Chapter 57

Zhou Ruo returned to her office in a very delightful mood, and even made a coffee for Shen Yan personally. She has been in the company for so many years but this was the first time that she was genuinely happy.

When she just came to the company, she was just a newcomer and even after being considered as a veteran the artist brought by the company with newcomer agents were more popular than Zheng Shu, the artist that she was handling.

Even those artist under the previous gold agent were also more popular than her artist, so now with Shen Yan’s achievements she feels especially happy.

Shen Yan initially wanted to catch up with the new drama that was popular now but there was no particular drama that interest her so she simply watch the trailer of Chen Fei a few times. While watching she thought she would have to wait for a long time before Zhou Ruo comes back and didn’t expect she would be back soon.

Shen Yan said.

“Sister Zhou, is Wang Peng in the company?”

Mentioning the name Wang Peng, Zhou Ruo couldn’t help herself smiling more happily.

“He’s in the company, I also invited them for dinner later.”

After saying this, she took out her phone to find a few good hotels in A city online.

“Look, which one do you like. Let’s book a reservation now.”

Shen Yan swept a glance after a randomly choosing, then asked.

“Sister Zhou, Wang Peng and them?”

“They must be as happy as I am.”

No need to think, Shen Yan knows that Zhou Ruo went ahead and brag to Wang Peng. After all, from all the incidents happened; Wang Peng eating keyboard to let Zheng Rou withdraw from the audition and now to show off—she could only say one thing poor Wang Peng.

Shen Yan stayed in Zhou Ruo’s office for a few more hours.

At this time, the Sweet Chocolate officially announced their spokesperson.

Sweet Chocolate was good at their marketing, they didn’t directly announce Shen Yan and lu Yunchen but instead posted a long article in Weibo.

[Sweet Chocolate was honored to have Lu Yunchen as the spokesperson of Sweet Chocolate, and together we also invited Shen Yan as one of the spokesperson together with Lu Yunchen. You may not find the cooperation between two people suitable but their temperament is in line with Sweet Chocolate and we hope you can continue to support our Sweet Chocolate.]

This Weibo post was in a non-roundabout way of saying that Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen were working together and not curry any favor but the fact that they both meet their requirements of Sweet Chocolate’s endorser.

So Lu Yunchen’s fans wouldn’t oppose to their arrangement saying Shen Yan was selected because she relied on her connections.

When Zhou Ruo’s side received the news they hurriedly started marketing online and drove the rhythm that Shen Yan was excited to work with the male god.

In no time, the rhythm on the internet changed from why Shen Yan could work with Lu Yunchen to envy Shen Yan because she could work with the male god.

Collaboration between Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen.

[Ahhhhhh, Shen Yan can actually work with the male god.]

[She Yan also participated in a program with the male god ah, although one is a contestant and the other is a judge.]

[If Shen Yan wins in the audition she would be filming drama with the male god.]

[It would be an emotional drama—crossed fingers.]

[This actually a motivation to pursue star, Shen Yan can cooperate with the male god in endorsements and variety shows and if Shen Yan works harder she can act with him.]

[I checked the casting for Xianlu audition, we voted Shen Yan because she was the prettiest. And if she partner with the male god it should look good.]

[We support Shen Yan, remember to vote for Shen Yan. She was now collaborating with the male, let’s go support her!]

[Xianlu cast Shen Yan, and let her work with the male god.]

[Ahhhhhhhh, Shen Yan looks so good ah, I am now her face fan1.]

Zhou Ruo was a very good manager, she was able to quickly solve the matter and change the flow of the topic in the internet. When Zhou Ruo finished, she said to Shen Yan.

“We are not going to hype Lu Yunchen, after all Lu Yunchen could only hype himself. And if you get chosen in the competition as his female number one, his fans would not get jealous, just like other female celebrities who collaborated with Lu Yunchen, none of them create any hype.”

Shen Yan smiled and said.

“Sister Zhou means that since the netizen’s opinion is now calm, in the future I can be like other female celebrities saying that Lu Yunchen is my idol?”

“That’s the idea.”

If Shen Yan does this, it would look like she wanted to have a hype with Lu Yunchen after all Shen Yan said that she was his black fan. So if Lu Yunchen who thought she was really his black fan would now say he was her idol, she predicted that Lu Yunchen would not want to collaborate with her anymore.

“Sister Zhou, Lu Yunchen already has a lot of fans in the circle. I think we’d better not do that. Since the netizen’s opinion is good let’s leave it like that.”

This answer of Shen Yan means she was refusing Zhou Ruo’s idea.

“But earlier you ask me about Lu Yunchen’s concert so I thought you are his fan.”

“I was just asking, it does not mean I am his fan.”

After hearing this, Zhou Ruo still thinks that Lu Yunchen was Shen Yan’s idol and just did not want the media to know so she made another excuse again.

But she also thinks that what Shen Yan said was reasonable, there were already quite a number of fans Lu Yunchen has in the circle and Shen Yan should not touch this porcelain relationship. Besides, Shen Yan may also be as popular as Lu Yunchen in the future, so she agreed with Shen Yan’s idea.

Zhou Ruo saw that it was almost time to have dinner with Wang Peng so she left with Shen Yan to go to the hotel for dinner.

She don’t know if celebrities like to go to the same hotels, because when they arrived at the hotel Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo met Li Xin and Li He.

All were participating in the same audition, and if they don’t greet each other after meeting them face to face that would inappropriate so Zhou Ruo greeted them directly which they also said hello back.

Li Hen stopped Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo, as he smiled at Shen Yan when he said.

“Don’t think too much about the audition after all you and Li Xin are in the same program. Chu Feng is to blame for everything last time.”

As soon as Shen Yan heard this, she knew they have not read the Sweet Chocolate’s post online yet so she slightly said.

“The last incident has taught me one thing.”

“And what is it?”

Shen Yan gave a chuckle before she said.

“Choosing an endorsement must choose a good company. For some company that people don’t know much, even if they beg me to indorse them I will refuse.”

Li He’s complexion changed.

“What do you mean by that? Are you saying that we were not fair, honestly speaking what do you think you can compare with Li Xin? I think letting our Li Xin be the spokesperson is the right thing to do. ”

Li Xin also added.

“You can’t beat me.”

After saying that she pulled Li He and they continued to walk outside.


Shen Yan stopped them.

“I won the first and second competition alone. This audition you have not given anyone else a chance since from the very beginning you already decided on Li Xin, the audition itself was just a façade.”

Shen Yan then added.

“And I want to tell you this, in this audition I did not lose.”

It was at this time that Chu Feng ran over to them, Chu Feng was the one who supported Shen Yan, and felt that Shen Yan was suitable and has potential.

Seeing Shen Yan in the hotel, he was flabbergasted for a moment and hurried over.

Lin Xin at this time also replied to Shen Yan.

“I did not lose. Shen Yan, the Dream Chocolate spokesperson is me.”


Hearing this conversation Chu Feng laugh out loud. That was right, Li Xin was the Dream Chocolate’s spokesperson but what Li Xin don’t know was Shen Yan would be the endorser of Sweet Chocolate, so he said.

“Li Xin you lost, Shen Yan won.”

Li He this time, interrupted.

“Chu Feng are you crazy ah, Shen Yan won? How can Shen Yan win, our Li Xin is about to shoot the endorsement and sign the contract. Our company’s next batch of chocolate packaging will be replaced with Li Xin.”

After saying that he glance at Chu Feng and Shen Yan.

“You guys are not good enough, so don’t be delusional.”

Chu Feng hurried over to where Shen Yan was wanting to congratulate her since he saw online the news about Shen Yan being the new spokesperson of Sweet Chocolate but hearing Li He said, he rebutted word for word.

“Shen Yan is the spokesperson of Sweet Chocolate. Say who lost to whom?”

Shen Yan turned to look at Zhou Ruo, then said.

“Sister Zhou, let’s go eat.”


How is it possible? How is it possible?! How can Shen Yan endorse Sweet Chocolate?

Li He and Li Xin picked their phone simultaneously, finally seeing the news Li Xin’s face turned pale. She just told Shen Yan that she won over her, she looked back and saw Shen Yan’s figure Li Xin shouted through clenched teeth.

“Shen Yan, if you have the guts compete with me. If I lose I’ll cancel my contract endorsement for Dream Chocolate, and I’ll also withdraw from the audition but if you lose you withdraw from the audition!”

Shen Yan paused her steps and then said.

“Quit the audition?”

Shen Yan was still looking on who wants to eliminate her inside the competition, with this she could take the opportunity to try and see if it was Li Xin.

“Whoever losses will withdraw from Xianlu audition!”

Now that Shen Yan has a winning streak, how could she get the female number one of Xianlu? What’s more Lu Yunchen’s fans all wants Shen Yan to play the role so when voting comes they would definitely help her.

On the other hand, Zhou Ruo who was listening to whole thing disagree with this idea and does not want Shen Yan to compete with Li Xin.

Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo nodded before asking.

“What do want to compete?”

“There will be a competition outside the mall tomorrow. Whoever has more votes will win and whoever losses will withdraw from Xianlu audition draft, in order to ensure fairness we will make this competition public. Shen Yan didn’t you say you won over me, then make me agree with you!”

After that, she immediately posted on her Weibo and then showed it to Shen Yan.

“Okay, I’ll bet with you. Who loses will withdraw from Xianlu audition draft.”


face fan1– fan because of her face.


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