TVREG 58.1


Chapter 58(1)

How could they agree like that?

Zhou Ruo almost fell as her legs went soft, Shen Yan’s entry to Xianlu was already a sure thing but now if she competes with Li Xin—

What if she loses but now that everything has been said Zhou Ruo could only continue to pretend to believe that Shen Yan could win.

“Miss Li, this challenge is made by you and in case you lose then I hope you are willing to gamble and accept defeat.”

Lin Xin laughed and said.

“This challenge was taken by Shen Yan so I hope if Shen Yan loses then, she will be willing to gamble and accept defeat.”

Shen Yan gathered her long hair and tucked it in her ear.

“See you tomorrow.”

After saying that she turned around and walked forward, her high heels stepped on the marble floor with a crisp sound.

Shen Yan could refuse this competition but there was no one else has sent her battle letter so she couldn’t just not accept it.

Besides she was confident that this was still the competition that she could win so why not take it.

Inside the hotel room where the dinner was reserved, Zhou Ruo sighed.

“Yanyan if we lose we will have to withdraw from Xianlu audition casting, if we withdraw how are we going to find a good resource like this? Even your senior sister Zheng Shu don’t have this kind of opportunity. This is a good cooperation with Lu Yunchen.”

After that Zhou Ruo asked.

“If you lose are not going to regret it?”


Shen Yan’s regrets only one thing that was she did not let go of Meng Yi’an. Before when she still like Meng Yi’an she didn’t regret the things she did for Meng Yi’an because she just like him at that time.

“Sister Zhou I won’t regret it. Beside if Li Xin is the one who wants me to be eliminated inside the competition then I will eliminate her first and we should all be happy. But if it’s not Li Xin then I will find it out on the finals especially Li He who obviously leak the information about Li Xin but also relying on Li Xin’s strength in which Li Xin should be aware of.”

What else could Zhou Ruo say? Shen Yan already agreed to the competition, besides what Sen Yan said was also reasonable. She was just worried when she thinks of the duck that might fly away.

So when Wang Peng and Zheng Rou arrived at the room they all saw Zhou Ruo’s depressing look.

Wang Peng immediately resisted the urge to hit someone, called Sister Zhou. Shen Yan was going to endorse Sweet Chocolate and yet she still have this depressing look.

You still have that depressing look, what do you want ah? Do you want Shen Yan to play the female no. 1 in Xianlu now?

Looking at Wang Peng and Zheng Rou sat down, Zhou Ruo slowly said.

“Our Yanyan just now….”


Wang Peng like a groundhog shriek.

He then took out his phone and clicked on the latest news of Shen Yan.

–Shen Yan vs. Lin Xin, whoever loses will withdraw from Xianlu audition draft!

Wang Peng’s voice made Shen Yan twitch the corner of her mouth and then laugh out loud before saying.

“Let’s eat, eat and let’s talk on other things tomorrow.”

Talk on it tomorrow. She is competing tomorrow with a stake of withdrawing from the audition draft yet she still have in the mood to eat?

Wang Peng took a deep breath.

“They force you to compete, that must be it!”

Shen Yan shook her head.


“Then I believe you win. Let’s order the dishes and eat.”

At the moment the news about the competition between Shen Yan and Li Xin has reached the tenth place in the hot search.

Shen Yan and Li Xin’s competition.

[First commenter: I wanted to vote for Shen now that they started this competition but I’m worried that she would lose.]

[Second commenter: Ahhhhhh where will this happen ah? I want to see it live.]

[Third commenter: There are not trying to join forces to hype it, those who won said they didn’t care and those who lost won’t withdraw.]

[Fourth commenter: Makes sense, if it is hype these two people do not want fans.]

[Fifth commenter: Shen Yan you must win ah, we are waiting for you to become an inspirational girl with an 18-tier celebrity identity and have a coloration with our male god.]

[Sixth commenter: I’ll be in the front row with peanut and melons on my side as I wait for them to compete. But I was quite curious as to why they were competing.]

[Seventh floor: I don’t know but these two people somehow won’t not compete with this big stake if it was not important for the both of them.]

[Eight commenter: Waiting for them to compete.]

[Ninth commenter: Anyway let’s wait for tomorrow’s live. And if any of them loses and doesn’t quit the audition draft, hahah I will refuse to watch all their TV drama, movies, variety shows and so on.]

After the meal, Zhou Ruo sent Shen Yan home and because she was worried with the latter Zhou Ruo nagged Shen Yan all the way to her house and was not satisfied even after all the reminders.

Shen Yan listened to all her reminders and thinks that she could even write a summary, anyway no matter what she said the meaning was expressed.

Whether she wins or not it was unnecessary to lend a hand.

“Why don’t we have a chat?”

Asked Zhou Ruo still unable to let Shen Yan rest her ears.

“Sister Zhou you’ve lightened me already with your nagging skills. You don’t have to worry about me, I can win.”

After that she waved her hand at Zhou Ruo and got of the car immediately.

Rolling the car window down, Zhou Ruo shouted.

“You sleep early tonight ah, so that tomorrow you will be in a good shape.”

Shen Yan waved her hand.

“I got it!”

After she got home, Shen Yan washed straight away and immediately afterwards was thinking about the next day’s competition—she intended to sing.

If it wasn’t for her love in acting, maybe Shen Yan would have debuted as a singer.

At the same time in the Meng family.

Li Cuiyu excitedly exclaimed.

“Shen Yan is going to compete with Li Xin and is she loses she will have to withdraw from Xianlu audition draft, what a good news.”

After saying this, she said to Aunt Qian.

“Tomorrow we will get up early and go watch her, yes, you first inquire where they are competing. I will definitely vote for Li Xin.”

“Madam how do you sure that Shen Yan will lose? What will you do if Shen Yan wins?”

Li Cuiyu: “….”

“Go and find out where the competition will be held.”

“Yes madam.”

Now Li Cuiyu only needs to wait for Shen Yan to lose after all she can’t do anything to Shen Yan. And the thought of Shen Yan withdrawing from Xianlu audition draft was already making Li Cuiyu laugh.

When Meng Heng came back this was what he saw, a very excited appearance of Li Cuiyu. His first thought was Meng Yi’an agreed to a blind date she arranged otherwise why would Li Cuiyu be so happy?

With this thinking he casually asked a question, for this matter Meng Heng was not anxious because when he was in Meng Yi’an’s age he was still single.

“Blind date? What blind date?”

When Li Cuiyu finished saying this, she remembered the blind date and said.

“Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Let’s talk about it the day after tomorrow.”

She forget about it?

Meng Heng suddenly felt that he betrayed his son, so he silently did not say anything and went upstairs.

Dialing Meng Yi’an’s number, Meng Heng coughed first before saying.

“Your mother may want to talk to you about matchmaking the day after tomorrow.”

“I got it.”

“Blind date are nothing and there is nothing wrong with marriage when I was your age I used to say—”

Meng Heng didn’t continue saying this but said instead.

“Don’t always busy yourself with work. You’re going to get married soon so don’t think to much about the past.”

Meng Yi’an sits at his office and was looking at the bright light outside reflecting on his office window. On the computer was the news about Shen Yan’s competition with Lin Xin that he was staring for a long time after reading.

“Yi’an I must grasp the opportunity to be able to act so you become the boyfriend of a popular star I will marry you.”

“Meng Yi’an the role has been cut off.”

Meng Yi’an remembered that once Shen Yan played a role of female extra but was cut off. She cried herself out making his shirt wet with tears and with great difficulty console her.

She must have had great expectation for his opportunity.



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