unexpected, with the influence of one person, the entire show was completely change.

[Don’t come if you can’t joke. If you accepted the invitation then you must honestly follow the show’s rules. Also is the program team’s brain kicked by a donkey? If you are a fan of Tang Wanwan, that bitch, you shouldn’t have invited her in this show but pay for her to appear in Whitewashing conference.]

[A show must never depend on who the guest is, but because of your poor decision skills you have the entire program’s reputation at risk. You are not only sorry for the audience who have been following your show but also sorry for the staff who have worked hard for the program. You are already more than 30 years old, be more mature!]

[Is it fun to see two girls who just debuted to say how other people are ugly and you only look good!]

[Tang Wanwan sl! Is the crew happy seeing it like this? Because me, I am really am speechless this time.]

[I don’t know if the crew is happy or nor, but Tang Wanwan should not be happy to participate in this show, so why bother? If she can’t stand being trolled she didn’t need to come, she could be more generous with that.]

[I begged Tang Wanwan to stop acting like a demon again and just stay at home as the young wealthy lady. We don’t want to see you at all!]

Even an ordinary citizen named Xu Yuan who went surfing to forget his sorrow, was accidentally so engrossed on Tang Wanwan’s topic that he went straight and immediately wrote a piece of his mind against Tang Wanwan, on how she needed to be admitted in university to gain knowledge.

After reading his post, the netizens then commented famous universities in the capital and even suggested an admission.

It was already late when Tang Wanwan knew about this, but still had Qin Zhao hire her a bunch of water army but it simply couldn’t reverse the situation. What she could do now was to continue to play quail1 and reduced her presence on the internet.

When the heat of this matter passed, she could think of other ways for her come back. On the other hand, Qin Zhao’s parents were even more dissatisfied with Tang Wanwan because of this matter, so they repeatedly instigated Qin Zhao to divorce Tang Wanwan.

August 13, the eight the month was considered Valentine’s Day of the year.

Fu Zhen began to ponder about the present he would give. Last Valentine’s day he cosplayed as a maid for Jiang Hengshu, now he needed to wait for another month for the child to be born so the originally movie that he wanted to give to Jiang Henghu would start filming by then, then he would wait until next year’s Valentine’s to give it to him.

Fu Zhen also secretly asked Jiang Hengshu if he had anything he wanted recently, but Jiang Hengshu was too attentive. He would buy everything that was missing not more than the next day which makes Fu Zhen into thinking mode.

Until the day of Valentine ’s Day, Jiang Hengshu went to the office in the morning but came back less than 2 pm. When he came back Fu Zhen was still discussing the ending of White Casle with Luo Pingping, so he was not particularly enthusiastic seeing Jiang Hengshu back early.

Jiang Henghsu took the calendar and sat down beside Fu Zhen, looking at Fu Zhen who had not said a word to him until now. Jiang Hengshu sighed and said.

“Today is the eight month, ah.”

Fu Zhen gave a hmm but the movements of his hands did not stop at all, probably not understanding the meaning of Jiang Hengshu’s words.

So Jiang Hengshu could only whisper to Fu Zhen’s ear and remind him directly.

“Today is the Valentine’s Day.”

Fu Zhen’s hands finally stopped moving, he blinked and turned his head, his black eyes flustered as he said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I know ah.”

“So where’s my gift?”

Jiang Hengshu asked Fu Zhen with a smile.

Fu Zhen stared at Jiang Hengshu for a while and grinned after, he then cleared his throat and coughed as he took Jiang Hengshu’s hand and asked him.

“Can I owe it first?


Jiang Hengshu lifted his hand and grabbed Fu Zhen’s chin, two eyes intertwined as he asked with a smile.

“How long do you want do you want to owe it?”

Fu Zhen covered his mouth and laughed, before he put the tablet in his hand on the table. He then stretched back lazily before standing up from the sofa, he looked down at Jiang Hengshu and said to him.

“Actually it’s been ready for you for a long time.”

“Wait for me.”

Fu Zhen put on his slippers and walked quickly towards the study room. Jiang Hengshu reminded him from behind.

“You walk slowly.”



quail1- timid, as if it has nothing to do with her,

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