GTKWF 33.1


Chapter 34 (1)

Mother Qiao remembers Sheng Qiao.

The last time she came to the home, she stood timidly downstairs. Although she didn’t see her face at a distance, she had an inexplicable sense of intimacy. At the moment she was close, she saw her snow-white face, her eyes were red and she was wronged to death.

Mother Qiao’s heart was suddenly felt unbearable and inexplicable feeling of affection making her rock the wheelchair closer and reached out to hold Sheng Qiao’s hand as she said in a warm voice.

“Is your name Qiao Qiao? What’s wrong, tell auntie what’s wrong with you?”

The tears that Sheng Qiao had hard time holding back were really coming out again.

She bit the tip of her tongue to death, forcing the tears back through pain. She forced the corner of her lips held a smile, squatting down in front of Mother Qiao.

“I’m not wronged, but I’m very happy to see the judgment finally come down and wept with joy.”

Mother Qiao looked at her forced smile and felt more heartbroken while stroking her head comfortingly.

“This is a good thing, don’t cry now. Did you have dinner when you came over?”

Sheng Qiao wanted to say she had eaten, but she was too greedy for her mother’s tenderness and couldn’t help but whisper softly and pout.

“Not yet.”

“Why haven’t you eaten yet when it’s already late? It’s not good for your stomach. Xiao Yu, ask Zhang Ma to make some rice.”

Qiao Yu said helplessly from the side.

“Mom, Aunt Zhang is on vacation ah.”

Mother Qiao responded by patting Sheng Qiao’s hand and smiling.

“Then Auntie will make it for you, what does Qiao Qiao want to eat?”

Sheng Qiao sniffled.

“I’ll just have a bowl of noodles.”

Qiao Yu: “…..or I’ll go. Mom, Sheng Qiao has brought you New Year’s gifts, you guys talk first.”

After he said this, he turned around and went to the kitchen.

Sheng Qiao finished chatting with Mother Qio and got up to greet Father Qiao again.

“Hello Uncle…”

Father Qiao smiled.

“Good, good. Last time at the door outside, was that you?”

Businessmen were quick-witted, and looking at this somewhat familiar face he finally remembered the girl who cried and cried at their gate that night a few months ago. It seems that at that time, the boy in his family had problems with this girl.

Sheng Qiao was particularly embarrassed.

“I was in the wrong place that day.”

She hurriedly changed the subject and brought the prepared gifts over.

“This is a New Year’s gift for you. This is for uncle, I dragged a friend to buy an authentic local snow clams. This is for auntie, it’s a leg moxibustion instrument for your legs in cold winter—this will keep you warm.”

The friend that she dragged to buy a snow clam was bought by Zhong Shen in his hometown while she chose the moxibustion instrument herself in the mall.

“This girl really has a heart.”

Father Qiao loves to eat snow clams although it was not an expensive gift but both were suitable to their taste so the looked on their eyes for Sheng Qiao was more and more likable.

Sheng Qiao pushed her mother to the side of the sofa and the three of them sat down.

Father Qiao said.

“Child, how was your lawsuit ah? Did Xiao Yu helped you solve it?”

“It’s all settled.”

Sheng Qiao thought about it before briefly saying about the termination contract not hiding about the photos. Mother Qiao has always been soft-hearted, and listening to her calm tone about the loan sharks, her father suicide, scandal photos and a twenty years contract, tears immediately flowed.

Father Qiao was also furious.

“This kind of company is simply bullying people too much! I think it will sooner or later bring about its own destruction!”

Qiao Yu walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of noodles at this time.

“You still care about your own company, haven’t you won that project recently?”

Father Qiao waved his hand, signaling him not to mention this.

The noodles were homemade, and Qiao Yu was the only one who make them so Sheng Qiao thanked him and sat down on the small stool in front of the coffee table to eat. She used to love to squat and sit here to eat while watching TV, she don’t even know how many times she was told by Mother Qiao.

The family was happy, she ate the noodles made by her brother and listened to the voice of her parents. For a moment she thought she was still the same Qiao Qiao, and the unexpected life brought by the car accident a few months ago seemed to be just a dream.

Sheng Qiao finished the noodles and carried the bowl to the kitchen, Father Qiao then said.

“Leave it, let Xiao Yu wash it.”

“No dad, I’ll do it myself.”

Qiao Yu: “……”

Father Qiao: “….”

Mother Qiao: “….”

Sheng Qiao after saying dad: “…”

Sorry my mouth slip.

Father Qiao asked Qiao Yu with his eyes: Why is she calling me Dad?

Qiao Yu: “…”

Don’t ask me, I didn’t, I didn’t know anything.

Sheng Qiao felt that as a person who was about to become an actress, her acting skill were necessary this time. She sucked her nose, curled her lips as she make herself looked pitiful.

“Sorry uncle….. you guys are too good to me, just like my mom and dad. I haven’t called dad for a long time so just now I momentarily slip….”

Originally she was doing it pretentiously but the more she said the harder it was making her tears fell out of her eyes.

Qiao Yu hurriedly handed her a tissue paper.

Sheng Qiao suppressed her sadness.

“I’m sorry uncle and aunt. I had too many mood swings tonight. It’s late, I’ll leave now and I’ll see you next time, wish you a happy and healthy New Year in advance.”

The Qiao family of three, then escorted her to the door.

After talking a few more, Sheng Qiao turned to leave and really couldn’t resist squatting down and hug Mother Qiao. She buried her head in the nook of her neck, smelling the familiar smell belonging to her mother and said softly.

“Auntie you look like my mother, she is also in a wheelchair.”

Mother Qiao heard a trembling sob from her voice making her heart felt like being pulled in pain, as she patted her back.

“Then often come to play at home, auntie will make good food for you.”




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