Chapter 18

Certainly not a problem.

Because no matter what, she would definitely be the one who dies first!

So first save she needs to save her arm and die as a whole person!

Tang Tang’s body was half suspended in the corridor, with her back facing the direction of the wind and shouted at Yan Zhen.

“Let go—your hand—”


Yan Zhen heard Tang Tang’s voice and pulled even harder.

Tang Tang: “….”

No let go, her hand was really going to break!

Tang Tang tried her best to persuade Yan Zhen to let go but the latter was like repeater possessed.

“Not let go, not let go.”

In the end she had no choice but to feel a small bottle oil from her pocket and with great difficultly she used her one hand to unscrew the cap and then stretched out her arm. She then pour the oil the place where Yan Zhen was holding her, she poured as much as possible.

Very good, the grip is starting to slip.

Tang Tang felt that Yan Zhen’s hand gradually began to lose its grip and her heart began to relax.

So close, almost losing his grip.


The two hand were completely slid apart as Tang Tang looked Yan Zhen’s pained expression suddenly feeling a bit insincere.

No, no, no she’s dying. Why did she feel insincere!

She could be called a great person with what she has done, okay!

Seconds before Tang Tang was completely blown away she loudly warned.

“Quickly—close—the door—”

Immediately following the next second she felt herself being rolled all the way out of the corridor and finally flying out of a large window on the far side of the corridor.

Oh so this is the feeling of flying…

It’s damn scary!

Tang Tang keeps on spinning with the wind and doesn’t know when the wind would stop. Her whole body seemed to be already out of her control and even her breathing was now blocked.

She was so pitiful being strangled by the wind.

Just when Tang Tang sympathize with herself the gust of the wind suddenly stopped, and then immediately after was her rapid fall that she had no time to react.


Tang Tang’s eyes widened, especially after seeing her surrounding it was almost evening as the dark clouds was covering the pitch black sky.

But this is the tenth floor ah! I did not prepare a parachute ah ah ah!

Tang Tang was rapidly falling and could already foresee herself turning into a ball of mush and paste on the ground.

This so terrible oh.

Wait I don’t have a parachute but I have a quilt ah! With this I should be able to save myself even a little, right?

Luckily, the hidden space could be access by just chanting something because if it would take more seconds she may not be able to wait for the quilt to come out.

Tang Tang folded the quilt neatly when she collected it earlier so at this moment by just pulling the corners of the quilt it immediately bulge up.

She have to say this method was quite good at least the rate of falling has slowed down.

Then two seconds later, she fell on the ground.

The effect was there but not counter-intuitive.

Tang Tang inspect her body after falling down and took a small flashlight from her hidden space and held it in her hands to cautiously observe the situation around.

She don’t know if it’s because the people were all in the dormitory or run away but there weren’t many zombie below. She could only see few zombie in twos and threes walking by.

Tang Tang was about to sigh of relief when she noticed that the zombies seems to be looking at her direction.


Oh no, oh no, I forgot it was raining and the water washed out all the perfume in my body.

Tang Tang shivered as she squatted down to cover herself with the quilt and then get some presume, spraying herself all over again.

Go away, go away, go away quickly!

 After a while, there was no more footsteps around her so she dare to lift the corner of the quilt to see what was going on. Luckily the zombie were gone.

She was really relieved now. She then have the time to took out her helmet and put it in her head then wrapped herself with the blanket before she carefully move towards the place where she could shelter from the rain.

But the fog during the night was thicker than during the day so although Tang Tang had flashlight to light her way, it was still pitch black a meter away.

And this was the men’s dormitory, it was her first time coming here so she didn’t know which way to go plus the gust of the wind swept her aimlessly so she doesn’t know which corner of the men’s dormitory side she was in.

Her situation could only be describe in one word, miserable.

Tang Tang was desperately fighting against the zombie a few days ago, she just dragged a big living man on a board and had to run wildly but although she was actually pulling the board and used less strength but her arms were sore and painful not to mention right now it was swollen but she always felt that she could endure everything.

But right now that she was suddenly idle, not stabbing any zombie or run wildly with wooden board in addition she fell from the high place—her whole body now feel like it was torn apart as she was trembling with every step she took.

She wandered and wandered, it took nearly an hour of walking before she could see the first familiar spot.

Surprisingly it was the library!

That stinky wind had blew me from one side of the dormitory to the other part of the building!

Tang Tang really wanted to know where that gust of wind came out from, so that next time it comes out she would know.

But it was already night time, and although along the way she did not encounter many zombies but the fact that she was outside in the middle of the night was already very scary.

Tang Tang dragged her tired body near the library door and walked to open the shop next to it.

This store was a stationary store before the end of the world, and people who come to the library love to go in this store and have a stroll. But now the inside was empty and there was no breath of a living person that could be heard.

Tang Tang turned off the flashlight after checking the corner, she then secured the place after finding out there were no zombie.

She was so tired that she sat down on the floor while slightly leaning on the wall and lifted her and a little which hurt a lot making her sweat out.

The quilt wrapped around her body was also wet and heavy, Tang Tang just put it aside and did not put it back the hidden space so as to not soak the other things in the space as well.

She rested for a while and when her appetite was back she simply ate something.

Her clothes were wet, and since she had no condition to take a hot bath so she just quickly changed into dry clothes in order to avoid cold at this time. Incidentally the raincoat and other equipment was put in her hidden space.

She once again felt she was not too miserable.

After protecting the male lead for so long, she was planning to hold his golden thigh and settle her feud with him but instead she was now left alone. Should she compliment herself? Or was it really just the plot?

But since she was already in this situation, it couldn’t be helped.

The most important thing now was to save her own life.

She adjusted her mind before sleeping with her body leaning against the wall, ready to recuperate and heal her wounds.

Tang Tang’s sleep has always been okay, but since the end of the world she has always been unable to sleep stably because of mental tension. Even if she finally find a quiet place to stay for the night, the habits she developed for so many days have not changed.

In the middle of the night, the sleeping Tang Tang suddenly heard a ‘clunk’ sound.

Startled, she opened her eyes at once and relaxed her breathing in the darkness.

Someone was coming.

When she entered the shop, she was worried that a zombie would come it so she purposely move the chair behind the door to block it. The chair was not heavy but when the door was pushed it make a harsh sound on the floor, served as to give her a warning.

At this moment Tang Tang has completely sleepless. From the hidden space she grabbed a half-meter long pig-killing knife and firmly held it in her hand.


There was a loud sound as the chair fell to the floor.

The door was then kicked open.

Tang Tang frowned, if the zombie couldn’t smell any human it should be impossible to continue pushing the door open not to mention she was sure the perfume on her body was still absolutely still pungent.

So she guessed it would be a person at the door?

No, Tang Tang shook her head and was afraid it was an ability user.



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