ECM 34.1


Chapter 34

Zhao Jinjin looked back at Xiao Xiao with a dumbfounded look.

Xiao Xiao had a look of unbearable unhappiness and when Zhao Jinjin looked over she said two words with an exaggerated mouth: Eldest Miss.

Between lighting and fire, Zhao Jinjin’s IQ was immediately online and actually understood!

Damn, missy is too much, bullying someone just after a few days of being here and after what she has done, she was actually just hiding in the corner silently?!

She then took a look at the teenager in front of her, both his appearance and temperament were top-notch in the entertainment circle—at least in her impression there was no male star with such cold and inhumane unique temperament.

Such character, if he debuted t many little sister whould be seduced.

Zhongtian is also good at scouting people ah, no no no, missy is also too good at picking!

But this young man was unkind. The word “General Manager Xu” came out of his mouth with full of repulsive and disgust making Zhao Jinjin feel distressed. Unexpectedly when the eldest miss became the president for the first time she actually encountered failure, this was too miserable.

She suddenly felt that her mission had become heavy and immediately her laziness was gone, she said seriously but with a friendly manner.

“General Manager Xu doesn’t mean anything else, it’s just its too hot right now and you’ve been training hard so he had send some cold drinks to relieve the summer heat. General Manager Xu has always been very kind to his employees, I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

But she didn’t expect that after the teenager heard her, he would only return her with two words.

“No need.”

His eyes were cold and his tone was not good.

“Don’t send anything over again.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

As a loyal supporter of the eldest miss, how could Zhao Jinjin not see the sincerity of eldest miss and just suffer such inhuman treatment? As her temper started to boil, she immediately wanted to antagonize him.

Xu Zhaixing scurried out from the corner and rushed into the door to cover her mouth.

Zhao Jinjin: “….”

She was holding a few cold drinks in her arms and dropped a few cups of cold drinks under her feet as she was indignantly umming and ahhing twice when Xu Zhaixing whispered.

“Don’t scold him!”

Zhao Jinjin nodded, Xu Zhaixing then let go of her hand and squatted down to pick up the cold drinks. Xiao Xiao also hurriedly followed along to pick up and said with lingering fear.

“Mom1 that scared me to death.”

Zhao Jinjin was still angry as she whispered.

“Who was that? Just because he is good looking he dared to act like that. Even if he hated Chen Xing, there is no need to be this shameless. I hate Zhongtian! But did I say anything? Aren’t I here practice dancing!”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

She took the cold drink from Zhao Jinjin’s hand and asked.

“What hate Chen Xing? How do you know he hated Chen Xing?”

Zhao Jinjin looked at her who had the expression of “you’re not right”, she said after a paused.

“Isn’t this the default thing for both sides? You go back to the company and ask which employee artist doesn’t hate Zhongtian? The same with Zhongtian to Chen Xing.”

If she said it like this…

But Xu Zhaixing always felt that Cen Feng rejected Chen Xing not because of this reason.

But for a moment, she couldn’t think of a better reason and could only accept it in a depressed manner.

Zhao Jinjin encouraged her.

“Miss, if you can’t chew this hard bone, you can just change it. I heard that there are many trainees in Zhongtian, all of whom are very handsome. You can change to a soft bone to eat next time, don’t be discourage. Come on! Strive to go more and more smoothly on the road of prying the corner!”

Xu Zhaixing said sullenly.

“I don’t want anyone but him.”

Zhao Jinjin showed a difficult expression.

Well, she admits he was very handsome.

After thinking about she said.

“If you really want to sign him, let Mr. Xu go to the boss of Zhongtian to ask for him. Anyway he’s just a trainee, if Mr. Xu comes forward Zhongtian should still give him face and have some of the big deal resources swap for him giving Zhongtian some sweetness.”

Xu Zhaixing decisively said.


What do you think of my idol? Some goods?

Since he has repeatedly refused Chen Xing and insisted on staying in Zhongtian she would respect his ideas and would never force him to do what he doesn’t want.

Zhao Jinjin was anxious.

“Neither this nor that, so what do you really want!”

Xu Zhaixing sighed waved her hand and did not say anything, she carried the cold drinks inside and gave them to several teachers and Zhao Jinjin’s male dance partner inside. Zhao Jinjin also took a cup and inserted in the straw, she just took a sip and almost spit it out.

“It’s too sweet! Ah! Quickly take it away, take it away.”

Because of this very sweet drink, she didn’t rest and instead dragged her male partner to practice dancing again trying to consume the calories in the fastest time.

When Cen Feng came back, the trainees who drank the cold drinks for free for several days had no idea what had just happened.

At the end of the training day, was when it spread among the trainees.

It turns out that Zhao Jinjin buy drinks every day under the order of the boss of Chen Xing to poach Cen Feng to Chen Xing.

Although Cen Feng unceremoniously refused but everyone was still jealous when talking about this matter. After all that was Chen Xing! Although it was not as large as Zhongtian and has old qualifications but in just one year Chen Xing’s artist who were promoted were now popular.

Wasn’t Zhao Jinjing a living example? A year ago, Zhao Jinjin was still running in the film and television studio but now she was already the first national love.

For the trainee, the debut was far from what they expected since there were more monks than meat. They need to desperately work hard to have a chance to debut, and Chen Xing was the exact opposite since there was no trainee system. Once passed they would directly debut as an artist.

Cen Feng actually refused?

Was he really sick in the head?

This incident created a small storm among trainees.

Everyone thought carefully, since Cen Feng could be poached why couldn’t they? Although they don’t dance well, sing well, and look handsome…..

Forget it, they should just train well.

The next day, when the trainee’s supervisor Niu Tao learned about this matter through few of his inner circle.

He was not surprised, with Cen Feng’s qualification it was not a question to be poach but before Cen Feng give up on himself wouldn’t he be optimistic about him?

However he was surprise that Cen Feng refused the opportunity, it seems that the boy’s heart was not really in the entertainment industry and he doesn’t really want to make a debut.

This can be difficult.

If he doesn’t want to make his debut, what would he tempt him with? If he couldn’t tempt him, who could he send to Brother Ma’s bed?

But Brother Ma only named Cen Feng.

Niu Tao makes has it difficult for all morning. After lunch, he asked his assistant to call Cen Feng to his office.

This time his attitude was much better than the last time, when Cen Feng came in the tea was ready. Niu Tao sat on the sofa with a smile.

“Come, come, sit here. Do you like black tea?”

Cen Feng frowned and stood still without moving.

He was too defensive and the more sudden the friendliness and smile was the more he would be repulsive and wary.

Seeing his cold attitude, Niu Tao cursed expletively in his mind. But on the outside he just cleared his throat, stood up and asked with his hands behind his back.

“I heard that people from Chen Xing are looking for you?”

He gave a nonchalant hmm.

Niu Tao smiled and said.

“It’s good that you rejected them, what can Chen Xing’s small company do in the future? They still want to poach people from us, huh they couldn’t give what we could offer here in Zhongtian so how can they afford to give you anything?”

Seeing that Cen Feng looked increasingly impatient, he hurriedly got to the point and said cordially.

“The new head of the company’s artist Mr. Ha, you know him right?”

As soon as the word feel, he saw Cen Feng eyes instantly cold down to freezing point.

His usual cold and icy temperament has been very oppressive at the moment and his aura suddenly openly showed on his face like a storm before the peaceful wave but under that peaceful and quiet wave a monstrous wave rapidly rising.

Niu Tao was startled by his sudden violence and could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. His instinct was telling him to avoid harm and subconsciously backed up a few steps, pulling away into a safe distance and stabilize his mind as continue.

“Mr. Ma has favored you, I think you are the most qualified of all the trainees. He has made a special artist plan for your situation. See him when you have time, since he wants to meet you.”

After saying this, he saw Cen Feng suddenly smiled a little.

But this smile was simply more terrible than him not smiling.

Niu Tao even thought of the thriller he saw as a child, in which the psychopathic killer give him this feeling!

He couldn’t help but ask in a shaky voice.

“What are you smiling at?”

Cen Feng slightly raised his eyes and his cold pupils reflected the incandescent light as it flooded with cold chill. The corner of his lips were still hooked but his voice was lowered even with a hint of whispering as he said word for word.

“If he is not afraid of death feel free to let him come to me.”


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