Chapter 39

She was mistaken by her rich husband for the type of ‘Zhong Wuyan and Xia Yingchun1 and felt wrong, but since she said she would be a good friend of President Fu, so of course she would not refused his friendly invitation.

But President Fu who was giving her ‘warmth’ was at the wrong time—

Imagine that at more than 10 pm, a beautiful little sister was at home with her bare face and freshly washed setting on the bed in her pajamas while playing with her phone.

Then out of nowhere a man called her for a video call, what does this mean?

They were both adults, a lonely man and a lonely woman—frankly speaking their scenario right now would develop to an adulterous rhythm.

Jian Ruixi has been hooked up and seduced others, she knows this routine too well. If this happened at another time, even if President Fu wanted to chat or video call her she would warmly welcomed it but this time was such a delicate time.

So her first reaction was of course suspicion after beside that possibility when did President Fu and Madam Fu get so close?

If it was at normal time, Jian Ruixi wouldn’t complain about her husband in her mind and would give him face, but now she was sleepy and her brain was not working well.

Their relationship during this period was not for nothing that was why Jian Ruixi answered the phone.

She immediately adapted and showed off her rich mother-in-law to President Fu heartlessly—President Fu’s own mother was “doting” on her.

Fu Shiyuan looked at the very somewhat red-faced woman in the screen and laughed lightly.

“You’ve recently started to like diamonds?”

Jian Ruixi was honest and said.

“I like anything that has value.”

She hasn’t had enough fun yet. She continues to boast that Old Madam Fu has good eyes and generous.

“This set of diamonds like mom is very valuable. Each diamond is perfectly cut and is big, and she doesn’t blindly inlay damage diamonds to fool people….”

All in all, this set of diamond jewelry would be a loss to collect.

The more Jian Ruixi talked about this the more excited she was, that she did not even realized that she looked very much like a cutie who was hinting at her male friend for a gift in a roundabout way.

And President Fu who has high EQ and IQ, but of course was playing dumb and simply nod his head with a smile.

“So you like big and perfect diamonds, I see.”

Jian Ruixi was suddenly a little confused.


Where is this unfolding President Fu?

“Did I misunderstand?”

“No ba….”

Jian Ruixi crooked her head and think. President Fu’s character setting was said to be concise and straight to the point, then there should no other meaning than that.

Jian Ruixi was so happy to share her joy with President Fu but she couldn’t carry to continue as she was already very sleepy. Unconsciously she fell asleep and only woke up when it was daybreak.

Under Jayce’s relentless cultivation Jian Ruixi has developed a good habit of going to bed early and waking up early.

However she feels that she was now a rich woman who eats and waits for her death and since she doesn’t really need to take care to her children these day she shouldn’t lose face by getting up so early again right?

So even if she didn’t feel sleepy, Jian Ruixi still lay on the quilt lazily as she checked her phone and stayed in bed until nearly 10 o’clock before she stretched leisurely and then got up to wash.

As soon as she open the door, she a smelled a delicious fragrance. Jian Ruixi smiled contentedly, and as soon as she went downstairs she asked Susan who was wiping the table in the kitched.

“What delicious food did Aunt Lin made today, smelling so delicious?”

Susan tilted her head and smiled.

“Answering to Madam, Aunt Lin has boiled a pot of duck soup and said that vegetables cooked with that soup base are delicious and notorious than those cooked in clear water.”

Jian Ruix was a little surprised.

“And the recipe was sent over?”

Yesterday she took the time to see Lisa’s recommended dietician and expressed her demand with the other party after she finished the physical examination.

However she had to hurry to pick up Jayce from school so she had Lisa followed up the rest.

Hearing Jian Ruixi asked, Lisa came over from the living room to explain.

“We contacted each other in the morning and Leo told you to eat according to the recipe for half a month first and then changed to something else after that.”

Jian Ruixi nodded.

“Good morning, what time did you get here?”

“Been here for a while.”

Aunt Lin had already set up the breakfast so Jian Ruixi politely asked.

“Do you want to eat together?”

Lisa smiled and politely declined.

“Thank you, I ate at home.”

Jian Ruixi did not have to be polite to her. She took the seat at the center where the head of the family usually seat, she then began to enjoy her breakfast. While eating she casually asked.

“There should be no activity I have to attend today?”

Lisa made a gesture to turn over her notebook– records of Jian Ruixi’s schedule, she smiled and replied.

“If you want Madam Liu of Baorong Industry will hold a birthday party for her young son this afternoon and I heard that a popular singer was invited to sing live.”

 Baorong Industry?

Jian Ruixi thought for a while and shook her head decisively.


She remembered clearly that this Madam Liu was the noble lady friend who satirized her in her circle of friend the other day about eating hot pot. Although she changed her face very quickly after she dragged President Fu.

She was not a person who lost her gratitude and hatred with a smile. Jian Ruixi let Lisa made a note on the records.

“Just form of courtesy, send a gift for her.”



Zhong Wuyan and Xia Yingchun1 a fictional character on a drama,

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