Chapter 20(1)

Qin Jingrun repost on the weibo, and in less than half an hour it has occupied the major popular headlines. And the weibo post? It has rank first in the hot search list.

What kind of influence Qin Jingrun has? He was the kind of person who could make headlines by simply bending down tying a shoelace not to mention he personally sent out this weibo post himself.

As he stand at the top of the pyramid in the circle, fans look forward to the star and moon every day. They hope that he could send some weibo post, such as selfies to let his fans lick their screens for some time.

However Qin Jungrun’s official weibo has been growing grass for a long time1, the most weibo post were various activities and publicity which were also sent by Lin Xin. Qing Jingrun usually doesn’t concern himself on his weibo after all he’s always busy every day and when he finally has free time, in addition to rest the other time left has to be with his baby daughter so how could he have time to pay attention to online news.

Fans were able to tell by the content of the post that it was really sent by Qin Jingrun himself or was sent by the staff through his official weibo—idol Qin Jingru would send a post at the request of his manager Chen Xu, to not let the fans drink soup2 every day so occasionally it was still necessary to serve a big meal to them.

Therefore fans could see at a glance if that the weibo post and comments were forwarded by Qin Jingrun, their male god!

So when they saw that it was commented by Qin Jingrun himself, it was simply more surprising than the previous news that Qin Jingrun has a girlfriend.

This was Qing Jingrun himself!

Originally there were many people who did not know Jiang Mian, so when they checked her weibo the fans who cursed Jiang Mian was now a bit embarrassed.

The reason they scold Jiang Mian was because they thought Jiang Mian, the newcomer wanted to rely on the fact that she looked like Qin Jingrun and then rubbed Qin Jingrun’s hotness.

Those who dare to rub their brother Qin Jingru’s heat were bitches so they would not hesitate to come and tear people one by one especially if it was just a newcomer. How dare she would even associate herself on first-tier big names.

Bit ss soon as Qin Jingrun’s comment came out, the fan’s faces were slapped swollen—they screamed and shouted saying their male god has come out and said it himself that they were alike.

So if they continue to say that she does not have the same features as him wouldn’t that be a slap on the male god’s face?

Then the wind turn around, taking a closer look at their photos one by one and compare them. Not to mention the other part of her feature but the nose and mouth really was more or like the same with their male god.

[Jiang Mian you actually look like brother Qin! And you’ve been flipped by Brother Qin! You’ve been blessed in several lifetimes! I’m having lemon3.]

[I didn’t look at it carefully at first but now I really feel like it. My face hurts.]

[Girl you’re on fire.]

[How did you grow up? Why do you look like Brother Qin, I want to look like him to ahhhh.]

[I want to know what her parents look like in order to give birth to her like brother Qin!]

Inevitably someone vicious said Jiang Mian had plastic surgery according to Qin Jingrun features.

But many people retorted.

[How could you talk like that? Although I am also jealous, but her face is 100%natural, can you not be so poisonous?]

[If she had plastic surgery would she have been chosen by Zhang Zhixing to be the lead actress of the movie? Get out of here.]

[Hehe, you said Jiang Mian had a surgery according to Brother Qin’s features? Do you have a brain? Brother Qin had forwarded the weibo post, do you want to say that Brother Qin is a fool? You black others but don’t you dare black my brother Qin, I’ll curse you.]

Qin Jingrun who caused the headlines was quietly withdrawing from weibo after posting it. And looked like he had done nothing—he even commented that [she quite resemble me]. In fact he wanted to comment that [she really look like me].

The word ‘really’ was much more emphatic than quite but thinking that by using really he would sound too deliberate so finally he chose the word ‘quite’.

When he was doing all of these, he was riding in a nanny van going to a large award event where he had been invited as a guest of honor.

Chen Xu was telling him about his work while Lin Xi was busy typing up some stuff, they were so busy that neither of them knew that Qin Jingrun had his phone, entered into his weibo until they entered the event and Lin Xi kept his phone, that’s when Chen Xu’s phone started to have calls coming non-stop.



Comrade Jiang Mian the heroine at the center of the event was currently topped with two twisted braids wearing a floral swimsuit with a blue bath towel draped over her body—she has to film learning how to swim scene.

In <<Green Onion’s Love Language>>, the male protagonist Song Yunan who came to teach in the village was good-looking and knowledgeable, the children in the mountains like him. Back then when the state calls on every intellectual men he didn’t know it would it change his fate. Although Lin Wanjing and Li Wanrong were girls they could also still go to school, that’s why Song Yunan met Li Wanjing.

They fell in love secretly, Song Yunan knew that the Li family was treating Li Wanjing poorly. He often secretly took Li Wanjing to a small puddle in the mountain to bring her delicious food and played games with her. This small puddle became the place where they fell in love.

Song Yunan often swims in the small puddle, but not Li Wanjing—she don’t know how to swim. So one day he follow the villagers to the market in town and quietly buys Li Wanjing a swimsuit and then plan to teach her how to swim.

Jiang Mian was at the sideline as her role was not yet needed, while waiting she was browing on the news in the internet with her tablet. When Tang Anan couldn’t hide her excitement and says to her.

“Mian Mian brother Qin forwarded your photos.”

Hearing her say this Jiang Mian had a bad hunch.

After reading Qin Jingrun’s comment, Jiang Mian don’t know if she would cry or laugh.

She seriously suspected that if the other three dads, and her movie emperor father had an agreement Qin Jungrun would expose their relationship. And if that was the case, she was afraid that Qin Jingrun would have announced their father daughter relationship in a high-profile manner.

However, she knew why her film emperor father did this. He must have been distressed to see her being attacked by his fans on the internet so he forwarded a comment in a tone similar to teasing and turned all attention to him.

Now, after this incident Jiang Mian’s fans immediately rose hundreds of thousands because of his comment, and 80% of the comments were envious and screaming which could be describe as quite harmonious.

There were also many people who chatted with her privately asking her how she felt about being compared by Qin Jingrun.

Jiang Mian wanted to reply back, but on the contrary she hasn’t deeply thought about it—but with her insight her film emperor father’s fans should not be underestimated nor provided with a half-ass like answer.

Director Zang walked over with Yu Ran, he came to speak to the two main characters and officially started shooting after explaining the scene.

Jiang Mian and Yu Ran have a tacit understanding these days, once the director yells they could quickly enter into their character. So after learning how to swim while enjoying herself inside her mind, she had the confidence that it should not be difficult to film the next scene.

After waiting in the water, Yu Ran supported and teach her how to swim when Jiang Mian felt that there was something wrong. Sure enough as soon she felt it the director called cut4.

“I’m sorry.

Yu Ran took the initiative to speak out and apologize as he looked at Jiang Mian.

“It was my mistake.”

Director Zhang shouted with a loudspeaker.

“Yu Ran, the girl in front of you is someone you put in your heart and want to love for the rest of your life and just because it is your beloved you want to get closer to her, want to touch her but was worried that she would be afraid. You have to restrain yourself while releasing yourself.”

Then the conversation turned around.

“But! You are now teaching her how to swim, your mind is free of distractions. Do not withdraw your hand on her waist, even if you withdraw do it a little more natural. She is the person you like, not a monster so you don’t have to be nervous and cramped!”

Jiang Mian was close to Yu Ran, she could clearly see his ears turning red in an instant. She suddenly had a realization.

Was it because Yu Ran was teaching her how to swim? And the two of them are too close so he was….shy?

Yu Ran subconsciously avoided Jiang Mian’s gaze and said to Director Zhang seriously.

“Director I understand, next time I will do well.”

“Teacher Yu could just treat me like a log.”

Jiang Mian felt the need to help her partner to avoid being shy later.

Yu Ran: “…”

As an actor, there were times when one could quickly separate the role from reality but there were times when on get so deep into the scene that it’s hard to get out.

Each actor comes out of the role in a different way, some actor seem to be out of the role immediately after the scene but they themselves know that they were still affected into the role for a long time.

And there were actors who don’t seem to get out of the scene easily and needed a day or two to get out of the role completely.

There was another kind of actor who could come and go while filming the scene, completely unaffected and such actors were rare in the circle.

Many actors who act as lovers on the drama, after a long time of shooting they could easily see each other eye to eye because of the drama.

This was a very common thing in the circle—how many couples were seeing each other after being lovers in the drama.

Yu Ran was the third kind, he enters the play quickly out of the scene and leaves quickly too and was not affected by the scene.

Actors, directors and others who have worked with him know that he was a theater nerd who could quickly capture the soul of the character’s role when filming but he was especially aware of the difference between real people and characters.



growing grass for a long time1– nothings happens, no activities

fans drink soup2 not deprive them of their idol

having lemon3– jealous, vinegar and lemon were their metaphor on jealousy

cut4– am gonna use cut, since its more known than card

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