Chapter 6(2)

Chen Guosheng saw that she actually dared to disobey him. The expression on his face was immediately pulled down, but since they were many people surrounding them it was not a good idea to lash out his anger on her, so he just lowered his voice to show that he was angry and said.

“Dad did this for your own good, besides me who else would think so much for you?”

Chen Cha flattened her mouth.

“But I just do not want to suffer, I just want to live an easy life ah. Just like how a powerful person lives her life, having others do it for her.”

These words please Chen Guoshing, who just wanted to Chen Cha to live like a waste. His expression turned better.

Chen Cha took this victory as an advantage and persuaded.

“But I’m so upset recently, my friends bought several bags from L’s family and I don’t have one, so humiliating.”

Chen Guosheng despised her because of her mind that that only has luxury-goods inside but the more stupid she was the more assured he would be. So he smiled and said.

“I’ll ask my assistant to give you money later and buy whatever you want. As my daughter you don’t have to worry about lack of money.”

Chen Cha then showed a happy smile.

But deep inside she was secretly sneering, she was also his biological child but just because she was not a boy she was treated differently.

This kind of father was really ‘qualified’.

At this time when Chen Cha was talking about the bag, the mother and son came back. When Wang Qihui heard her talking about buying bags again, she hated and was angry at Chen Cha more. She thought that what she spending was all her money, and when Chen Chan spent more money that mean she could spend less.

Chen Jiamu on the other hand was very disdainful, thinking that the person related to him by blood was really stupid.

Chen Cha lowered her head to drink while her eyes moved to Chen Jiamu, seeing his disdainful face she gave him a cold look.

Chen Jiamu was stunned, not expecting Chen Cha to have two faced. One second she gave him a gift with a smile and the next second she gave him a cold look.

He froze for a moment before he loosened the drink in his hand and hid behind Wang Qihui trembling.

Wang Qihui asked worriedly.

“Jiamu what’s wrong? Is the drink too cold and uncomfortable to drink?”

“Sister… sister..”

Chen Jiamu said intermittently with a scared and nervous expression on his face.

Wang Qihui pursed.

“What happened to sister?”

“I dare not say it….”

Wang Qihui have a condescending  glance at Chen Guosheng who was frowning then and said.

“Jiamu, if you have something to say, say it, don’t be afraid.”

Nearby people faintly heard a little and sensing that it may be a family problem but they did not go away instead they only look their eyes away and pretend not to mind them but their ears were all perked up to listen.

After all, Chen Guosheng was really unethical when it comes to family issues.

The birthday of the illegitimate son was good opportunity for the legitimate daughter to attack and persuade her father, after all he did not just had a grand birthday celebration he also took his wife and his kept woman. Anyone with clear eyes could see that he obviously wanted to hold the illegitimate son in high regard and step on his daughter.

Gossip, was the source of human happiness so how could they not listen to it?

Chen Jiamu got his father’s permission before he carefully said.

“Sister was glaring at me, so scary…..”

Chen Guosheng looks at Chen Cha angrily.

Chen Cha froze for a moment before a trace of loss appeared on her young and beautiful face gradually converge. Her eyebrows wrinkled slightly upward with a sad and wronged feelings in her eyes.

Seeing her reaction, Chen Guosheng’s anger was extinguished in half.

He knows his daughter’s character very well; arrogant and flamboyant so if she really does something bad she would never admit her mistake.

And according to her reaction, she looked so sad—did Jianmu talk nonsense?

Chen Cha defended.

“I didn’t, it’s just that my eyes are big that’s why it looks like I’m glaring.”

When passers-by heard Chen Cha with these words, they all thought inwardly one after another that this was a self-aggrandizement.

Chen Jiamu frowned and his mouth flattened as tears flowed out and sob as he said.

“Really, I’m not lying.”

Chen Cha half squatted down and looked right at Chen Jiamu as she said.

“Jiamu, you may think I don’t like you but that’s not the case, I have always felt lonely because my parents area always busy so I was always alone in the house. But mom and dad needs to work so even if I miss them so much I can only bear it, before you came I thought the house was finally lively it’s just that I don’t know how to express if before so you misunderstood me. Taking this opportunity I want to tell you that I like you very much because you are my brother and my family. But I have no experience on how a sister treat her brother before so I may have done something wrong and since I don’t usually express my emotions I may look a little fierce but trust me I definitely don’t hate you.”

Pretending to be white lotus? She could also pretend to be one, her rival to be a white lotus has not yet been born.

Chen Jiamu froze and looked at Chen Cha.

Chen Cha hated him, he knew it from the first time he met Chen Cha. Her disdainful, contemptuous and condescending eyes were stabbing his already cautious pride and made him resentful to the core.

He hated her so much that he could cut her to death.

But at this moment, seeing her with such sincere expression.

She was beautiful something he knew right from the start, with skin like gelatin, full of youthfulness, innocent and delicate features. Even though he was only 10 years old he was amazed the first time he saw her.

At this moment, her beautiful and moving eyes were full of sincerity and tenderness as if they could flow out of a clear spring.

He was beginning to wonder if he had really misidentified Chen Cha’s opinion on him.


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