Chapter 38

On the day Jian Ruixi took Jayce away from home, Old Madam Fu was deep inside really upset but her son and husband helped her talk it out and since Jian Ruixi was also good, not only she video chat with them every night she would also occasionally send some very cute and interesting video or photos of Jayce.

Old Madam Fu saw a lot side of her little grandson that she had not seen before, and also realized that she may not really replace the role of a mother for her little grandson. He only followed his mother for two days but he was more cheerful and lively than in the past, Old Madam Fu reflected a little bit.

Now that she seen her lively and cute little grandson, the last resentment in her heart was gone after all, all she did was for the good for the child.

Jian Ruixi does know the changes of mentality of her rich mother-in-law but even if she did, she didn’t mind getting closer to Old Madam Fu.

She sat down with a little surprise on her face.

“Mother and father are out to relax but I let you bring me gifts, how embarrassing…..”

When the housekeeper, Sister Ying brought the gift Jian Ruixi’s honest reaction of her body was to stand up and accept the gift accompanied by a surprise gasp as she said.

“This set of makeup is a limited edition, I heard that it was already out of stock everywhere and is difficult to buy……. Huh, this red wine is from Mother’s winery?”

Old Madam Fu smiled modestly, Sister Ying then helped to introduce the gift.

“Madam, although this is produced by Miss’s winery it was not a regular wine. This is vintage wine that was reserve the day Miss bought the winery, now the stock on hand are nor more than 10 bottles.”

Sister Ying was with Old Madam Fu after her marriage with the Fu’s. Her loyalty was beyond any housekeeper not to mention she was an old-fashioned servant, when she arrived at the Fu’s and until now she still called Old Madam Fu Xiao Jie1 and Old Master Fu guye2.

The gift she received were indeed precious, Jian Ruixi said happily.

“I just fell in love with red wine recently, I like to have a drink before going to bed to promote blood circulation and good skin. Thanks for the gift, Mom.”

Although it was Old Madam Fu’s casual gift but seeing Jian Ruixi smiley appearance, she couldn’t help but glance at her as she asked.

“Are you satisfied with the gift?”

Jian Ruixi knows that her rich mother-in-law must think she must better kept under the table3 again, since even after Madam Fu has been married for six or seven years she has not received a bottle of wine from her mother-in-law’s winery.

But she now have this ‘privilege’ so what else should she do? Jian Ruixi nodded and flatteringly said.

“How can I not be satisfied when mom loves me so much?”

Old Madam Fu really like her reply but scold her for her “short-sightedness” and said to Sister Ying.

“I seems that I have a new set of diamond ornaments on my drawer go and get it so as to not let people think I’m so stingy when she goes out.”

Jian Ruixi’s eyes lit up when she heard the word diamonds, her rich mother-in-law sent pigeon eggs, she could definitely use this to show off to her noblewoman friends. So she said with a smile.

“Thank you Sister Ying.”

Seeing that the young lady has coaxed her Miss into a happy mood with only few words she smiled at her more sincerely and went back upstairs to get the diamonds, she said.

“Madam you are welcome.”

Waiting for Sister Ying to come down, Jian Ruixi has opened the topic with Old Madam Fu. She has asked about the winery, she was envious both inside and outside. A lady playing with the winery seemed to be the standard of being noblewoman so she also wanted to have her own winery.

She eats, drinks and talk closer with her rich mother-in-law and even takes a set of valuable diamond ornaments. And surprisingly Jian Ruixi was satisfied with the events happened and was ready to go home.

Because the atmosphere was very good she and her rich mother-in-law teamed up to finish a whole bottle of red wine. So on the way home Jian Ruixi had leaned in the car to take a nap but unexpectedly received a phone call from one of Madam Fu’s noblewoman friend.

“Busy person, no need to stay at home with the baby today right?”

The caller was Amy whom Lisa mentioned before, she was an iron lady friend with Madam Fu. She was not pretentious friend of Madam Fu so she spoke casually.

“We need three but we are short of one, do you want to come over to cover the shortage?”

Jian Ruixi then opened her eyes and was surprise.

“It’s already nine o’clock and you’ve only just started?”

It turns out the noblewoman also have no sex life like her.

Amy didn’t hear what she said but laugh.

“It’s not like you’ve never been in this group before. One word, coming or not? Tonight will fight until dawn.”

Jian Ruixi was really a bit tempted to feel the nightlife of a noblewoman but she has also developed a habit of going to bed early and waking up early these days because of her child so she was already yawning when she was talking to her friend.

Jian Ruixi did not dare to dally any longer and could only refused her friend’s good intentions.

Amy couldn’t find her poker friend4 and wasn’t going to waste time on her. She just gritted her teeth before hanging up and said.

“Don’t let me catch you if you have the guts.”

Jian Ruixi laughed out loud without any desire to respond back and just hang up the phone and went back to her plan, sleeping.

After washing up, it was almost 10 o’clock and even though Jian Ruixi’s eyes were very sleepy she still want to enjoy her long-lost ‘single’ life so she tried to hold on to play with her phone but a video call pop up on her phone, it was from Fu Shiyuan.

She was confused and was wondering, Jian Ruixi clicked on connect and asked.

“Jayce today is back to the old mansion, you don’t remember?”

The words that Fu Shiyuan wanted to day were blocked in his throat and was silent for a moment before asking.

“Can I only talk to you on the phone when Jayce is there?”


Xiao Jie1– young lady or miss

Guye2– father’s father’s sister’s husband

kept under the table3– too inferior to show in public

poker friend4 friend who she could hang out with, the word poker was from the game poker(cards)


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